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Memories of Alexander MacTavish Mor
Alexander was born in Washington, PA on August 3, 1999. On November 20th Westie Diarmid and I went to PA to meet with Beth, the rescue lady who had a 5 year-old rescue girl. Unfortunately she did not like Diarmid in any way, shape or form. Alexander had just come back to Beth's house to find a home. Her son had the sire and decided to keep one pup. Then he decided he really didn't want to deal with two Westies so he brought Alexander back to his mom to find a home. Alexander rolled over and showed Diarmid his belly and he liked him from that moment.

When we got home went through a deck of cards of the kings and queens of Scotland to pick a name. Every time I said Alexander he would look at me and kiss my nose. That was his name. Officially he was registered as Alexander MacTavish Mor which means Alexander son of Thomson.

Alexander was a cuddle boy - his favorite spot was on a shoulder with his nose nuzzled in your neck. Being carried around was his second favorite thing. He never grew in to a adult Westie shape, always looked like a puppy and never weighed over 14lbs. He had severe allergies I had to treat him for with injections for three years and was probably the reason for his lack of adult development. He just stayed a little sweetie. From the day he came home he would snuggle under the covers in bed at night up against my shoulder. Having a comfortable pillow and blanket was his favorite thing.

Alexander really did not like the cold so he had an array of red sweaters since red was "his color". His coat, sweaters, collar and leash were always red as the primary color. Even his web page was red.

When he was two years old Michael & Padraig joined the family. Micheal immediately took to him and they were each others cat/dog for his entire life. Padraig was attached to Diarmid so worked out well. When he was eight Diarmid passed to the Bridge so he had two cats following him around for months.

In August of 2007 my mom & I took Alexander to Puxatony, PA to meet two Cairn pups. It was a working farm, she bred Westies and Cairns and he did sheep and horses. She had the mom and pups out in the viewing area. Alexander picked out MacTavish - he was the one pup he went to no matter who was holding him. In September we drove half-way as the breeder met us mid-way and Alexander once again had a brother. MacTavish outgrew him in no time, but he was always the big brother.

Alexander especially loved birthdays when would take the ride to East Coast Original Custard for his cone. Many dogs have issues with dairy, but not mine. On his birthday he would sit in the front seat with me and slowly lick his cone down then get to cone. MacTavish would be in the back seat with grandma chowing down on his. Then on MacTavish's birthday they would reverse and Alexander would be in the back. Two cones in a month's time. He really liked it when he and Dairmid were together - their birthdays were only a week apart. Alexander would shiver while eating it, but was not about to stop. Those were great days.

Alexander had a long life full of love. I almost thought I would lose him in April 2014, it looked like he had a stroke and suddenly could not walk. Got him to the vet and found out the next day that he had a pinched nerve in his neck causing the problem. Dose of steroids he was back to his norm. As his arthritis flared up he took Deramaxx which kept him moving along without any pain. He passed to the Bridge in my arms at 8:15am on December 11, 2014. Two days before he was getting very tired and weak and I knew he had little time left.

On December 25th Alexander was joined in Heaven by his grandpa Richard who died suddenly that day. Alexander was always grandpa's boy and he spoiled him a lot.

I miss my little cuddle boy. MacTavish lost his big brother and Michael lost his best friend. Since you left Padraig, then MacTavish and finally Michael have joined you at the bridge. With Diarmid there everyone you knew is with you again along with older siblings Angus, Ti, Pooh & Maxie and your cousins. Until we meet again my little one...

Please also visit Angus, Diarmid MacThomson Mor, MacTavish Dundee Mor, Maxie, Michael, Padraig, Pooh and Ti.

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