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Memories of Ambie
Amber, or 'Ambie', to me, was the only light in her mommy's life for almost 19 years. She possessed an intelligence that rivaled most people, and exceeded some I've met. She slept on my shoulder and reached out her front hand to touch my face every night, several times a night. When I opened my eyes, she was staring into her mommy's eyes with pure love and concern. She checked on her disabled, ill mommy constantly, and, for almost 19 years, watched her like a hawk.

Ambie was born with bad kidneys. My life was checking on and caring for her. My universe revolved around Ambie. There was nothing else that mattered. I loved her more than I could ever express here, and God Blessed me with a third of my life being adored by a tiny kitty who showed her love in those beautiful, almost human, eyes.

In her last days, I kept asking the vet "what about her eyes??" When last I held her, on Mother's Day, her eyes told me she was leaving me, but only for a short time. Soon, my darling little girl, we'll be together again, never to be parted, in eternity.

I love you little girl,


My beautiful girl, Mommy ordered you and Emmy's urns today. I haven't been able to cremate you since you went to God. Mommy isn't doing very well since you left her.

Your Urn will be brass with hand inlaid mother of pearl. I'm having a contractor build you and Emmy a gorgeous Memorial out of maple. On the top of the Memorial will be a Waterford angel. Above will be a Swarovski crystal ball. You and Emmy will spend every day next to mommy until we meet again in Heaven.

My angel, your brother Willie was diagnosed two weeks ago with a congenital mitral valve defect and HCM. I remember how much you loved him. Now, he's my heart and soul. Mommy is trying to help him, but so far has had no success. Despite her efforts, she can't find anyone that does mitral valve surgery on kitty's. The way Mommy NEVER gave up on you, she'll keep trying to help our Willie.

My darling, today is one year since you left mommy. She still worships you and misses you. I will always feel your hand on my face and how you watched me all night. I miss feeling you on my back and legs. Nobody else loves mommy like you did.

Your sweet brother went to the cardiologist yesterday. He's still the same. Mommy is STILL trying her best to help him. She will never give up on your brother Willie. Rest my angel. Watch over mommy and keep her safe.

I love you baby girl.


My baby, Mommy is still helping our Willie. He goes for an echo on my birthday, Nov.2nd. Please say a prayer with your angel wings for Mommy and our Willie.

My beautiful child, Mommy lost our sweet Willie October 7th, three days before his 6th birthday. I tried my hardest for your brother, but God wanted him home.

My beautiful daughter, tomorrow is three years since you left mommy on Mother's Day. I miss you terribly. Mother's Day will always be a reminder that God wanted you with him.

You are playing now with Emmy, Willie, and Sophie at the Bridge.

Mommy will be reunited with all her children when we meet at the Bridge.

My sweet angel, today is four years since you left mommy. The pain is as bad now as it was back then. Even though I know you are waiting for me, it won't be soon enough.
Know that mommy loved you more than anyone else in her life, except your brother and sisters.

I try so hard to help my children, but when our Lord calls, it's time. Rest in his loving embrace my angel.

My sweet baby, today is five years since you left mommy. I miss you terribly. Mommy thinks if you, Emmy, Sophie, and Willie every moment. You are now with your brother Sammie. He joined you, Emmy, Sophie, and Willie April 24th. I hope you met him with angel kisses. He is only three and just a young baby. Take care of him for me.

Mommy loves you, my angel.

Today is eight years, my daughter. Our Teddy joined you on February 5th. He was your soulmate. I know you will take care of him.

Please also visit Emily Hope, Sammie, Sophie, Teddy and Willie.

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