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Memories of Abbey
My Precious Abbey, It has been a week since you were suddenly taken from me on Friday, January 29, just hours from your 15th birthday. The pain and emptiness that I feel seems to get worse with each passing day😭💔I am sorry that you had difficulty breathing in the last moments of your life and that there was nothing that I could do for you. Oh how I wish that we could go back in time. You were the most perfect car companion thru our cross-country travels and were always by my side when we were home. You gave me a reason to get out of bed and go for walks. I would rush home when I was out just to be with you. These days I do not leave the house much because it is too painful to return and you are not there to greet me. You are/were my world! We first met on March 19, 2006 and you came home to us on March 24, 2006. I can still see your frightened sweet and tiny face looking up at me, not knowing who I was. I had no idea what to do with you as I had never had a dog before but you made it easy for me to learn quickly. You were just perfect from day one. You were my world, my life and my one and only furry baby. You were loved by everyone that we met on our daily walks from KS to TX and because of you I met our neighbors in the three homes we shared. Thank you my sweet, precious baby girl for almost 15 years of pure joy, companionship, unconditional love, loyalty, wet kisses, and all that you brought into my life. YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE and I am lost without you. I hope that you have reunited with Suzie Woo and that you have introduced her to Rambo and Sawyer as you navigate thru your new surroundings. You are missed every second of the day and I cannot wait until we reunite forever in eternity! Love, mama

Feb 10- Oh baby girl, it's been difficulty to be without you. It's a cold day in Frisco but I wish you were here so that we could go for our walk.

Feb 12- My precious baby girl, today marks two weeks since you left me and I miss you immensely. I hope that you are not sad that I am not there with you. I pray that you like your new surroundings and that you are playing and running freely with SuzieWoo, Sawyer, 0Rambo, Sophie and all the other furry angels. I Love you baby girl❤️
Feb 16- Another difficult day without you, my precious baby girl😢

Feb 19- Today marks three weeks since you left me, baby. Fridays between now and 2 pm are extremely difficult as I cannot stop recalling those last moments of panic on my part. I know in my heart that I had to let you go as your quality of life would not have been a good one. It is just difficult to accept because of the normal morning that we had enjoyed. You seemed so healthy and happy. I am so sorry if I let you down, my precious baby girl. Yesterday Penelope lost her battle with neuroblastoma. At only 32 months old, she never did get to have a puppy. I pray that she is in your company along with all the other furangels, and many other children that were taken too soon. My sweet baby girl, my grief for you runs as deep as my love, and I cannot wait until our happy reunion!
Feb 24- I am so sorry my Sweet Baby Girl! I miss you so much.

Feb 26- My Precious Baby Girl, today marks four weeks since you left and it has not gotten any easier. I keep replaying that dreadful afternoon in my head and I'm having a difficult time accepting that it was obviously your time to go on Jan 29, 2021 and that our time together here on earth had come to an end. Oh, how I wish that was not so. I LOVE and MISS you immensely. Not a second goes by that you are not on my mind. You are my life, my world, and things are just not the same without you by my side. THANK YOU my Sweet Abbey, for always being my JOY, my SHADOW, my COMPANION, my reason for getting up every morning to walk even when I did not want to go and for LOVING me even when I was unlovable. I am sorry for the times that I rushed our walking time together and I am sorry if you were in any pain or discomfort and I just did not know it. You seemed so perfect and healthy but I should have known that at your age, you were fragile. My heart hurts immensely and longs for you to be here. The loneliness is difficult to scape because no one or nothing can fill the void that you have left in my life. 😢💔

February 28- My Precious Abbey today marks Day 30 without you. You are completely irreplaceable and there are no words that can capture what your loss has done to me. Words are just inadequate and I will never ever be the same without you my Babygirl. I posted a video on FB of you and Suzie Woo chasing each other back in Olathe on 09/09/09. This is how I envision you and her, along with Sawyer, Rambo, Lilly, and all other furangels spending your time while you patiently wait for me. I LOVE and miss you immensely!

Mar 1 -Day 31- I LOVE and MISS you so much, my precious Baby Girl!

Mar 5 Week 5, Day 35 My precious Abbey, your loss cuts very deep in my heart. My world blew up the day you left.
You were my happiness, my joy and my best friend. Your loss has dramatically changed my daily life at home and in our neighborhood. Just looking at you, would make me smile even on my worse day. I loved picking you up to hug and kiss you as you kissed me back and I miss that every single day! You were the sweetest, the prettiest, most perfect, loyal, and constant companion anyone could hope to have. Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of Abbey for almost 15 years. Her life was short but I learned so much from her. I know that you love her and ask to please keep her safe until you call me home for our special reunion. I LOVE and MISS you every minute of every day my precious baby girl!

Mar 7-Day 37 I LOVE and MISS you baby girl, and I cannot wait until I see you again!

Mar 8-Day 38 You were my sweet and perfect baby girl and I wish you were still with me! Miss you so much!

Mar 12-Day 42 Six weeks today since you left me and I am having one of those horrible days. But then again, every day since you left has been a horrible day. I am trying really hard to honor you by not being sad but it is difficult because it was you who made me smile every day. You were my reason for getting on with my days. I will never forget how lucky I am that you, my precious Abbey, happened to be a part of my life. You owned me, Baby, and it is so difficult to be without you. I will never forget the impact that you had in my life! I am looking forward until the day we reunite but for now, Precious Girl, play happily with your new friends and remember me always. We have a special love like no other!

Mar 14-Day 44 Baby Girl, I miss you so much that it hurts badly! The day you left me broke me and nothing has been the same since. You were my first and only furbaby that I love. I am not even sure how to live without you. Love you forever, my precious Abbey!

