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Memories of Amber
* When we gave her and the other dog, Brinkley, of ours a cookies the Brinkley would eat his but Amber would save hers to torment Brinkley.
* She would lick her bum and then try to lick your face.
* She at one point bullied Brinkley into giving her "his chair".
* She would throw her head back when she ran.
* She would jump on the other dog Brinkley's back and ride on him.
* We trick people into feeding her twice. She would beg for food from one person. After being feed she would go to another person who didn't know she was fed and beg for food.
* One time when Brinkley and her were going to the vet Brinkley was agitated. Amber licked him in the face to calm him down.
* She would jump on Brinkley's back and ride Brinkley for several feet.
* We had to get gates for the living room and dining room and have the gates closed because otherwise Amber would sneek in there when we were not looking and pee on the carpets.
* One time when we were in Sooke she chased rabbits.
* She would bury her dog treats in the dirt in the back yard so Brinkley couldn't get them.
* When going for walks especially when we were in Sooke on Vancouver Island she would refuse to walk and sit there. Eventually we decided to get a dog pouch and she would sit in it will we walked Brinkley on a leash. She went for the walk but she went in the pouch rather than actually walking.
* In Sooke she would refuse to walk on rocks and would often try to walk on the road because it is smoother.
* She was good with children.
* She was a small dog but snored very loudly.
* She loved the dog food called Cesar.
* She liked to sunbath.
* We had screen doors in the house which we used in Summer time. Amber kept bumping into them not realizing there was a door there. Eventually she figured out that there was a screen door there.
* She loved closed in areas, they made her feel secure.

Please also visit Brinkley and Dixie.

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