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Memories of Akio
My buddy kitty Akio came to me at about 6 weeks of age. A Chocolate Point Siamese looked dirty because his points weren't developed yet. We chose the name Akio meaning "bright boy " in Japenese. He was very bright and very vocal. At times I thought we were carrying on a conversation. In June of 2000 we moved into a new home. He adjusted very well. October of the same year he becamed very ill and was hospitalized for a week. The vet thought it was one of three things. He was either diabetic, had a thyriod condition or was in renal failure. Asit turned out he was in renal failure. With much persistance and Akio fighting to live, the vet put him on subcutaneous fluid injections twice a day. We had to keep rechecking his labs and adjusting the fluid amounts. Finally we were at doing subcutaneous fluid injections once a day. When it was time for his "treatment", he would play a game and hide. I would look for him and he would run. If I ignored him I was able to catch him. He had a few crisis situations where his kidney numbers would increase then we would adjust his fluid amounts. I continued doing the subcutaneous fluid treatments for five and half years. Each and every time we would go away for a few days he had to be boarded with my vet so she could do his treatments. She got to know and love my buddy kitty alot more personally then most of her patients. Then on July 28 he had another crisis with not eating and vomiting. I took him to a covering vet hospital because my vet was away at a feline conferance. They admitted him, took x-rays and blood work. Well his kidney numbers were way up again. They kept him until my vet was back. He was transfered to my vet on a Tuesday and it was determined that the only good kidney was finally giving up. So on Friday August 4 he was put to sleep in my arms with my vet at my side so she could say to good-bye to a special freind also. I am forever grateful for his fight to survive for the 5 and a hlf years of me doing the fluid injections. I still look for him every morning to do the treatments. Good-bye my special buddy kitty.

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