Mar 19-Day 49 My sweet Abbey, I miss you so much Baby. My heart is shattered and the pain is intense still. Today marks seven weeks since that tragic day that you gained your furangel wings. It was 15 years ago today, (a Sunday) that we met for the first time and you chose me as your mama so I am trying to focus on the joy and good memories rather than the horrific day that you were taken from me. You were so tiny and precious and by far the best gift that Daddy has ever given me. I would give back the diamonds, house, car, and every other gift to have you back with me forever. Also, one year ago today, we woke up to a blizzard in Denver (on what was to be our last girls road trip, unbeknownst to me) and you had so much fun playing in the wet snow. I am happy that I let you run in the icy puddle instead of fussing over you getting wet and dirty. A memory, like many others, that I treasure in my heart. So Precious Girl, my hope is that you are sleeping peacefully and playing happily with all of the other furangels, until we reunite. I hate to think that you would be sad and missing me as much as I am missing you but hopefully you are having fun with your nephews, Rambo & Sawyer, your old furbuddy SuzieWoo, and your new friend Lilly Lop as well as the many other furangels that you have met by now. Thank you Baby for choosing me all those years ago and for the joy and happiness you gave me during our time together. Loving you changed me and losing you did the same. And one thing is for sure...YOU are always with me, my sweet precious Abbey! I love you!

Mar 24-Day 54 Good morning Baby, Fifteen years ago today you became part of my family when we picked you up. I can still remember your tiny little face looking up at me, wondering who I was. I fell instantly in love with you! You were perfect for me. I will never forget your unconditional love, your loyalty, your sweet nature, but most importantly, I will never forget the WHOLE you! YOU made me a better person. YOU left an indelible mark on my soul and took part of my heart the day you left me, and I cry for you every single day. We should be celebrating 15 years together but instead my heart is broken by your absence. You are forever in my heart, sweet Abbey. I love you!

Today would also have been the day that you, Sawyer, & Rambo would have had filet mignon for dinner to celebrate Rambo's birthday. He has now had more birthdays at Rainbowbridge than here with us because he left us at such a young age. Now he has you and Sawyer, along with Lilly Lop, Suzie Woo, and many other furangels that are waiting by the Bridge, helping him to celebrate. Happy birthday RAMBO! I love and miss you all so much, my furangels! Hugs and kisses!

Mar 26-Day 56 Another week has gone by and every day is an uphill battle to survive without you, my sweet Abbey. Remembering you is easy but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I love you Princess!

Mar 29-Day 59 I miss your beautiful face and everything about you, my sweet baby girl. My life was better with you in it.

Mar 30-Day 60 Good morning Baby, I wish you were here so that I could feel your warm little body as I hug you. I miss your big beautiful eyes and how you would flip your soft ears. Many think that you were just a dog but you were more than that in my life, and what hurts the most is that I had no time to prepare you to say our goodbyes. You were just yanked out of my life with no warning which has made losing you so much more difficult. I love you my precious Abbey!

Apr 2-Day 63 Nine weeks Baby. Your absence and grief hits me like a ton of bricks every second of every day. It hurts so much because your life was abruptly ended. Why? You never did anything wrong. You were never just a dog- you were my life, my constant. With you here, I knew what my day was going to look like because you were my priority and you made sure that I got out of bed even in the worst days. You made sure that we walked every day, at least twice a day, no matter how cold or hot it was. I miss our walks Baby. You were the reason we knew so many of our neighbors because you gave me the confidence to introduce ourselves to strangers even if they seemed grumpy. I miss giving you baths to make you look and smell prettier. I miss brushing your hair and putting bows in it even though you would find a way to remove them within the hour. I miss your kisses and how you would stare at me with your loving big brown eyes. I miss the pitter-patter of your paws as you entertained yourself with the plastic container in the corner of the closet. It is amazing that even though you could not speak, with you here, the house never felt as quiet as it does now. It is so hard living without you. Thank you Baby, for your unfailing love and for being my constant companion for almost 15 years. Selfishly, I was hoping for more time together but it was not meant to be so now I must wait until it is time for me to join you in eternity. I LOVE and MISS you immensely, my precious Baby!

Apr 4-Day 65 Happy Easter Baby Girl. Thank you for being forever faithfully! I LOVE and miss you very much Princess!

Apr 9-Day 70 Ten weeks without you and I am still drowning in grief. It has been a very difficult week (actually this whole time) because it is so hard to live without you, my Love. I pray that you are happy and well, and are having a great time sniffing your way around. Please do not be sad that I am not with you, as only I can be sad for the two of us. You can be certain that the first thing that I will do when I get to Heaven is to grab you and never let you go. I LOVE and miss you always, Baby!

Apr 13-Day 74 I miss you Baby! It hurts so much to not have you here with me.

Apr 16-Day 77 Another day and another week (11) without you my precious baby girl. Time passes but not a minute or day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and heart. Eleven Fridays ago, when you died, was not just a date on a calendar...it was the day that my life changed forever. Oh, baby, how I wish you were here. I would give away all of my tomorrows to be with you again. I loved you then, I love now, and I will love you for all eternity!

Apr 18-Day 79 I miss and love you so much my precious baby girl!
Apr 21-Day 82 Oh baby, I am trying so hard to accept that you are in a better place, running and playing with Rambo, Sawyer, Suzie and your new friends Lilly-lop and Babie J but it is not easy. I know that I ask why and the answer is simply that you were a gift from God and that He wanted you back. I just wish that He would have given me some warning. I love you so very much, baby girl!

Apr 23-Day 84 Another week without you, my beloved Angel, and the pain of losing you is still excruciating. My heart aches immensely. I miss your sweet and beautiful face every minute of every day. I miss our play time together when you would get feisty and nibble on my arm, growling and barking to show me that you were the BOSS. I see you in every room and wish that I could pick you up and hug you one more time while I whisper in your ears how much I love you. These last 12 weeks without you have been the most difficult weeks of my life. Nothing will ever be the same as it was with you in my life. Some people say I will be okay in time, but I do not believe it; not without you.

In the meantime, while we both wait to be reunited so we can play again forevermore, I hope that you are happy as you navigate your new home alongside Sawyer, Rambo, Suzie, Lilly, and the many other furangels that are waiting for their mommy and daddy. I love you my Angel. You are forever nestled in my heart!

