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Memories of Abby
Abby was our world. My husband and I never could have children so we decided to get a dog. She was a special girl. She played Frisbee with my husband for hours. Did she ever love it.
In April of 2010 she had a torn ACL so the vet did a surgery to repair it. Little did we know he did a total of 3 surgeries to try and fix it. He did not know what he was doing, so after the 3rd surgery he looked at us and said I don't know what to tell you!
We took her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, TX. She had an amazing orthopedic surgeon. He did a total of 5 surgeries to try and fix what the first vet messed up. Her knee would not stay in place and she developed an infection from the first vet and she had a resistance to every antibiotic that was made. Her surgeon thought we were going to have to put her down. (After going to this place for a year everybody knew who Abby was and EVERYONE loved her) There was not a dry eye in the room.
Her surgeon started doing lots of research to try and save her life. He contacted Texas Children's Hospital and talked to a doctor there. They decided to use a special pad that they use on the children their at the burn unit. Well it worked. Abby started getting better.
Over the years she went back for other issues and over the years 3 legs started to effect her body. She had developed arthritis in her hips.
She went back to Gulf Coast for several years to do a rehab program. She would get on the water treadmill and do special exercises to get make the muscle in her back leg strong.
Abby's arthritis was painful at times so we decided to do acupuncture. If I had not seen the before and after results I would not have believed it.
Today is your birthday and I miss you so much. You would have been 10 years old today. I know you are running and swimming and doing all the things you love to do. I hope you are getting lots of belly rubs and ear scratches.
Abby when mama gets to heaven the first thing I am going to do is look for you and when I find you I will never let you go....I love you Abby more than anything and I miss you tremendously. Have fun today Angel baby... mama loves you!!!
She was like a new fur baby. She could run and swim. Did she ever love to swim.
She loved to go swimming at the lake. We would put our pontoon boat in at the lake and go to our special spot and let her swim and play fetch for hours.

We never left Abby with anybody, I guess because I had a fear that something would happen to her and nobody would know what to do.

She was the sunshine in my hair, the air that I breathe. She always had a toy in her mouth.
Ever since she was a baby she carried a toy around all the time. Even when she went to sleep and to bed.
Her favorite was the hedgehog. We went through many of those over the years.

Abby loved the side-by-side. Besides going to the lake and swimming, the side-by-side was her joy.
Her daddy would say, (Abby you wanna go for a ride) and that face was smiling from ear to ear.

Every day Abby would be by the window looking to see when we would pull up in the driveway. When we would walk in the door she always had that special toy in her mouth and would push the toy in our leg to try and get it to squeak.

On February of 2017 Abby developed pneumonia and had 2 bad seizures. The doctors said she developed a brain tumor. Her seizures were very bad and I knew she did not want to live like that. We made the hardest decision we have ever had to make. We put her down on February 11, 2017. We held her and rubbed her ears and gave her lots of belly rubs. I told her how much we loved her and I would see her in heaven.

This is the hardest thing we have ever had to do. We take one day at a time but boy is it ever hard. We have a box of toys that are always in the toy box and no more love fibers on the floor.
I miss her to the moon and back.

Abby you are mama's angel baby. We love you more that anything in the world. One day we will see you in heaven and when we do you will be running and swimming all you want with no pain.

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