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Memories of ABBY
Dec. 19,2023 ... Good Morning my sweet baby girl. Can't believe it's been 16 years since that terrible day when you left us. We miss you so much; words can't describe our feelings that day. Your life was not easy those last 2 years. The only comforting feeling was that you were no longer suffering when you arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. Hope you are looking after your sisters & brother Jesse. I know we will see you again when we leave our lives and you are there to greet us. We Love you so much! Mommy & Daddy

Dec. 19, 2022 ... Good morning sweetheart. It's now 15 years since you left us and we still grieve. You were our first baby to leave us and mommy & I still miss you terribly. We pray that you are playing with your brother Jesse and sisters Kaylee and also Emmy & Marnie who we hope you met there a few years ago. It's sad that Kaylee is the only puppy who has known all of our babies, so if you have yet to meet them ask Kaylee to introduce you. Now go play and make sure that you greet us when our time comes to leave this life. We want to meet all of your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. We will NEVER stop loving you sweetheart!
Mommy & Daddy xoxox

Dec. 19, 2021 ... Hello my sweet baby girl. It is now 14 years since you left our side and travelled to the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy & I miss you so very much. As you know by now, we adopted another yellow Lab named Bella in April 2020 who looks a lot like your brother Jesse only is a female. Like you she is so loveable but still a puppy getting into everything. You will love her as we do when she joins you some day and you show her the ropes up there. Mommy & I love you and look forward to the day we join you, Jesse, Kaylee, Marnie, Emmy and someday Bella. But for now stay well and try to visit us in our dreams when you can. Merry Christmas my sweet baby girl. Love, DAD xoxox

Dec. 20, 2020 ... Good morning my precious Abby. It's now been 13 years since we shared your last moments with us. We still cry when we think of how you must have suffered for months with your breathing from the fluid build up around your lungs and those long trips to Tuffs to give you some relief. We pray that GOD made your last moments with us peaceful. We miss you terrible but we are at peace knowing that you no longer suffer and are playing with all your friends and siblings ... Jesse, Kaylee, Emmy & Marnie. Each year that passes brings us closer to our reunion. Until then you remain in our hearts and prayers. Mommy & Daddy Love You so much. Stay Happy! DAD xoxox

Dec. 19, 2019 ... Good morning my sweet baby girl. It's been 12 years today since you left mommy & me for the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are playing with your sisters and brother up there in Heaven. One day we will all be together again. Make sure you all greet me when my time comes to join you. I miss you sweetheart. Love, DAD

Sept. 2, 2019 ... Good morning my sweet baby girl. Hope you are still having fun playing with all your friends and especially with your sisters Kaylee & Marnie and your brother Jesse. Mommy and Daddy miss you all so much. It is especially difficult around the holidays. Your sister Emmy says hello and that she misses you to. Make sure you meet her at the Rainbow Bridge when her time comes. She will need your help adjusting to her new life in Heaven. Love you so much, Daddy.

Dec. 27, 2018 ... Another year has passed without you by our side for the holidays. We miss you terribly Abby but please know that you are forever on our minds and in our hearts. We pray that you are playing with your brother Jesse and sisters Kaylee and Marnie whom we added to our family shortly after Jesse left us. You never met her but she was our neighbor's dog from across the street. She needed a place to live after Jesse passed so we took Marnie into our home. She died 1 year ago today, only 16 days after Kaylee so please welcome her into our family at Rainbow Bridge. We love you all so very much and if GOD is just he will bring us all together again in Heaven. Kisses & Hugs to you my sweet baby girl! xoxox

Jan. 1, 2016 ... Happy New Year to my precious baby girl Abby. The holidays are not as enjoyable without you & your brother Jesse cuddled up next to us. Your mother & I miss you both terribly. We can only hope that you are happy and playing together as you did when you were puppies until the day we finally reunite. We Love you! Mommy & Daddy xoxox

Dec. 20th, 2015 ... Hi sweety. Yesterday was 8 years since you left us. I hope you have found peace and that you and your brother Jesse are playing together, waiting for the day we are joined as a family again. Mommy & Daddy love you so much and we still talk about some of the funny things you use to do to gain attention. Merry Christmas to you & Jesse. We love you both! xoxox

March 27, 2015 ... Hello my precious Abby. I'm writing to say that I will be registering your brother Jesse this w/end so that you can officially play together. I pray that you have already found each other, running and playing like old times. I will check in with you both again on your birthday - April 20th. I Love You ... Daddy.