Apr 29-Day 90 Hi baby, my faithful companion and forever furry four-legged friend. Another day and another month without you. Your life was full of love and you gave it all to me. Thank you Princess! You always walked beside me wherever we went and now I walk alone. I miss not having you to hold and kiss. You always looked for me whenever you did not see me and would find me. I miss seeing the happy look in your eyes that you would give me when you would find me. You were smart, patient, sweet, lovable, and gave the best kisses ever. You loved riding in the car with the window rolled down to catch the wind in your face. You loved to say hi to every one that we met on our walks. Your favorite thing to do was to go on walks and to sunbathe in our yard or inside by the windows. You also loved going to the pet store to sniff all the kibble bags that were down below at your level even though you did not like to eat them. You were a very picky eater but when you found something you liked, you ate it all. I now only have the wonderful memories that we made together but I still feel alone because you are not here. No one could ever replace you, my precious baby.
I hope that you are enjoying your time at the Bridge, running and playing with all of the other furbabies that are also waiting for their moms and dad. I love you forever, my precious girl! Sleep peacefully!

Apr 30-Day 91 Hi Princess! Another day and another week without you and it hurts my heart immensely. Tomorrow I will turn the calendar for the fourth time since you have been gone. May is not going to be easy month to get through without you and my hope is that it flies as quickly as the last three months have flown by as it puts me closer to our reunion, whenever that may be. It is not fair that you are not here with me. Today I received flowers from Janelle and she wrote that you were our special girl. Yes, you sure were and still are our very special (and only) girl. You are missed more than you will ever know. I would give everything that I have to be with you, my precious Abbey. For now, run, jump, play, sleep, and enjoy your time with Rambo, Sawyer, Lilly, Suzie Woo, and Babie J as well as the many other furangels that have joined you at the Bridge. I love and miss you Princess. Muah!

May 5-Day 96 I Love and miss you Princess!

May 7-Day 98 Another week since you've been gone. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime but most times it feels like my heart is breaking all over again. Baby, YOU made my life worthwhile with your love, your trust, and with the way you lit up when we were together. You are still my world and YOU still occupy every bit of my heart. Losing you is killing me, my sweet baby, but I would not have missed loving you for the world nor would I trade a single memory of you for it. I would, however, trade everything to have you back because you mean so much to me - always have and always will. Oh Abbey, what I wouldn't do to get a second chance with you all over again. My hope is that your youth has been restored and that you are running around with Suzie, Lilly, Sawyer & Rambo, just having a grand old time while you wait for me. I am sure that you have found a warm sunny spot to sunbathe along with the boys like the three of you used to do here. I miss you more and more every day. You are forever my love, sweet
baby girl.

May 14-Day 105 Good morning Princess. Today marks 15 weeks that we had our last morning together before you were abruptly taken from me. Oh, how I wish that we could go back in time. I miss you immensely, my sweet baby girl, and not a moment goes by that I do not think of you. It has been the privilege of my life to have had you love me for 14 years, 10 months and 5 days. I hope that you know how much I love and cherish you, my little angel. You are and always will be the best part of my life. Life just is not the same without you and I cannot wait until I can scoop you right up into my arms again. I love you and miss you so much, my sweet Abbey.

May15-Day 106 I miss you my angel. I miss us.

May 20-Day 111 Baby, in losing you, I lost my primary companion and I lost myself. You loved me unconditionally as I did you. You were my security, my comfort, and my happiness. Your loss and absence in our home has dramatically changed my daily life. You left an emptiness in me that no one or anything could ever fill. I miss our walks, our times in the yard and our car rides. I miss having you next to me in bed and on the couch. I miss shopping for you and making your food. I miss holding you, bathing you, and brushing your hair. I miss your kisses and you barking at us to get our attention. I miss all of you and everything about you. You were alive on earth one day shy of 180 months and you were mine for 178 months. I hope that I do not have to wait that long until I can hold you in my arms again and get your sweet kisses all over my face. Today you are the Angel of the Day on a FB page BUT you are my Angel of the Day every day, my precious girl. I miss you so much Baby, and I cannot wait to be with you in eternity. The pain of being without you is unbearable and I will try to not let your loss destroy the wonderful memories that I have of you. I LOVE you, my precious Abbey.

May 21-Day 112 Oh my precious Abbey, for a fraction of a second, it does not seem possible that you have been gone 16 weeks, but then I look around and reality hits. It has been 16 weeks of tears, heartbreak, sadness, anger, loneliness, and sleepless nights. I miss you Baby. You took a big chunk of my heart with you when you left me and all I have are the memories that sometimes get overshadowed by the heartache. I know that you are in a better place now and my hope is that you are with Sawyer, Rambo, Lilly and Suzie, having a wonderful time together with the many other fur angels in your company. You were always a very patient little girl and I know that you are patiently waiting for me. Hopefully, Baby, I will see you very soon. I LOVE you Sweetheart!

May 28-Day 119 It has been 17 weeks since we were torn apart, my sweet Baby! Some days are harder than the last. Some days go slow and some go fast but every single day hurts my heart even more. There really is no escape from the pain and I know that I have to learn to turn this pain into gratitude for the time that I had you. All I have now are the wonderful memories we made together, which I dearly treasure, my precious girl. I know that you are patiently waiting until the time that we meet again. Until then, play joyfully with the boys, Rambo and Sawyer, as well as Suzie and Lilly. You all are dearly missed. I miss you immensely sweetheart, but I love you even more!

May 29-Day 120 My dearest Babygail, I miss you so much Sweetheart! How can it already be 4 months since we were torn apart? The hurt in my heart is worse than ever and I want nothing more than to have you by my side, my sweet Babygirl. Everybody says that you are with me always but it is not the same as having you physically here with me. I want to scoop you up, hug and kiss you, and never ever let you go, my Princess. My hope and prayer is that you are not sad like I am. I want you to play, sleep and enjoy your time with the boys and Suzie. I am sure that Lilly has introduced you to her sister, Sandy, and that together you are all running and having fun at the Rainbow Bridge until it is time for us to be together again. I love you my sweet Princess!

