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Memories of Amon Ra "Ami"
What can I say about Ami. You were a yellow eyed white Cornish Rex cat, who came to me with a heart full love and took mine (heart) when you left.
You loved to be warm even in 90 degree heat. You had no problems curling up tight to me when I laid down on the couch or in bed. You loved to have your tummy rubbed all the time and your little feet would just be a kneading the air. You also ate anything that came down the pike. From the usual like hamburger, chicken, your own dry food etc, to jellied cranberry sauce and pickle juice. You name it; you ate it.
When you played with your best friends, Coco, a chestnut oriental shorthair, who went to Rainbows Bridge May 19, 1997 and Isis a black shorthair--you had monkey blood in you. You could get into the oddest places when jumping up on things. You also loved ANYONE who came into the house. How do you spell Love? CAT-Amon Ra "Ami" When Isis went to Rainbows Bridge Feb 4, 2002 and Mee-Too came into our lives on Feb 14th, 10 days later, you loved and accepted her without a second thought. Then you left on March 25th.
Now, 10 yrs later, I still cry for you. You enter my dreams at night, and I wake up in tears. I long to hold you in my arms and feel your cottonball like fur against my face, and smell your sweet breath. I miss you so much. God how I miss you! I know you aren't in any pain now, but it's so hard down here, alone, without you. You were always there when I was upset, or down, or sick. Always staying close by, never judging, just giving love as if to say "Don't worry about it mom. I'm here now, and I'll take care of you."

You will always be my big baby kitty.
And, I'll always love you Ami.
Love Momma

Aug 7,2006 I still love & miss you, Ami :(

Jan 16,2007 I love you Ami & I still miss you baby kitty

Mar 13,2007 It's lonely, here, without you

June 28,2007 I Love you, my big baby kitty!

Oct 2,2007 The nights are coming sooner, so here is a candle so you're not alone in the dark. I love you AMI!

Dec 2,2007 I love you my big baby kitty! Mee-Too still remembers, and misses you, too. I'll still hang your favorite Christmas ornament on the tree for you to play with in the night.

June 26,2008 I'm sorry I've ben away so long, my baby. Mommy's been real sick and wish you had been here to keep me company. I love you Ami!

Oct 8,2008 I love you my baby kitty!

July 6,2009 I still love & miss you Baby Ami!

Oct 29,2009 I miss your soft tummy baby!

Sept 3,2010 I know I haven't been here very often lately, but you are never out of my mind. I love you, Ami!

Nov 22,2010 Thanksgiving is almost here. How I wish I could feed you some of the turkey.

Dec 25,2010 Merry Christmas my big baby kitty. I love you!

Jan 11,2011 Another year has gone by, and a new one came in without you. I love you, Ami!

Apr 6,2011 Spring is here, and I wish you were, too, to share it with me. I love you.

June 1,2011 I love & I miss you Ami.

Oct 15,2011 I still miss you so much my big baby kitty & I love you.

Nov 21,2011 Thanksgiving will be here in a couple days & I wish you were too, so we could share turkey & cranberry sauce. I love and miss you, Ami.

April 6,2012 It's a new year & I still miss & love you Ami. The spring flowers just aren't the same without you.

Sept 28,2012 Winter will soon be here & I still miss & love you, my big baby kitty.

January 17,2013 It's a new year & I still miss you. I love you Ami.

March 25,2013 You left 13 yrs ago today & it still feels like yesterday. Spring is here & I love & miss you.

Oct 26,2013 The winds are cold, leaves are falling frost on the ground. I hope you are warm & happy. I love & miss you so much.

Jan 22, 2014 A new year without you. I hope you met Sisha at the bridge Jan 3rd. She was born the day you died (Mar 25 2000)and left 3 wks ago to be with you. 2 new litle babies have come here to live with Mee-Too & me. I miss & love you so much. :(

Mar 27,2014 Fourteen years & it still feels & hurts like you left today :( I love you Ami

July 20,2014 Summers is here & I still love & miss you Ami :(

Oct 1,2014 Fall is here & I love & miss you even more :(

Dec 1,2014 Winter is here & you aren't. I still put your favorite Christmas ornament on the tree for you. I love and miss you so much Ami :(

Jan7,2015 The New Year is here & you're not. I love you Ami :(

Mar 19,2015 Spring is here tomorrow, along with more snow. Cold and lonely like my heart without you. I love & miss you my big baby kitty :( After all these years, there's finally a "little man" in the house again. :)

Mar 25,2015 You left so many yrs ago today & it still seems like yesterday.

Aug 19,2015 I love & miss you my big baby kitty :(

Feb 4,2016 Mommy's been sick and not able to get here for a while. Spring is coming & I still miss you as much as the day you left. I love you Ami :( Mee-Too will be coming soon . Watch for her

May 22,2016 I'm sorry I wasn't here for you in Mar. Mee-Too, Blackie & Ziva are now with you. Love them for me. I love & miss you Ami :(

Dec 24,2016 It's Christmas Eve & you're not here to play with the tree or the boxes tomorrow. I'll always love you, Ami. I miss you so much :(

Feb 20,2017 It's a new year and spring is almost here. I wish so much that you were too. I love & miss you my big boy :(

Feb26,2020 I'm sorry I've been away so long I love and miss you so much. All these yrs and I still cry like it was yesterday. I love you Ami :(

Aug3,2020 I love and miss you so much :(

Dec29,2020 Christmas has come and gone I I still feel like you left yesterday I love an miss you :(

June4,2021 Summer's here and you are not I love and miss you, Ami :(

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