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Memories of ALFIE
In 2014 I lost my beloved mom - the worst day of my life. I muddled through as best I could just getting through each day as it came. Then, one day I just happened to be scrolling through social media and suddenly a photograph jumped out at me. It was a picture of a Jack Russell terrier located at Birmingham dogs home and dressed in a pumpkin dog coat as it was almost Halloween. I fell in love with that little boy in the picture there and then. Made the phone calls and went to see him. I knew there was no danger of me NOT wanting the beautiful boy I had fallen in love with and I just wanted to get him home. I asked if I could pick him up and I whispered in his ear that I would be his new mommy that I would always love him and that I would be back for him in a day or so after the house check was done.
From that moment on Alfie followed me everywhere and we were inseparable. He lay by the side of me and would get up if I got up. He hated not being able to see me.
One day I noticed he was starting to stand in corners and just stay there for ages. I had read that this was a sign of canine dementia but I had hoped I was wrong. He had already lost some hearing and had cataracts on his eyes so I knew if I was right about this then it wasn't good. I kept my eye on him for months and I could see that it was getting worse and then one day he was barking at nothing but it was a distressing bark to hear, it sounded like he was scared. All I could do was make sure he was ok, hold him and cuddle him and try to make him less scared. I knew I had to do the right thing for him.
11/10/23 was the hardest day, waiting for the vet to come to the house. Once again I had Alfie cuddled up to me and I was talking to him and singing him my song "you are my sunshine" I always sang that to him. Slowly my best friend passed away in my arms but I will never forget the moment he lifted his head looked right into my eyes and said I love you thank you, I kissed him and slowly he went peacefully to sleep.
I am lost without him but I had to let him go. He is at peace and he knew he was well loved. I cannot thank him enough for being my everything and i will always love
Him till we meet again on that beautiful shore. He loved me unconditionally and he knew I loved him. Thank you for coming into my life Alfie. I love you. I miss you. You will always be my sunshine
I will always be your mommy xxxx

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