Jun 4 Day 126 My dear Abbey, here I am, 18 weeks since you left and I am still in disbelief that you were taken from me so abruptly. Why your passing happened the way it happened, I will never understand. You did not deserve to be torn away from me the way that you were. I think about our time that morning and how you ran down the driveway, excited to be out in the cold weather. You loved it. I regret that for a second I thought about recording what would have been your last walk as a 14-year-old but instead I decided that I would wait until our evening walk, but little did I know that it was not to be. How I wish that I could turn back time. To say that our house and my heart feels a gargantuan void and sadness is an understatement. You were mama's girl and you gave my life meaning. My beautiful, smart, sweet, affectionate, funny, soft, cuddly girl and just a joy to have in my life. I feel honored that you chose me to love. When I brought you home in 2006, I made a commitment to you that you would be my first priority and I hope that you knew and felt that you were during our 178 months together. I have been told that I was an exceptional dog mom, that you were loved and had a great life. The truth is that you were the one who was EXCEPTIONAL, who loved me unconditionally and made my life better during your short life. You were my EXTRAORDINARY girl and the light in my life. I miss you more than anyone could possible know, Sweetheart. I love you and I will never stop saying it. I will always say your name and continue to post your photos for people to know that YOU are still an important part of my life. I carry you and the memories that you left me with in my heart forever.

Jun 11 Oh my Precious Girl, Casa de Abbey has not been the same since you left 19 weeks ago. The weeks come around quickly and yet it still does not seem possible that you have been gone 133 days. There are no more words to describe how much I miss you and how much my heart hurts. We had a wonderful life together and I was not ready to let you go. You filled my world with love and joy, and your absence has left me empty. I am trying to navigate thru without you but it isn't always easy as the heartache and tears have become a part of my life. Baby, my hope is that you are happy and that you are back to your youthful years, running and living it up together with Rambo and Sawyer. I love and miss them as well. I have loved you from the moment that you chose me as your mama and I will continue to love you until the day we see each other D again, and beyond! You are forever my only girl!

Jun 18 Day 140 It is 20 weeks today that my world changed forever, and not in a good way. Losing you has been the worse thing that has ever happened to me. I miss your beautiful and sweet face, Baby. I was always amazed at how you would just sit or lay next to me, staring at me with your loving eyes. Oh Sweetie, so many regrets and wishing that I had known then what I know now. Looking back, it was a good thing that we had a pandemic during your last year with me which kept me home more often than usual as I did not leave you to go do stupid quilt stuff. Oh Baby, I hope that you are not sad that we are not together. I know that you have more patience than I do and so I am hoping that this time of separation will be like a "blink of an eye" for you. You are all that matters. I will never get tired of thinking about you. I miss you more than anyone can imagine, but I love you more, my sweet Babygirl 😘❤️

Jun 25 Day 147 My precious Abbey, how is it possible that you have been gone from my side 21 weeks? How is it real that you are even gone? Most days I look around expecting to see you on the couch, in your bed on daddy's chair, or on the floor next to me. Instead it's all empty. I am empty without you. To know you was to know pure, innocent love. You were happiness, joy and pure innocence all wrapped up in a little fur body. I feel so disconnected from life without you and wish that you were here. The only thing that is getting me through this is knowing that I am one more day closer to seeing you again. I love you my sweet Babygirl🐾💔😢

Jun 29 Day 151 Five (5) months since you took a big chunk of my heart with you my sweet Abbey! To say that it hurts today as much as it hurt then, is an understatement. I struggle all day, every day with trying to move past losing you and the events of that awful day, but it is downright impossible. I struggle with knowing that you are gone forever. I miss seeing you laying on a sunny spot inside and outside our home. You would follow the sun whether you were inside or outside. I miss your barks and the different sounds that you would make to get my attention. This house does not feel like a home without you, anymore. There is nothing but deafening silence, and finding joy in life has been impossible since you have been gone. It saddens me that I can only see and hear you through captured memories and that there will never be any new ones made. I am often searching through pictures and videos looking for ones that I have not seen before. Oh, how I wish things were different. I love you Baby, and miss everything about you!🐾😢💔

Jul 2 Day 154 Twenty-two weeks without you Baby, and it is still a struggle to enjoy life without you by my side. I knew that my time with you was short but I never thought that it would come to an abrupt end so quickly. I wish so much that you were with me, right here and right now, but I know that is an impossible wish. I wish you happy naps and happy playtimes with Rambo, Sawyer, Suzie and Lilly while you wait for me. Gosh Baby, you were the ultimate companion to have. You had the most beautiful earthly face and that is how I continue to imagine you look like as a furangel. And those beautiful big brown eyes continue to melt my heart. I miss and love you to no end, my precious Babygirl.🐾🌈😢💔❤️

Jul 9 Today marks 23 weeks without a HUGE piece of my heart; 161 days of having to move forward when all I want to do is stop going at all. My precious Abbey, I loved you for your whole life (5,478 days) and I will continue to love you for the rest of mine. Life ends but my LOVE for you does not. I miss you so much, my sweet, smart and beautiful Babygir😢❤️

Jul 16-Day 168 There are days when the "sun" does not shine over me because there is a big piece of me missing and that is YOU, my sweet Abbey. My hope is that you are running, playing and having fun, and that there is no sadness where you are. As I mark yet another week without you, my heart still aches as it did the day you left without any warning. I love you and miss you every single minute of every day, Babygirl🐾😘

Jul 23-Day 175 Oh Baby, 25 weeks since I suffered my greatest loss and had to make the most difficult transition to living without you. I really do not know how I'm ever suppose to get used to not having you. Life will never be as good as it was when you were here because I have to live the rest of it without you in it. Without you, the best part of me is missing. I miss you like crazy and I love you always and forever, my sweet little angel💕

Jul 29- 6 months - How has it already been 6 months😢Leaving your lifeless little body in the arms of a stranger is the hardest thing I've ever done. I left empty-handed. Everything was a blur that afternoon. I felt completely broken, yet numb. I wish that I would've held you longer or taken you home with me because holding you in my arms is one of the many things that I miss the most...the weight of your body in my arms. Now they are empty. My heart is empty, our home is empty, and I am broken💔Missing you, not to be able to see or touch you is an indescribable feeling. It's an emptiness that no one can fill and a loneliness like I've never felt before.
I miss our walks, especially the ones when you would take a toy with you. I miss hearing you bark when you wanted to get my attention. I miss your "purring" sounds. I miss watching you play with your squeaky toys and everything else about you. You were spunky, perfect, beautiful, smart, quiet, loving - you are IRREPLACEABLE 🐾You are forever in my heart, my precious Babygirl💕