December 25, 2014 ... Merry Christmas my precious Abby. On October 17th GOD sent to you a gift from us; your brother Jesse to play with in the fields of the Rainbow Bridge. Jesse was with us for 15 and 1/2 years bringing us such joy, love and wonderful memories. I pray that he has found you and that you are running and playing as freely as you did when you were with us. We miss you both so much but I know that one day we will all be together again. Talk to you soon. Love always, Daddy xoxox

December 20, 2013 ... Yesterday was 6 years since you passed and I still tear up when I think of your last day with us. Luckily your brother Jesse is still with us to remind us of how mischievous you both were together as puppies. It is obvious to all how we pamper Jesse knowing that he may not be with us much longer. Thankfully Kaylee & Emmy are helping to keep him active. Abby my darling .. I hope you are happy wherever you are and awaiting our reunion together in Heaven. I know my life will be complete again on that day. Merry Christmas my love! Daddy xoxox

December 28, 2012 ... Sorry I missed writing you on your 5th anniversary in Heaven last week sweety. I certainly did not forget you, just couldn't make it here to write. We all missed you again on Christmas Eve & Day with all the family over for dinner. Can't wait to see you again but until then, do me a BIG favor. PLEASE seek out and befriend one or more of the children recently killed in the Sandy Hook School tragedy in Newtown, CT. on Dec 14th. They may need your company and love for a while in the absence of their parents. Make sure you show them around, running and playing in the endless fields of Heaven. Thanks! Love you always my "Abby Babby Boo". DAD ... xoxox

June 1, 2012 ... sorry sweety that we haven't checked in on you in a while. We even missed your birthday on April 20th but I know you were there in spirit to see your brother Jesse celebrate his 13th, as you would have. We miss you so much and hope you are playing with all the other dogs in Heaven. Jesse is still holding out and in good health so far, but it won't be too long before he meets you at the Rainbow Bridge. We Love You and we'll write to you again soon! DAD xoxox

December 19, 2011 ... well sweetheart, here we are again thinking of you on the 4th anniversary or your departure and missing you as much as the first day. Our only consoling thought is that we are also 1 year closer to seeing you again, strong and full of life. Hope you are having fun up there with your ever growing number of friends. I pray that you are looking down on mommy and daddy with a big smile, watching your brother Jesse, Kaylee and Emmy run and play in the yard. We have your dog house all decorated for Christmas and hope that you will visit us from time to time in spirit if at all possible. We love you honey. Stay Happy! xoxox

DECEMBER 25, 2010 ... MERRY CHRISTMAS again sweetheart. It's now been more than 3 years since you licked my face and slept in bed next to me. Your mother and I still talk about you all the time at home and with your brother Jesse & Kaylee. Little Emmy looks so much like you now and is just as active. Although she lost her left eye 2 months ago she is still so happy & loveable, just like you were. I'm sure you and Lucky are running and playing everyday with your friends. Time goes by so fast and someday Jesse, Kaylee and Emmy will all join you to play in the fields over the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for me and mommy to join you once again and take you all off with us to Heaven. We Love you so much. Sweet dreams my love. xoxox

DECEMBER 24, 2009 ... MERRY CHRISTMAS princessa. It's been 2 years now since you left us. Words can't describe how much we miss you, most especially during this holiday season. Mommy, Daddy, Jesse, Kaylee and even Emmy all wish you were here with us, but we know you are in a warm and happy place looking down upon us as always. I pray that at times you visit us in the spirit, sitting next to us on the couch at nighttime as you use to do. But if you can't please know that you are always in our thoughts and that your ashes are always near to us. GOD keep you in his good graces until we meet again ... xoxox

APRIL 20, 2009 ... HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY our precious ABBY. Your brother Jesse who is also 10 years old today sends all his love and wishes you were here with him, as well as your sister Kaylee. As you probably know, we have a new addition to our family. Another Black Lab like you named "Emmy" who is 5 months old. Daddy rescued her from the Katrina area in New Orleans in February and she is the sweetest thing. She reminds us so much of you, .. so lovable and mischievous as a puppy. We know you would love her too as we do, but she could never take your place in our hearts. You will always be our #1 baby girl. If it's possible, please stop in to be with us from time to time. We miss you and want you to know that although you can't be with us in flesh, you are always with us in spirit. Love you sweetie, Daddy, Mommy, Jesse, Kaylee & now .. Emmy too!

