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Memories of Aceh
I have so many memories of you, Aceh. Our trips to upstate New York, to the beach at Cape Henlopen, to the showgrounds in Salisbury, and even to the parks around home. The images are so clear in my mind right now.... Of you playing with Sierra and King, of you digging up and eating kitty poop in the riding ring at home (much to my dismay, but I forgive you) of you going on walks with me and finding a stick, and then parading around with it as if it were the Stanley Cup and you were the captain of the winning team.... Of you bounding through the snow in the winter and having a total blast doing it. Of your love of blueberries, bananas, carrots, and in the early years before you became sensitive to them, sweet peppers. Of picking raspberries in the summer on the lane with you and you eating some of them, just because you could. Of you eating mulberries off the ground. I never cared for them, but you apparently found them delicious.

The joy of coming home to you and having you jump all over me, hugging me and washing my face with your kisses. The times when you woke me because it was storming outside and we both needed to get out of the house and into shelter. Of taking you to the vet's office and seeing you endear yourself to everyone there, animals and people alike. Of a special time a couple of years ago now, when I was at home sick with a bout of food poisoning and you were there. You even tried to get me to play with you on that horrible day, despite being crippled by arthritis, just to cheer me up when I felt so awful. Of walks in the rain and the snow. Of you sleeping (or "recharging") as Melissa called it, on the back seat of the truck during our trips to New York and to shows. Of your love of toys, and how excited you used to get whenever I would bring you a new one. Of your play dates with Colin, Sierra, Mouse, Cleo, King, and eventually, Maggie. Of snuggling together on the couch at home, and hearing your blissful sighs. You were always happiest whenever you were where I was.

Now it's time for you to leave me and start your journey to the Bridge. You're in paradise there, and that gives me some peace. I wish you a good journey, and I want you to know that although I will miss you, you will always hold a special place in my heart and memories. May you fly with the Angels now, as the old song says. And say hi for me to your dog friends, to Baskin and Robbin, Sierra, Mouse, Giles, Cleo, and King, and even to your horse friends. I am sure that Buzz, Zeke, Lista, Kitty, Patch, Suntan, Rocket, Casper, and Lady are all waiting to greet you. Farewell, sweetheart. I will see you again one day, when it's time.

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