Jul 30-Day 182 My precious Abbey, this week has been difficult. Today you would have been 15-1/2 years old but instead it marks six months that your little body ceased to exist in the physical form. I yearn to hold you again but instead, I grief for you. The depression and trauma that comes with it is harrowing. My life will never be the same because I lost a huge piece of myself when I lost you 26 weeks ago. Our physical separation is agonizing for me every day but I hope that it is not the same for you. I look at your pictures every day and think of the memories we made together during your time with me💜
My prayer is that you are playing and running happily alongside Sawyer, Rambo, Suzie, Lilly, and Homer. I know that Sawyer and Rambo are protecting you and your friends, and keeping you safe until our happy reunion. I am grateful that we had the kind of love that makes me miss you so much. You were and continue to be the sweetest and best part of my life. I love and miss you every single minute of every day, my beautiful Babygirl🐶❤️

Jul 31 - Life is very lonely without you Sweetheart. Everyone eventually walks away. Oh my sweet Abbey, how I wish that you were still here with me. I love and miss you so much. 😢

Aug 6-Week 27 It has been 189 days since I lost you, my sweet Princess. So many missed walks and missed rides in the car together. Life has never been the same since the day you went away 😪 Your absence hits me hard every day, especially when I have been out and you are not home when I return. I get hit with a bitter wave of grief every time😪
Oh gosh, how I wish that I could hold you again. 2.08pm was the last picture that I took of you as I told you that I loved you for the last time. I was in shock and felt numb as I handed you over to a stranger, never to hold you again. I just wish that it was all a bad dream and that you were here with me. 💔
I pray that you are happily playing and running, and that Sawyer and Rambo are looking after you. I miss you every second of every day, my precious Babygirl, and I love you always and forever 💕

Aug 8-Thank you Baby for the wonderful memories that you left me with. It has been a very difficult 191 days without you and my grief seems to get worse with each passing day but I am trying to just think about the happiness and joy that you brought into my life💕 Today I have been thinking about the day that we picked you up in March 2006. You were so tiny and beautiful at just about 3 lbs. You were a bit stinky as you had not had your first bath yet. At 2am the next day, I placed in the kitchen sink and gave you your first bath. It had been my first time ever bathing a puppy and you were perfect for me. I then placed you inside the kennel to sleep but you did not want to be in it. You cried and barked so I took you out and took the kennel back to the store the next day. From then on, you slept with me. I was not sure how I was going to train you to not go potty in the house so I stayed on the couch with you just in case you had an accident, which you did, many times over. You were a quick learner after I discovered pee pads, which you continued to use until your last day with us. Oh gosh, how painful it is to say those words. I love you Baby😘

Aug13-Week 28 My sweet Abbey, how can it be 196 days since you left me? Oh, how I wish that you were still here with me😪 I am thankful that I have pictures and videos of you that bring me back to our times together, but it will never be enough❣️ Thank you for being my most loyal and faithful companion and the best part of my life🐶 Mama loves and misses you very much my sweet Angel 👼

Aug 17- 200 days since you gained your angel wings, my sweet Abbey 😪 That is at least 400 missed walks. Tonight will be my 200th night of sleeping without you and I have never felt more alone than I do now. I miss everything about you Sweetheart. It feels like it was just yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at once. 💔 I wish you happy playtime with Sawyer, Rambo, Suzie, and Lilly and happy naps until my time here is over so that I can see you again. I love you my precious Babygirl 😘

Aug 20-Day 203 My precious Abbey, it has now been 29 weeks since we spent a normal morning together. In a blink of an eye, everything changed without any warning💔 We are coming up on 2 years since Sawyer left us😪As I look back at the photos from that time, I can that he was ready to go as we were preparing to let him go. Why was I not given that same time with you? It hurts so much that I did not get to tell you that it was okay to go and that I would see you when my time came to an end. Life continues to move on but nothing is the same without YOU😪 I love you and miss you, my sweet Princess😘

Aug 22 Hi my sweet Abbey. Two years ago we all had to say goodbye to Sawyerboy🐾 Never did I imagine that by this time, you would be with him and Rambo. As of today, Sawyer has been gone 731 days, Rambo has been gone 2,451 days, and you have been gone 205 days😢 My heart hurts💔 I wish all three of you happy play time and rest as you wait patiently until I see you all again. I love and miss you all, my sweet grand puppies, and my precious Babygirl💜💙💙

Aug 27-Day 210 Thirty weeks, Baby, and to not be able to see and hold you every day, still breaks me💔I will never feel complete again. The grief that I live with every moment will always be with me, until my last breath😪 No one, nor I, can mend my broken heart. Only knowing that you are "whole" again, running, playing, and sleeping happily is what keeps me going until we are reunited again, to be together forever💕In the meantime, I carry you in my heart always and I keep your memory alive, always reminding others that you are still very much a part of me🐾One day closer, my sweet Babygirl! I love and miss you always, Sweetheart😇

Aug 29-Day 212 Dear Abbey, seven months since you left my side 😭My heart feels like it is never going to heal and my life is so empty without you💔You were pure goodness...so innocent and so loved🐾 Mama loves and misses you every second of every day, my sweet Babygail😍