DECEMBER 19, 2008 ... today is one year since we lost you our little baby girl. Words cannot express enough how much we miss you. Our hearts are still broken but the memories of our time together carry us through each day without you. Sometimes I catch your brother Jesse looking over towards your dog house wondering where you are or picking his head up when we mention your name, expecting to see you and wondering why he never does. I know he still misses you deep down inside, Kaylee too~*~so, our little Abby Babby Boo, play, run, have sweet dreams and know you're in our hearts forever. WE LOVE YOU !

APRIL 20, 2008 ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to OUR BABY GIRL. You would have been 9 years old today my precious and we MISS YOU SO MUCH. It HURTS not having you with but we know you are in a better place, HEALTHY, HAPPY and waiting for us. We will see you soon MY LOVE. Mommy & Daddy .. xoxox

Our Dearest ABBY,

From the day you entered Mommy & Daddy's lives as a little 7-week pup in June 1999, we cared for and loved you with all our hearts. We have so many memories of you leading your sibling brother Jesse on many mischievous adventures, like getting into the Christmas decorations not once but twice; and giving you 2 couches to lay on in the basement while we were at work, only to find them chewed to pieces after only a week; etc. But through it all we always laughed afterwards and thought it was so puppy like and cute, although costly at times.

I loved the way you use to always "lick my bald head" from the couch as I was sitting on the floor watching TV in front of you. It's funny how most of your poses and mannerisms as a puppy carried over into your "too short" adult life; ... the way you sat up waiting for your snacks every day licking your chops in anticipation, and the way you always laid down with your 2 front paws close together under your nose. We will miss all these things and much more about you ABBY.

That day in April 2006 when we first notice that something was wrong with your breathing still sticks in Daddy's heart. Till this day no one knows why your chest cavity filled with liquid putting pressure on your lungs and causing you to struggle to breathe. There was NO cancer or any other disease found in the 2 operations you underwent. Your organs were clean and in good condition and the cultures were always negative. It is still a mystery to all the vet doctors but something we all thought was under control with a draining every 4 -- 5 weeks.

Thinking back, over the last 18 months, I remember catching you just staring at us,especially me, since I was now watching you and your condition so closely while your mother was occupied with your brother Jesse and sister Kaylee. We became much closer than in the past and you were by my side constantly. We use to take those long drives together to Tuffs Animal Hospital for your treatments and loved being together, just you and me (& mommy to on some occasions). The last 3 months you began spending more time outside alone, so I bought you 2 dog houses, one for the front & one for the backyard, even insulating the walls so you would stay warmer when the temperature began to drop. You certainly loved that front house and it still remains there for you, or rather your sprit should you need it.

ABBY, something tells me that deep inside you knew you would not be with us much longer. Your stares became more frequent over the last few weeks as if you were trying not to forget our faces. While outside you would often scratch at the front door as if you wanted to come inside. But when I opened the door you would just look at me with those sad eyes and walk away, as if you wanted me to stay outside with you. I wish I knew what you were trying to tell me. Perhaps you knew the end was near and wanted to spend all the time we could together in private, away from Jesse and Kaylee.

There is an old saying that goes ... "it is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all". This is a cruel reality when humans also adopt pets as companions who quickly become family members, their fur babies who never grow up, so dependent on our loving kindness and sacrifices for the sole purpose of your survival and happiness while you are with us. As humans, ALL parents are torn between wanting their children to grow up and become self sufficient and successful AND keeping their children young, sweet and cute so they can kiss & cuddle them forever, never to leave their side. But the later case is not reality. The truth is that pets are the only creatures that can provide humans with this aspect of parenthood. This is our cake to eat, washed down by the reality that although you will always stay our babies, our time together will be short lived. This is the CROSS all mommy and daddies must carry through the remainder of our lives.

ABBY .. our Princessa, I pray everyday to JESUS and his BLESSED MOTHER that the Rainbow Bridge does exist and that if we live out our lives in his good standing, we will one day meet up with you, Nikki, Lucky, Jesse, Kaylee and all of the fur babies in our life time at the bridge, crossing over together into eternity, never to leave each others side again. WE LOVE YOU ABBY and may GOD keep you healthy, safe and happy for us ... until then.

Mommy & Daddy

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