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Memories of Abby
When we moved into this house, I said to Bob I wanted to get a puppy so after awhile, he said okay. He met Sandy, who was a Lab breeder and who told Bob his female, Anny, was due to give birth in June 2003...that was great. When the pups were born, he called and invited us down to see them. We went and I sat on the blanket he had down for the puppies and as I'm sitting there, a little puppy came wobbling over to me, climbed on my 'lap' and 'fell asleep'. Instantly, we said she's the one and she was named Abby. The following week we were going back down to see the puppies and I mentioned to Bob that Kyra and Tucker would not want to be bothered with a puppy and we should get a second one..and we did, she became Ebony. When they were able to be taken from their mom, Sandy and Hope brought them to our house and the fun began. As they progressed, they decided the cabinets, the decking, the spindles and anything else they could put their little mouths on, they chewed and enjoyed it. When we had the yard landscaped, they wanted to help and they did...they chewed and dug everything they could possibly get in their mouths, not once, but twice and thought it was okay. As Bob planted flowers, they went behind him and dug them out running all over the yard with leaves or flowers or whatever in their mouths as Bob chased them...funny beyond belief. Both pups from the moment we got them brought so much joy into our lives. Of course, they were a little impish, Abby going over to Kyra wanting to share her bone. Kyra growled at her but that didn't phase Abby..she went back again, this time Kyra barked, again, this didn't bother Abby although she back away..but a few minutes later, she went back to take the bone from Kyra and all of a sudden we heard yipping, crying and she was running all over with her tongue hanging out. I thought Kyra bit her tongue off but it turned out Kyra bit her on the nose. From that moment on, neither Abby nor Ebony ever bothered anything that Kyra had, didn't matter what it was. Guess they learned not to fool with the oldsters. Anyway, over the years both puppies were the epitome of love. They gave everyone so much love, they enjoyed being around people - yes, in particular one of our best friends, Bob S., would always bring them a bone when he would come up to visit. They knew the sound of his truck or bike and they waited at the door for him..needless to say, they were not patient. There are so many things I could write about Abby but I will write on a weekly basis and put a little of everything in the writing. Abby, always remember how much we all love you and you will be in our hearts forever and a day. You're now healthy, you can run, play and go and find Kyra and Tucker, Angel, Bucca, Nikki, Frankie, Gin, Tonic, Katie, Stinky and that's just your family. I'm sure Tucker and Kyra will take you to all the friends they made and just to let you know, mommy and daddy made many good friends at Rainbow Bridge...I end this with "Abby, you will live on forever and ever in all of our hearts...we love you so much!! Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly.

JULY 17, 2010
Hi my sweet darling - it's only 2 days since you've been gone but it's a lifetime for us...we miss you more today than yesterday. I know God has a plan for you - He always has - but what I don't understand is why you at such a young pup, but who am I to question. Sweet Abby, you're no longer in any pain, run, romp and play, have fun with Kyra, Tucker, Angel, Bucca, Nikki, Gin, Tonic, Frankie, Stinky, Katie and all your soon to be friends, some of them are Taylor, Max, Bear, Murphy, Coco, Boo and Val and all the many more you'll make. Always remember how much we loved you, will love you and miss you. You will be in our hearts forever and a day and when it's time, we will all be together. Love You So Very Much, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

JULY 22, 2010
Hi little angel - It is one week ago today that you were called home and as much as it hurts daddy and I, we know you are no longer in pain and you're running free on all four legs. We knew for the last 7 months you felt you weren't whole and daddy and I had to help you 'walk', change your 'peepee' pads when you had an accident but that was all okay because we loved you so much and were willing to do everything we could to keep you comfortable and pain free. Once the pain set in, we couldn't let you suffer and last week when you looked at both of us with your beautiful big brown eyes as if to say 'please help me by letting me go', we had to obey your wishes and do just that. I know you wanted so much to please all of us - and you certainly did my love - but you were just too young to leave. I guess it doesn't matter to the good Lord how old you are, when He wants you, He wants you and there's nothing anyone could do about it. Sweet, darling Abby, run free, be happy and always know you will be forever and ever in our hearts and hopefully, we will be in yours...til we meet again, we love you. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