Sep 3-Day 217 Another day, another week and a new month since you were taken from me, leaving me overwhelmed with sadness and a broken heart💔 I think about you ALL OF THE TIME. Whenever I am doing anything, I think about what you would be doing at that moment. When I go outside to the yard, I think about how you enjoyed sunbathing or just walking around, sniffing and marking your territory🐾 When I am in the car, I think about you laying in your bed in the front seat. I miss our walks and car rides😪 I miss watching you as you ran to mailboxes, trees, and fire hydrants to sniff. You loved being outside. I miss pushing you in your stroller and how you would turn around and give me the "I want to walk" look 👀 I just miss EVERYTHING about you and the life that I had with you, my sweet Angel. Nothing is the same anymore...I am not the same anymore and I never will be😪
Thank you, my sweet Abbey, for your unconditional 💗 Thank your for being the biggest blessing in my life, my sweet girl! I miss you so much everyday and please know that my heart still loves you the most, and always will. Forever Together 🐾👣 Eternally Connected 🤍♾

Sep 10-Day 224 Thirty two weeks of living with a shattered heart, missing you more and more each day, my precious Abbey. As I was browsing thru photos and videos, I came across the video of you and Suzie chasing each other and it came to mind that perhaps it was no coincidence that you joined her at the Bridge 39 days after she left🌈 She was younger and smaller than you and maybe she needed you so you were taken to be with her. That thought shatters my heart even more because the two of you were loved so much and neither Suzie's parents nor I were ready to let either one of you go💔My hope now is that you both are together, chasing each other and playing like the good old days in KS. I cannot wait to be with you, my sweet Baby, so until then, I wish you happy playtimes with Sawyer, Rambo, Suzie, Homer, Babie J, and sweet Lilly. Sweet dreams, my Love! I love and miss you a bunch, Abbey💗

Sep 17-Day 231 Dear Abbey, I miss you in every moment of my days😪Life is so different without you and it still feels surreal. Acceptance is not coming easy but I have found a little bit of peace knowing that you are free from the difficult circumstance that took you away 33 weeks ago today🌈 I will never stop missing you or hurting in your absence💔Thank you for being the best part of my life and for the memories. I love you always, my sweet and perfect Babygirl😘

Sep 24-Day 238 I miss you Abbey. Life is so hard without you in it😪 My heart will continue to hurt until it stops beating and I take my last breath💔 I cannot wait until I finally get to see you and hold you in my arms forever. Until then, my sweet angel, sleep peacefully, run freely, and play happily. I love you, my precious Babygirl🐾

Sep 29-Day 243 Oh, my precious Abbey, 8 months since you left me and since my heart shattered into a gazillion pieces💔 Every day I question the decision to let you go. I replay in my mind the stressful events of that day that we went thru at home, in the car, and in the hospital. I hope that my stress did not stress you out and make it more difficult for you. I am so sorry Babygirl! Oh, if only we could go back in time. I know that you must have been tired in your little body and that it was probably best that you were taken suddenly rather than suffer with a long illness. But I sometimes wonder about that as well. You looked so joyful on our morning walk and there were no signs that it would be our last walk together😪

Oh, my sweet Munchkin, I miss you so so much. Thank you for loving me, even on the days that I was not so lovable. Thank you for always wanting to be with me and that I was always your first choice. Thank you for the wonderful memories. I am anxiously waiting for the day that I can see you again, to scoop you up in my arms to kiss nd never let you go, ever again. For now, run freely just like you did when you were a puppy. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts, and I hope that you will come see me in a dream soon. I love you Sweeheart💓

Oct 1-245 days, 35 weeks, and 8 months without you and still forever to go. The void in my heart and the sadness in my life is always with me, no matter what I am doing or who I am with. Abbey, you were all I needed to brighten my days and look forward to tomorrow, but now, it is the hope and excitement of our reunion that keeps me going each day. I love and miss you very much, my beautiful Babygirl😪 You are FOREVER in my heart and always in my thoughts❤️

Oct 2-Day 246 Good morning my Angel Abbey, 35 weeks ago today was a Saturday and you would have turned 15 but instead I had to say a final goodbye to your physical little body😪 My heart aches so much and the tears have not stopped😪I hope you knew how truly and deeply I loved you and still do😘It has been so difficult to accept that you are gone.

You are free now, Sweetheart. Free from all that made you tremble with fear and free from this world filled with malice. Play, sleep and run freely with Sawyer, Rambo, Suzie and all of the other furbabies that have gone before and after you🐾 I could never thank you enough for your love, your loyalty, and companionship always. I love and miss you so much, my sweet Abbey🐶❤️

Oct 8-Day 252 Hello Abbey girl! It is 36 weeks since I last held you and still, I cannot believe that you are gone😪 Will that ever change? This week I got hit with a tidal wave of missing you sooooo much more than ever. I am still making my way through many of your pictures and videos but wish that I had more, especially from your last few weeks with me. I did find a few new pictures from your earlier years...a nice surprise. I am sorry that I took our last few months together for granted, thinking that we would celebrate your 15th birthday and still have time to make more memories; but it was not to be. I feel intense sadness every minute of every day as I try my best to navigate through the days that quickly turn into weeks without you. As the hardest stretch of time approaches with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to the end of the year, nothing is normal anymore💔I find it hard to be thankful for anything anymore. Every day is hard, Babygirl.

I love remembering your excitement when I said "walk"🐾👣 I miss seeing your excitement when you saw me and how you would attack my face with licks. I miss everything about you, every second of every day, my sweet Babygirl. It hurts that you are not here but I try to be mindful that you were almost 15 years old and that your time with me came to an end for your own good, no matter how painful it has been for me. I love you, my sweet Abbey💜

Oct 15-Day 259 Hi Babygirl! At 37 weeks, I am still clouded with so many emotions...emptiness, sadness, and so much anger. This should never have happened to you the way that it did. I stare at your photos and videos with so much disbelief. I miss you Abbey😢 I hate this new "normal" without you.
I hope that you are okay and happy, and that you are having fun playing with Rambo and Sawyer🐾🐾🐾 I miss them as well. I also hope that you are having good naps as you wait for me to join you. I will see you soon, my precious baby💜 I love you, forever and always❤️♾

Oct 22-Day 266 Hi Pumpkin! Once again, I ask myself, "how can it be another week without you? How can it be 38 weeks since I woke up with you laying next to me, going about our normal morning routine without a clue that everything we were doing, was to be the "last" of everything we did together? Oh my gosh, why? Why that day? Why that way? So many "whys" but no answers. It just does not make sense.

