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Memories of Alyx
Her unconditional love and attention. The continuous licks of love toward everyone. The deep sighs of contentment. Cuddling beside me. Waiting patiently at the front door. Looking at me and tilting her head. Chasing her doll back and forth and sliding across the floor. How she loved being rubbed on her stomach. Her soft beautiful coat. Her barking Hello at everyone she saw and not stopping until they said hello back. Sleeping with me at night. her playful ways. Her beautiful face and personality from the moment I got her. I will love her always until the day I die. I do not want ever to forget her, I want her to know the pain in my heart is so bad that I hope in time it will subside. Sleep my baby and know I understand you were sick and had to leave me but you didn't want to. I love you and will remember you forever !

9/23/14 Hi my angel !!! I brought your ashes home today. I was hoping that I would feel some comfort in knowing some part of you is still here in a way. I'm sorry baby but it hasn't yet. It was just a week ago that I had to say goodbye. Now I'm feeling why did I do it even though I know I had to. I guess I'm looking for answers to questions that there are no answers. I know the mornings and nights are the worst. I kiss your picture "Good morning", when I come home and don't see your beautiful face and at night when you are not cuddling beside me. My heart is in a million pieces and will never be put back together. I really want to believe you are happy, not sick and playing with other fur babies whose parents are just as sad as me. I want to believe that I will see you again and we will be together forever. I know you loved me as much as I loved you so I'll keep praying that you will watch over me and help me heal. I know that I will never forget you but I really want to remember you and smile .....not cry !!! I love you with all my heart. All my new Rainbow Bridge friends have been so wonderful with their words of comfort. They have helped me so much ! I thank God for them and ask to watch over their fur babies too!

1/20/15 Hi my angel. Mommy hasn't visited lately because I still cry and get so sad. I miss you so much. I thought by now I would be feeling a little better but unfortunately that hasn't been the case. I have suffered an awful depression so I hope you don't mind but I got another fur baby not to replace you but to help me through till I see you again. She is a beautiful dog and just like you fun, loving and well behaved, I love her very much but she is not you !!!! Leo has gotten sick right after you passed with the same awful disease. Angus also lost Molly and he is inconsolable. Why do these things happen to our beloved babies? I miss you, think of you every day and kiss your picture morning and night. I hope you are happy free of pain and are waiting for me until it is my time. Be good.......

8/24/20 Good Morning my beautiful Alyx. I can't believe you are gone 6 years already. Except for the pain in my heart that has been with me all these years, it seems as though it was yesterday that I said goodbye. I know I haven't visited Rainbow Bridge as often as I should have but I kiss your picture and visit your little memorial I have everyday. I still cry and have a difficult time reliving that ordeal. I do have Sadie now and she would love you as I know you would have loved you. She is a good fur baby as you were and has many of your traits although she is a different breed. I love her to pieces but there is no other like you. I do hope you are happy and having fun with all the other fur babies who have left this world, Leo, Piper, Fenway,and Cody to name just a few near and dear to us ! Till I see you again......all my love ! Mama

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