JULY 29, 2010
Hi darling sweet Abby - It breaks my heart to write to you each week knowing you're not with us except in our hearts....and it's been 2 weeks today that you left to go to Rainbow Bridge with Kyra and Tucker. Sweet girl, I can forever ask "why" and I will never get the answer. All we want for you now precious Abby is to be happy, run free on all fours and know you will be in our hearts forever and we will love you unconditionally - 7 years old and gone - it is too much to handle and my heart breaks and I cry everyday wishing and hoping I would wake up and you'd be alongside the bed. Take care of yourself and hugs and kisses from daddy, me, Ebony and Molly to you, Kyra and Tucker..we love you forever and a day. Love, Daddy and Mommy

AUGUST 5, 2010
Hi love of our lives - oh Abby, it's been so hard without you. Ebony is still so very sad as well as daddy and I and Molly. We kept calling Ebony you and looking around the house for you...it's just not fair. We take Ebony in the pool and throw the ball to her just like we did with you but it's not the same. You loved for daddy to throw the ball to you in the pool and you swam freely for it. The same when you were in your little 'doggie wheelchair' ... you were free, you were able to run and romp with your sisters but now, you can run and romp without the wheelchair and do it on all four legs..for this, we are very happy. I guess Jesus knew what He was doing when he decided to take you and make an angel out of you. We will all be together one day but in the meantime, watch over us, make sure you take care of Ebony and Molly and give hugs to Kyra and Tucker and of course, you take a million back for yourself. Rest in peace dear Abby - we love and miss you so much, forever and a day sweet girl. Love, Daddy and Mommy

AUGUST 12, 2010
Hi baby girl...oh how much I miss you Abby, you just don't know. I wish I could wake up and you'll be by the side of the bed looking at me..you do in my dreams. Just always remember how much we love and miss you. Hugs and kisses to you, Kyra and Tucker so please give them to yourselves. Til next week, you're in our hearts forever and a day. Love, Daddy and Mommy

AUGUST 15, 2010
Happy One Month Anniversary in heaven sweet girl...We just can't believe you're gone a month already..it seems like a lifetime ago. Love, Daddy and Mommy

AUGUST 19, 2010
Hi sweet Abby..back again for another 'hi' and hope all is well with you and also to remind you AGAIN how much we miss you, you playing in the pool with your ball, barking for daddy or I to throw it so you could swim out for it. Everytime I think about you, I cry. I've put together your album, will be adding from time to time but for now, I can't do anymore because it hurts so much. I didn't want to lose you so soon but I didn't want to see you in pain and looking into your beautiful big brown eyes, we saw the pain and knew it was time we let you go. At least we had you 6 more months than expected although I would have liked to have you 6 more years but I guess God had other plans for you. Be happy sweet girl and always remember how much we love you and will forever and a day. Keep us in your heart forever as we will you. Love, Daddy,Mommy,Ebony and Molly

AUGUST 26, 2010
Darling Abby - once again I'm sitting here looking at your picture with RJ and Teeks and crying because I miss you terribly and wish you were still with us. I still can't believe today marks your 5th week in heaven. We know you're not in any pain and you're running free but our hearts have been ripped open. We also want you to know that our best friend, Diane Blewitt, sent a check in your memory and with that money, we've purchased a placque of the Rainbow Bridge poem with your name inscribed on it...it should arrive in a few weeks and that will be put on the shelf alongside your urn, picture and all your little toys, just like Kyra's and Tucker's. Sweet girl, you run free and keep us in your heart forever as we will love you unconditionally and will keep you in our hearts. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