I miss you so much, Abbey 😪 In an instant, everything changed and nothing has been the same since. Life is different now and it has been difficult without you in it💔 You are so loved, always remembered, and you will never be forgotten, my Sweet Angel. Thank you for your love and your faithfulness always. I love you forever, Baby💜

Oct 29 My dearest Abbey, how can it be 9 months, 39 weeks and Day 273 since life changed for you and me? That day when your heart stopped beating, mine broke and the ache has been unbearable to live with💔Many people do not understand what it's like to live with a broken heart after their most loyal and loving companion dies😪They say, "it's just a dog" and that infuriates me because you were so much more...

YOU made me a better person, and you were my reason for getting up every morning. You should be here enjoying the walks that you loved and playing with your toys that now remain untouched where you left them. Life will never be as beautiful as it was when you were here. I will never be ok without you😭 I miss you so much and I love you forever and ever, my sweet Babygirl🐶

Nov 5 Day 280 Dear Abbey, I never gave too much thought to a life without you, but here I am, 40 weeks since you left. Every Friday carries its own special kind of pain...the pain of letting go. There is the pain of having turned the page on the calendar 10 times since, and in that simple act I have to acknowledge both the letting go and the moving on into a new month that you never lived, never breathed, and never existed. I've heard it said that the truest, purest kind of love is about letting go. The most beautiful love of all is choosing our own heartbreak so that the one we love doesn't have to know heartbreak anymore. Every day, when I feel the ache of your absence, I try to remind myself of that. I try to remind myself that loving you will always be worth the pain of losing you because it was your time to go😪 You are free now to play and run without the pains of growing old, as you patiently wait for me to join you. What a joyous reunion that will me, my sweet angel. I love you, Abbey😘Every day, forever! Mama

Nov 12-Day 287 Dear Abbey, it's been 41 weeks since your heart stopped and mine broke into a gazillion pieces💔Words can't begin to describe the heartache that I still feel to this day...I just know that my heart is completely and utterly broken😢I miss your physical presence, more than I could ever place into words. I seek your face every day in your memories to feel YOU close to me, my precious girl🐾💕

Thank you, Baby, for letting me be your human. Thank you for giving me purpose and a reason to get up every morning. Thank you for all of the funny, sweet and quirky things you did that got me smiling. But most of all, thank you for loving me unconditionally. You were the best Baby Girl in the whole world and I miss you like crazy. I have faith that I will see you again one day...but until then, roam freely, play happily, sleep peacefully and stay close to Sawyer, Rambo and all of the other fur angels that are waiting for their mommy and daddy. Just don't stray too far away from me. I love you, Sweetheart💜Every day, forever! Mama

Nov 19-Day 294 Dear Abbey, you stopped existing 42 weeks ago💔On a Friday. It seems impossible that I have lived with unbearable pain for this long...that you haven't lived at all for this long. I know how many days, how many weeks and how many months I've lived without you. I still stop to pause and acknowledge that "this is the day that my Abbey took her last breath". 42 weeks and I still think "this can't be real". But it is and I miss you every second of every hour of every day. You got to spend your entire life with me, but I did not get to spend mine with you. You lived for only 5,479 days and it was not enough. Your time with me was never going to be enough😪 I love and miss you Abbey😘Every day, forever! Mama🤍

Nov 26-Day 301 Yesterday was Day 300 and my first Thanksgiving Day without you. I went through the motions of the day feeling completely empty and sad that you were not here to eat some turkey with us😢At 43 weeks since you were taken from me, I am still at a loss without you and my heart continues to be broken💔 I missed you so much yesterday, I miss you today and I will miss you tomorrow, and every day thereafter, my sweet Babygirl! I love you, Abbey. Every day, forever!🤍♾

Nov 29 10 months without you, my precious Abbey😢Every day I still ask myself, "how is it even possible that you are not here with me?" It took just one moment in time, 10 months ago today, to have my heart shattered and it will take a lifetime to heal it💔I miss you more than you will ever know. You were the essence of my home, my love and my constant companion, and you showed me what unconditional and uncomplicated love looks like💗I am so sorry that I could not have saved you, my sweet Babygirl. I love you Baby🐾Every day, forever! 🤍♾

Dec 3-Day 308 Another day, another week and another month without you, my sweet Abbey! This year I got to turn the page on the calendar only once when you were here and as of today, I have turned it 11 times without you here - almost one whole year without you, my precious Baby!. You were here once! You were here and now you are not😢You have been gone 44 weeks...that is 10 months and 4 days or 308 nights without you. How were you real and here with me one minute and not real and gone the next. I could handle anything in this world, except your absence😪I MISS YOU so much, my beautiful Abbey! Nothing or no one can ever fill the void that you left in my heart💔 I love you Babygirl. Every day, forever🤍♾

Dec 10-Day 315 Dear Abbey, it was 45 weeks ago at this time that you left so suddenly and unexpectedly😢 Those few minutes of disbelief and shock quickly turned into hours, days, weeks and now months. It is December and soon it will be January. One full year without you, my sweet girl. Life without you has not been the same; I am not the same and I still struggle to make sense of it all. You were here one minute and gone the next. There are no more words to tell you how much I miss you and how much I feel your absence in everything that I do💔Simple things like me removing the label from a pill bottle brought you joy...you would sit and wait patiently for me to give you the bottle to play with it. I have this gaping hole in my heart that can never be filled again💔I love you and miss you, Abbey! Every day, forever! Mama🤍♾

Dec 17-Day 322 Dear Abbey, I knew that Christmas was going to be HARD but I did not realize how bad is was going to be. It is inching closer to me every day and the closer it gets, the less I feel. Life moves forward without you, my precious baby, and I ache with the pain of missing you every minute of every day😪 Your loss has changed me and there is no going back to who I once was. In losing you, I have lost a big piece of my heart and myself💔It has been 46 weeks of living life without you...a life of brokenness, deep sorrow and despair, and still a lifetime to go! What keeps me going is the hope that some day soon I will see you again, my sweet girl🐶 Love you Abbey💗Every day, forever🤍♾

