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Memories of Angel
Angel came to us almost 13 years ago. In the past, many medical situations threatened to take our sweet baby from us. The last came the day she passed in the form of a brain lesion. She had been acting differently, not enjoying her life, so it came time to let our baby go.


In our life you came to be
So tiny and unprotected
With a heart so big as the sea
Your tiny body almost undetected

The runt in your litter from the start
You brought yourself to us
A huge part inside our hearts
You will never, ever, leave us

Mom and Dad

Sweet, baby girl, it has been just over two weeks since you left us...and we miss you terribly...you making your bed everywhere you went, your chasing of cars on leash as they went by and you running after them in your tiny gallop, you being everywhere we are with your eyes gazing intently with love at me and at mom. We miss you, Little Baby Girl, so much...though we know you are so much better off. Tomorrow will be incredibly tough for us because it was when you came to live with us almost 13 years ago. We love you and know you love us and that you are happy there with all your new friends, playing and running to your heart's content.

All our love, Mom and Dad

12.12.20 Little Fur Girl, we miss you intensely some times, but always...the way you would lay your head on the couch, the way your loving eyes would find us and see right into our souls...the way you played with the very same ball for all your sweet life...we miss you always precious Angel.

All our love, Mom and Dad

12.19.20 Our sweet little baby girl, you are so with me today...your head pointing toward me from your safe seat in the back of the car with your eyes beaming all the love you have for me...sounds of you are everywhere on this the first month since your passing away to be happy and healthy beyond the bridge. All my love to you, our sweet little girl.


Our first Christmas without you having your way, wandering through and sniffing everything and woofing your head off at the snowflakes and people walking down the street. We miss you so very much dear, sweet little one...even though we know you are safe and happy. All our love

Mom and Dad

Sweet Baby Girl, you are missed so very much. Your loving heart...your eyes which stared straight into the soul...your ears when they went up to hear everything in life and when they dropped back when you saw someone coming to you...your nose which sniffed out anything and everything...your racing across the driveway in your little gallop...your darling little face the way it continues to look at, and for, us. Sweet little Angel, all our love to you.

Mom and Dad

January 26, 2021

Dearest Angel, We miss you so very much. Your visits bring us comfort and joy, just knowing you are still here and are happy in your newly found life. We know you miss us just as much as we miss you...the way you would run with your little gallop and chase cars(on leash) with your tiny vicious little growl...how you would always be nearby to give us your unconditional love and heart...you made our lives so beautiful. And you continue to do so in your own way. All our love.

Mom and Dad

Hello, Sweetie

Time has passed since you left us. Although just a short time, in seems like forever. Each day you bring different thoughts, memories and reminders to our hearts. Your loving ways as you endeared our lives with your wonderful presence. your huge movements so full of heart and excitement for life, the visits you make to us in the deepest despair of our hearts and your most prevailing smile toward all of life's gift to you. We love you more and more each and every day and miss you always.

All our love, Mom and Dad

Hello Little Boo Bear

Been thinking about you a lot today. Almost like the first day you went away. It's been such a long time. Your heart is still bringing us a lot of comfort and is held safely and securely with us. Your little feet still make noises throughout the house, as your soul constantly lives here. Enjoy the Springtime Little One. Be happy and healthy until we meet again at the end of the rainbow bridge.

All our love, Mom and Dad

Hello Little Sweetheart

On this rainy Spring day with birds flying all around our window, enjoying their food, we know you would love being here, watching and woofing hello to the birds. They would come to the window to see your wonderful face and sweet heart. We know you are well and frisky, and having the time of your life playing with your new friends. We miss you so very much. All our love Mom and Dad

Hello Sweet Little Girl

Another rainy day, though summer is here, is not the same without you chasing raindrops and them chasing you. When you would look with fascination in pools of water at drops of rain as they made bubbles for you to gaze at with awe and delight. Your visits here with us are delightful, as we know you are here and happy where you are. All our love

Mom and Dad

Dearest Sweet Baby Boo

A whole year has passed since you passed...we miss you very, very much. Your hydrangea is all covered up for the winter, while you play and cavort with your friends. We are so very glad that you are all well in your new found life, with no more visits to the doctors and no more meds to take. We love all your visits to us, and know that you are happy. All our love, dearest Little Angel.

Mom and Dad

Hello Sweetie

I have just finished a story about you. I have yet to add some pics of you, but will do so in short order. Mom and I know you are well and happy, even though we miss you like crazy. When you come to visit us it makes us very happy. In the Springtime, chase the wind and snuffle the flowers and be yourself, you wonderful little person, you!

6.17.22 Hello, Sweet Little Baby Girl. This time of year you are missed the most. When you would travel the roads and "speak" to all your friends...snuffling all the new flowers as you went...giving and taking love and life...your bush is growing very well with many flowers coming in remembrance of you to show their, and your, beauty. All the birds are coming to see us, just where you would be able to see them and woof your greeting...one huge turkey makes its way over here to visit, along with all the squirrels and chipmunks. Sweet Little Girl, although we know you are happy where you are, we miss you enormously. Love, Mom and Dad

Our sweet little Angel It has been two years since your passing over the Rainbow Bridge...you are missed today as much as when you left us...You have been in our hearts and memories since day 1...Your beautiful smiling heart came to mean the world to us...Just realizing that today marks the second anniversary of your passing sends goosebumps all over me...You are our very special baby brought again to us in all of your visits...They, and you, mean the world to us...All our love Dad and Mom

12.07.22 Happiest Birthday sweet Little Angel...Play lots of games with all your fur friends...eat lots of cake and ice cream...and have the happiest day possible...we both are thinking about you, constantly...all our love, Mom and Dad

04.04.23 Our ever loving, sweet baby girl///You are missed more now than ever...Your bush which we [lanted for you is doing well...We know myou are healthy and hppy with Zoey and all your friends...I hope this is written correctly...a strokre struck me December 7 and took the visdion in my only good eye...but, I know you are well aware of that becxause of your many visiits to us...be well and happy, dearest loving little girl...Dad

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