Hi sweet girl - yep, another week's gone by of missing you so much. Ebony still feels the loss and I'm really worried about her. We just can't lose her too. Please pray she'll be okay and please watch over her for us. She goes Tuesday to Dr. French for blood work re her thyroid so we're hoping that's leveling off..we're really not sure but we're hopeful. At the end of this month is gonna be Michael's first birthday and Sharon wanted us to come up but we can't - financially, it's not feasible, although we're gonna try and go up at Christmas if we can, but we'll see. Anyway my darling Abby, take care, stay by Kyra and Tucker's side and always know how much we love and miss you. You will be in our hearts forever. Love, Daddy,Mommy,Ebony and Molly

My darling Abby - oh how much I miss you and wish you were still here with us. I wish there was just one more thing we could have done to help you and maybe that would have made a difference. Sweet girl, for not doing that, I am forever sorry. I know you have forgiven us but it still hurts cause you were so young to leave us. Ebony still looks for you and when I mention "where's Abby" she looks at me so sad and looks around the house - please give her a sign that you'll always be there for her. Anyway,got a bunch of things to do before we close the pool on Thursday - oh gosh, you would have still had a ball in the pool - but the pictures we have of you swimming without a life vest and not being able to walk have touched our hearts and will be right in your album for everyone to see what a trooper you were - right to the end. Baby girl, never forget how much we love and miss you - in our hearts forever and a day. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

SEPTEMBER 16, 2010
Hey sweet girl - as usual, wanted to remind you how much we love and miss you and I know you're not in any pain and are running free, but losing you has left an indelible mark on all our hearts. Just to let you know, we closed the pool today and Ebony certainly doesn't like that..whatsoever. Your sister is having a major problem and she is grieving so badly, that we had to call Dr. Schwabe per Dr. French and get something to calmn her down..she was so close to you, did everything with you, side by side and now that you aren't here, she is totally lost. She still lays in the living room and bedroom where you laid and cries and pants. Hopefully, as time goes by, it'll be a little easier for her to adapt - now, for daddy and I, forget it, we won't for a long, long time. You were much too you to leave us but I guess God needed another angel and Abby, you are His angel as well as all of ours. Be happy sweet girl and follow Kyra and Tucker. Hugs and Kisses to you and them. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010
Hey Abby, what's going on at the Bridge..anything good? I hope you're running around and being as happy as a 'june' bug. Today is the first day of Fall so I made sure you had a fall residency and fall flowers..hope you like them. This Saturday is my birthday and I'm gonna miss you being here. As I told you last week, we closed the pool and Ebony still wants to go in it because it's been in the high 90s all week...sheesh, and this is fall. Anyway, Saturday is also Michael's birthday party and we're gonna miss going up but we just can't afford it..hopefully, they'll understand. Anyway my love, you take care and know we love you dearly and miss you so much. Hugs and Kisses forever and a day from all of us. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010
Hi sweet baby girl...still missing you terribly and will probably never get over losing you so soon. I know you aren't in pain any longer and you're running free and on all fours but Ebony, Molly and daddy and I miss you so much and we would still be doing everything we could for you..the only reason we had to let you go was you looked at us with your beautiful brown eyes crying and telling us you were in pain. For no other reason but that, we let you go. Please don't be upset with us, we wanted you to be pain free and we didn't want to be selfish and make you stay. I hope now that the weather is cooling down, you aren't panting or sweating too much..lol. The pool is closed as I said last week, but Ebony is still looking to go in it..she's a pistol and her with the ball, she still has it in her mouth and wants to play. Little by little she's getting better. Anyway my darling, til next week, know we love you and miss you - in our hearts forever you will be. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

OCTOBER 7, 2010
Hey baby girl - I'm back again. I know I'm probably a pest but I need you in my life so much that I have to talk to you. I hope you're having fun with Kyra and Tucker and all the rest of your family and extended family. To update you on what's been going on - well, we had a lot of rain over the weekend, in the tune of about 11 inches but we needed it so when you see God, thank Him for us. We're finally get the driveway resealed - Chris came to patch the cracks yesterday and he'll be back tomorrow to do it again and then on Saturday do the seal..he said it was a bad batch of tar so it isn't costing anything - thank goodness. Well sweetheart, you take care, have fun running and playing and we'll be back next week. One more thing - please look for Valdeze and hug him for all of us cause yesterday was his 2nd anniversary at Rainbow Bridge..thanks baby girl. As usual, you're in our hearts forever and a day. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

