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Memories of Adonis

Happy Heavenly Birthday my darling baby boy!
You would have been 16 years old today, but there hasn't been a day to go by that I wouldn't feel your presence around me. I miss you; I love you and will always carry you in my heart. I love you baby boy!!!

My dear Baby Boy, another year without you. I think of you often, I say hello to you every day and I miss you so much.
I hope you are happy and healthy running free at Rainbow Bridge. I love you forever!!

My darling Baby Boy, today marks 3 long years since you crossed over Rainbow Bridge.
Time does not heal the emptiness, the sorrow and the need to hug you and wish that you had the time to know your crazy little sister. You left your paw prints imprinted into my heart forever my love! I miss you so much!

Baby Boy, it has been a while since I wrote something and reached out to you. I am missing you so much, it hasn't been a day since I have not thought of you. Find your uncle Kurry and be with him, Richie and Maxi. I love you my angel!

Baby Boy, it was your 12th Birthday couple days ago! I hope you had a god one at Rainbow bridge playing with all other furry friends of yours. Oh, I miss you soo. Love and miss you so much my love! MOM

Baby Boy, It has been two long months with out you and time does not heal the emptiness and broken heart. The memories of you keep me going on a daily basis, I miss you so!! It will take me a little longer so I can be able to share all the wonderful memories of you. I love you and I miss you! MOM

Letter from dad!!
I miss our hikes at Red Rock with you,
I miss our trips to Lake Havasu.
Watching you run ahead wild and free,
Resting in the shadow of our favorite tree.
I miss you jump on the bed when I sleep,
Snuggle at my side as you pull on my sheet.
I miss hearing you scratching your neck,
Then stretch all four and push me out of bed.
I miss you leap chasing rabbits at night,
Seeing you run was a glorious sight.
You'd lay on your back and check if I look,
Then tilt back your head till I put down the book.
I miss watching you gallop in your dreams at night,
But most of all I miss seeing you run wild at heart.
I miss when you ran to greet me at the door,
What would I give to see you back on all four.
Three years ago I shattered at once,
Three years ago I fell into trance.
The man that I knew vanished indeed,
I learned how to love and conquer defeat!
The patience you thought me planted a seed,
You gave me the faith to get up and proceed.
You nursed me back and healed my soul,
Your unconditional love helped me feel whole.
The lessons I've learned and continue to grow,
The bond we've built, the compassion we know.
Oh how I adore you so infinitely so,
My boy, my Adonis I love you so much more!

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