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RIP Amigo....my bestest friend...I had to lay to rest on Sunday, September 30th. He took his last breaths in my arms as I held him on the way to the vets. My heart is aching...I miss him so. He is no where and everywhere I look. My silly little dog...he has been a smile in my sadness, sunshine in the clouds, a rainbow in the rain, a pillow to wipe my tears, so very happy to see me come back..even if I've only been outside, watcher of my every move, presence in my every day...for ten years. Amazing how caught up we get in our lives not to notice how our lives are affected by such little things...until they are no longer there...that's when you acknowledge how much of your life the little things are a part. We will miss him dearly. His memory remains in our hearts forever. Good bye my dear friend...we will miss you every day. Your are gone, but not forgotten

10/12/12: My dear sweet Amigo...we have received so many messages from owners of your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. We hope you are finding many of these playmates to chase sunbeams and rainbows that fills your time of waiting for us to arrive with you again. Our hearts are aching and we will never forget your silly little morning dance..the tap, tap, taping of your little feet as you waited for our eyes to open...I think we miss that the most. Your friend Zorro still is looking for you and awaiting your arrival home. We will all meet you, my love, on the Rainbow Bridge..we can't wait to see you and your smiling little eyes once more!

05/25/13: My dear sweet Amigo...we placed some additional items in your residency today. We hope you are happy with all your new playmates at Rainbow Bridge. We have a new little addition to our family here..Blu..a little girl friend for your buddy Zorro. He was very sad to not have someone to be with after your left. She's full of energy, is in love with Zorro, keeps him VERY buzy [and us too!] and loves to visit you at your site on the hill. We miss you so much and you are forever in our hearts. We will all meet you on the Rainbow Bridge...we can't wait to see your smiling eyes and your little tap tap dance once more. xxxxoooo

8/15/13: My little Amigo...our hearts ache once more for your friend Prudence...she will leave us tomorrow...and she will be dancing with you on the Rainbow Bridge...please look for her and help her make some new friends and play with her...she will be very sad and missing the love and affection and cuddling of her mom...she is the bestest girl...you will remember her smiling eyes...keep her safe till we all meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. Your meadow at the top of the hill is getting greener everyday... and the flowers we planted, once just a small pot are a giant bush of pink blooming impatients....are you getting impatient?? I don't think I've ever seen an impatient plant as big as yours...or as beautiful...your gift to us each day. A small, beautiful reminder of how much joy and smiles you brought to our lives. We miss you mucho, Amigo. Hugs, kisses, and laps....xxxooo.

9/30/13: My precious Amigo...our hearts are filled with grief once again as your day of passing is upon us. We love you so much, and miss you so very much. Our hearts are healing, but are not mended. We hold a very special place in our hearts for you. Richard and I, your best bud and forever friend Zorro, and our new rescue Blu visited your beautiful meadow and planted some more beautiful flowers for your passing anniversary. You have made the first impatient plant the biggest and brightest impatient plant I've ever seen! And I'm sure you did it for us to thank us for how much we loved and appreciated you. Today is a hard day for us, but it is only one day closer till we meet you again on the Rainbow Bridge. We love you Amigo. xxxooo

9/11/2014: Here we are rounding the corner to yet another year since your passing. How time flies...we still miss you so...you are still a part of our everyday lives...around every corner, in every window...there you are...your smiling little eyes! Look around for Prudence...she is at the rainbow bridge also...and poor, old Ginger will be there shortly! You are such a special little dog...we miss you so! You are in our hearts and thoughts forever! We love you, my friend. xxxooo

9/30/14: Another whole year has passed since you went away. How quickly time passes these days. I think about you every day...you are my screen saver...your tiny little face and bright eyes are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. You are not gone you are just away...and someday we will be together again on the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are there with sun in your face and love in your heart, sharing and giving to the other fur babies at Rainbow Bridge, just as you did here with us...you are so loved, Amigo. You are our everything! Your presence is with us every single day! You are the bestest! We miss you so. Skip, jump and play....time passes quickly and we will see you soon, my friend. xxxxoooo

9/26/15: Another year...oh my! And you are still the light of our lives...how could such a little dog be such a big, bright light in our lives...we miss you dearly. There you sit on the highest hill at the farm in Ponce, your favorite spot, watching, watching...watching the day turn to night, watching us come and go, watching your buddy Zorro and his new Baby Blu frolicking in the bush and water....and your smiling eyes shining down upon us all. We know you are there, we feel you...and we will see you soon, my friend. Hugs, kisses, slurps and smiles from mom, dad, Zorro and Baby Blu. xxxooo

9/26/15: Almost another year has gone, and we are still grieving you, my bestest friend. You sit above the world on your hill in Ponce at the farm, your favorite spot to watch, and watch us come and go and keep an eye on everything we do! You are the love of our lives and we miss you so, so much. How could such a little dog be such a big part of our lives??? Emptiness surrounds us in all your favorite places, but your smiling eyes are a constant reminder of the joy you brought to our lives...we love you and miss you much. See you soon, my friend. Hugs, kisses and rainbows from your mom, dad, Zorro and Baby Blu. xxxooo

9/17/19: My how time flies...we are all removed from St. John and Puerto Rico after hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed our beautiful islands...and although we are no longer there your memory never fades from our hearts. Zorro has "old dogs disease" but is very determined to outlive Baby Blu but we think he will be joining you soon. He learned from you how to tell secrets, and he tells a lot of secrets to Baby Blu lately. Baby Blu is now 7 years old...and she is ailing from some back problem that none of the Vets here in Arizona can figure out so she has meds to keep her on track and comfortable. Zorro still likes to play pull with his silly balls and bothers us after he eats to do so. When Zorro arrives please meet him at the gate and show him how wonderful Rainbow Bridge is. He will be soooo glad to see you. We love you so much and miss you. Hugs, kisses and rainbows from your mom, dad, Zorro and Baby Blu. xxxooo

09/30/20: Today we are reminded of your sweet face and your silliness. How we miss you, little one! I'm sure by now you know that your best bud, Zorro, is with you at the Rainbow Bridge. He left us for the Rainbow Bridge on May 14, 2020. We kissed him good-bye and told him how much we loved him and that he should look for you and join up with you again at the Rainbow Bridge. How well you taught Zorro to be such a good little boy! He sure followed in your footsteps and followed your instructions to love us and be loyal to us. We miss you both so, but are happy you are finally together again at the Rainbow Bridge and together will keep each other company frolicking in the fields, chasing lizards and butterflies and time will fly with you together while you await our arrival. Zorro taught Blu all the things you taught him and Blu is carrying on your legend, you funny little boy! We have not forgotten you and never will! We are glad you now have your best buddy with you to keep you company and to play once more! We love you so. Hugs, kisses and rainbows to you and Zorro from your mom, dad and Baby Blu. xxxoooo

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