OCTOBER 14, 2010
Hi sweetheart - another week's gone by of missing you. Ebony still misses you so much but she's getting better - we're giving her an herbal 'vitamin' called Lesstress and Milk Thistle to try and stop her from panting so much. She's really devastated without you but we're trying to give her extra love. Molly is here for her but not like you were. Hopefully in time, she'll snap out of it. In any event, on Sunday, we're taking her and Molly with us to the open house at the SPCA .. no, we're not bringing anymore furbabies home -can't, just too much pain. Anyway, sweet girl, you take care and give Kyra and Tucker a hug and a kiss from us and back to you, too. Know you will be in our hearts forever. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

OCTOBER 21st - NOVEMBER 25, 2010
Hi baby girl - I am so sorry I haven't written for a month - things have been crazy but not a minute goes by that you aren't thought of or in my heart. The tears still flow daily and the emails, card etc. still come - sporadically, but they are all in your album. Daddy and I will be going to NJ for Christmas and Ebony and Molly will be at Wagging Tails so please make sure you watch over them since they haven't been away from us since before we lost Tucker. Thanksgiving was nice, Mary, Bobby, Pam and Dennis were here and we did talk about you and the indelible marks you have left on each one of our hearts. You, along with Kyra and Tucker gave us so much joy, you just don't know how hard it was losing all of you, especialy you so young. One good thing is that now, you are pain free and running on all four legs/paws and having a blast. Know sweet girl, you will never be forgotten - the love we have for all of you will last until we meet again and then it will become stronger, so my darling Abby, til the next time I write,know I love you and miss you so much. You are in our hearts forever and a day. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

NOVEMBER 26, 2010 - JULY 9TH, 2011
Hello my sweet angel - first off, soooo sorry for not writing before now although I have been putting you in the prayer request every week. Just to update you on what's been going on - first off, we did go to NJ for Christmas to see everyone and everyone sent their love to you. We had a nice time but coming home, it was quite treacherous - snow, ice etc. and it seemed to get much worse when we got to Wagging Tails to pick up your sisters...the roads were very icy all the way home and mine and daddy's hearts were in our throats for fear of an accident. Anyway, we got everyone home safe and sound. Taxtime was a little busy but we lost several clients, which stands to reason with the economy and people not wanting to mail their info for fear it would get lost but we did manage to do some. Just wanted to let you know Dr. Hudson passed away in June of this year from an inoperable brain tumor, similar to yours only on your spine. Now, the two of you can meet one another - both being lost at such a young age. Sharon and Michael came down in May and we had a ball. Your sisters loved him and he them - they played ball and ran around - it was just so pleasurable. Bobby, Danni, RJ, Teeks, Rudy and Daisy will be down Thursday, July 14th for a visit. Hopefully, we'll have nice weather since we've had nothing but heat and humidity and no rain. Everything has been very dry but we did have rain yesterday, July 8th, for the first time in a few months but that's the way it's been since we moved down here. In any event, everything else is the same, nothing new but taking one day at a time and missing you so much as well as your sister, Ebony, she truly misses you especially in the pool since Molly doesn't go in. We tried to visit Sandy and your mommy, Anny, but he wasn't home, we left a couple of phohe messages but haven't heard back although we did see your mommy and she still looks good. She had the bout with ovarian cancer but Dr. French was able to save her....unfortunately, there wasn't anything we could do to save you because if there was, we would have done it no matter what the cost. We know you're in a great place, having fun, playing with Kyra and Tucker and all your cousins and new friends and most of all, we know you aren't in any pain and that's fantastic. Sweetheart, you will live on forever in our hearts and one day, we will all meet again and cross the bridge together. Until then, please think of us, keep us in your heart as we will you and know you are and always will be loved - forever and a day, our precious baby. Love Forever, Daddy, Mommy. Ebony and Molly