Dec 21 Dear Babygirl, today marks one year since Suzie Woo crossed the Bridge and I never imagined that you would soon follow her. It broke my heart to find out what had happened to Suzie and so I immediately decided to schedule your semi-annual exam sooner than expected even though you had just seen your doctor in October. Suzie was 13 years old and you were soon going to be 15 so I did not want to take any chances with something like that happening to you anytime soon. Your exam and bloodwork on January 14 came back "unremarkable" but obviously something inside of you was not right because you left me on January 29. You were already scheduled to see an internist on February 22 to make sure that you would be around for a little bit longer, but it was not meant to be. I try to convince myself that Suzie needed you more than I did and that it is okay because you are together but that thought only last about a second. I miss you so very much my precious Abbey, and Nancy and Ron miss Suzie Woo. You both are very very special girls💜💜Play happily, sleep peacefully, and wait for me, my sweet Angel...every day that I wake up, I am one day closer to seeing you again. I love you! Every day, forever🤍♾

Dec 24-Day 329, week 47 and first Christmas Eve without you, my precious Abbey. I did not lose you just once...I lose you over and over again when I awaken and then there is the realization that you are really gone. Sometimes I lose you over again, many times a day💔Today is one of those days! Today you are spending your first Christmas Eve in heaven with Sawyer and Rambo, as well as Suzie Woo, Lilly Lop, Babie J, and countless other fur babies. I hope that you are all having fun in paradise today and every day. I also hope that you are not sad or missing me. That is for me to do for the two of us. I want you to be happy, always as you wait for me to join you. I do wish that I had the same amount of patience that you had but shamefully, I do not. You were pure joy and perfect, always! I love and miss you, my sweet Angel! Every day, forever🤍♾

Dec 25-Day 330 Dear Abbey, today, on your first Christmas Day in heaven and away from me, I pray that you are happily playing, running and sleeping in paradise. I miss you Baby😢I wish that we could have just one more day, just one more hour together and that this nightmare without you would end soon. I wish that I could go back to sleep and when I open my eyes, that you would be here.
Merry Christmas, my sweet girl🎄I love you❤️Every day, forever🤍♾

Dec 29-Day 334 Dear Abbey, 11 months without you. I do not have any more words to tell you what watching your last few moments of life has done to me. The loneliness and emptiness without you is unbearable. These 11 months have been a rollercoaster that I want to get off, but I can't 💔One day closer Baby...one day closer.
I miss your kisses and your snuggles, and you were by far the best, most perfect companion I have ever had in my life. There will never be another for you are IRREPLACEABLE, my LOVE!
I love and miss you, Abbey! Every day, forever🤍♾

Dec 31-Week 48 Dear Abbey, 336 days since you took you last breath. You were here in the morning and you were gone by early afternoon. You took one last breath and all of it ended. You ended. We ended. And as the world celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of another, for me it is all the same. When I wake up in the morning, my heartbreak, grief and longing for you will be the same. I will still miss brushing and petting your hair, kissing your nose, and giving you belly rubs. I will still miss your kisses, your unconditional love, and the excitement you showed me when I came into your presence. I will still miss ALL of YOU💔
From 2006 to 2020, your were my NYE date. You and I would sit on the couch watching the celebrations until they became boring (except in 2014 when we stayed in Philly). Most often, we were still driving home from our Christmas vacations in the east coast. In 2012, we almost did not make it home in time after getting a flat tire in Little Rock. You slept in the car while we waited for help to arrive. After a few hours of delay, we made it home in the nick of time to take our place on the couch and in front of the TV. 2020 was our las NYE together and I was not aware that it would be our last as you had less than 30 days of life left in you. Complete shock!

I wish I could fast forward my time on earth so that I could see you and hold you again, my beautiful Abbey🐾 You are loved and missed more than you will ever know. Keep playing and running with Rambo, Sawyer, Suzie, Lilly, and all of your new fur buddies until we meet again, my sweet Angel. I love you. Every day, forever🤍♾

Jan 1-Day 337 Happy New Year at Rainbow Bridge, Sweetheart💜 The only thing that has changed from yesterday is the last digit in the year. It has not changed the fact that you are still not here and cannot come back, nor will it fix my forever broken heart. I refuse to say "last year..." so I will continue to count days, weeks and months since the last time I held you in my arms, my precious Baby, because it is the only way that I can continue living this life without you. I love and miss you so much my sweet Abbey. Every day, forever 🤍♾

Jan 7 Dear Abbey, today is another day without you😭. 343 days of wishing that you were still here. Today is brimful emptiness. Today is hard just like every day has been...for 49 weeks. I am still grieving. I am still not OK. I am still angry. The "what ifs" are the most difficult climbs.

To be loved by you was to be loved by the purest of souls! Thank you my sweet girl, for loving me!
I hope that you are running and hopping just like you liked to do on a cold day. I hope that you're jumping in piles of leaves or snow! I hope that you are happy as you patiently wait for me.

Every day I walk down memory lane just to run into you. I will never forget your sweet kisses on my face. I will never forget the feeling of your small warm body next to me. I will never forget you! I love and miss you, Abbey💔Every day, forever🤍♾

Jan 14 Dear Abbey, it still feels surreal that the last time that you were by my side was 350 days ago. For 50 weeks now, I have been wishing that it was all a really bad dream and that you would be right here next to me when I woke up...kissing my face as you always did. My heart hurts, Baby girl, and I have no idea how I will continue to live the rest of my years without you.

Every day I walk down memory lane just to run into you. This week, I was remembering how your puppy days when you were full of energy. You used to take the balls of yarn and run around the coffee table, up the stairs, down the hallway and back down the stairs while leaving a trail of yarn behind you. You would then sit and watch me wrap the yarn back up for you to do it all over again. Patiently you would watch and if I took too long, you would rock back and forth because you wanted the ball of yarn back. Oh, my sweet girl, how I miss and all of your little quirks. You were always my special little girl and if I had one wish, it would be you. ALWAYS you, my Abbey girl💜 I cannot wait until we are together again, Baby! I love you and miss you. Every day, forever🤍♾

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