JULY 15, 2011
Hi baby girl - HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY in Rainbow Bridge Heaven - saw Dr. French this morning with Ebony - she got her yearly shots and he too, said how much he misses seeing you. Sweet girl, you put an indelible mark on everyone's hearts....you were an angel and always will be. Till we meet again my love, know we love and miss you terribly. Love Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly

JULY 15, 2011 - DECEMBER 25, 2011
Hi our sweet little angel - MERRY CHRISTMAS sweetheart. Here's hoping you're doing good and runny and playing with Kyra and Tucker and all your friends at the Bridge. We still cannot understand why you were taken from us but as I've said before, we can't question God's motives - He wanted you and He took you...His newest little angel. In September we went up to Uncle Mike and Aunt Donna's and celebrated daddy's, mine and little Michael's birthdays - Uncle Bobby stayed at our house and took care of your sisters...wish you could have been there too. As for Christmas (today), it was nice - Uncle Tom came over for a bit and yesterday the whole Schnoor family came up and we really enjoyed ourselves. Today, we spoke to Sharon, Karen, Bobby, Dan, RJ and Teeks and Aunt Donna and 'BJ" and again, it was nice but we certainly would have wanted you here - I know I keep saying that and I know it can't happen but I can always hope. One day when God wants all of us to be together, you will be waiting at the gates of heaven for all of us. Til then, know we love you so much and miss you terribly. Love, Daddy, Mommy, Ebony and Molly XOXO

DECEMBER 26, 2011 - JUNE 21, 2014
Abby, our precious little angel - Time has gone by so quickly and I have no idea where it went. I have been very lax in writing although I do remember the prayer request each week for you, your sister Kyra and brother Tucker. So much has gone on that it would take forever and a day to write about but I will tell you this, I will start writing each month, both to you, Kyra and Tucker no matter what. In the meantime, Happy belated Birthday on 6/17 - you would have been 11 years old but God took you toooooo soon. Of course, Ebony had a nice time although I know in her 'doggie heart' she still misses you as does daddy and I.....also, happy first day of summer and here's hoping your running and romping thru the fields at Rainbow Bridge and swimming in the ocean, rivers or whatever else they have at the bridge. Well my dear, this is it til next time and there will definitely be many next times. In the meantime, know how much we miss you and love you even more. Love, Daddy and Mommy and Ebony, Molly and Dixie xoxo

JUNE 22, 2014 - SEPTEMBER 4, 2014
Abby, our precious angel - Still missing you terribly but loving you even more. Things haven't been the same since we lost you and now, losing your sister Ebony has left a hole in our heart and it's doubtful if that will ever mend. Bobby, Dan and the boys came for a visit and it was enjoyable but they too, miss you. Please take care of your sister and show her the ropes. We look at the pool and cry as she just loved to swim and play ball - like you did - and now, nothing. We can't wait to close it. Anyway, you take care, give hugs to Kyra, Tucker and of course Ebony and one back to you. We'll write again soon...Love, Daddy and Mommy XOXOX

SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 - OCTOBER 3, 2014
Hi Abby - our precious little angel - just checking in to say hi and remind you of how much we miss you and love you even more. We're still trying to move on day by day with losing Ebony, which should not have happened but I guess who are we to question what God wanted. Our hearts are so heavy and full of holes after losing you, Ebony, Kyra and Tucker within less than 8 years...it is so tough to try an move on but we're trying. Today is daddy's birthday, it's not a very nice day out there so I can't mow the grass but I'm hoping to get back to working on Ebony's album. It's just so hard when I see pictures of the two of you and how funny and loving you both were...we certainly miss that. Not too much of anything else is going on so I want to change your residency to fall but I'll be back again shortly. Take care of yourself, your sisters and brother and always remember how much we love you. Love, Daddy and Mommy XOXO

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