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Here in Rainbow Bridge Heaven as you grace peacefully, healthy and happy. You each have access to the lake, hills and meadow. Play happily and be free of any suffering and pain. One day I will meet all of you in the beautiful meadows. Our love and bond can never be broken. I love each of you dearly. To the end of time always and furever 🌈🐶🕊️🕯️🙏🌎😇🌥️Dogmama

Baby Ko 1/31/99-12/3/15
Toby Ko 1/31/2002-8/4/2017
Sheby Ko 1/31/99-12/9/19
Abby Ko 4/4/21-12/13/21
Koby Ko 5/4/11-11/9/22

Toby Tobias Ko's Rainbow Bridge Memorial:

You came out the blue on a rainy night, no lie
I'll tell you how I almost died
While you're bringing me back to life
I just wanna live in this moment forever
'Cause I'm afraid that living couldn't get any better
Started giving up on the word "forever"
Until you gave up heaven so we could be together
You're my angel
Angel baby, angel
You're my angel, baby
Baby, you're my angel
Angel baby

Beloved messages to my beautiful angels:

11/9/23 - Koby, I can't believe it's been 1 year. Your presence and memories have remained within the home and you have instilled upon us with so much laughter and joy. We are sending you all the love, hugs, and treatos. Your favorite movies: benji, hachi, john wick, and chopped. Lots of onigiri and wagyu for you pups. We miss you and love you always. Fulfill your journey in rainbow bridge. May you be healed physically and mentally of all your pain. Our sweet angel dapper gent Koby-Gougou 🥩🍗🎈❤️🌿

10/0/23 - My beautiful angel babies. I am always sending my prayers to you on the daily. My love for you is eternal. You will always have a home whether it's in the paradise of rainbow bridge heaven with the angel paw squad or home with all your other brothers and sisters. Sending love, strength, guidance, and healing ❤️🌿♾️ mind body soul - love dogmama

6/26/23 - My beautiful angel babies. Please go visit pawther and send him your love, strength, pawtection and courage. Love you so much.

5/8/23: 🐺🎂🥩🍗🎈 My angel babies of rainbow bridge. Mommy loves you all so much and each of you are always in my heart. No matter the time and distance just remember that I am giving you love, strength and guidance. Tobias, I now know and I know that you know. You have given me the gift that I had so dearly wanted from you. Thank you for sending your love to your new baby brother. He is everything like you and it's uncanny. So many people love him, adore him, everywhere we go people go crazy because he looks just like a teddy bear lol. He gets so much love. Most of all, he has your personality. I know you are his angel. You will always be my greatest love. I miss you so much and I am always waiting for the day I can see you again. You are here with us always. I am working this year on some big ventures for you, my heart, my love. Phoebe, 11, is going on stronger than ever. I know you are so proud of her. Celebrate her and each of you. I love you all my beautiful angels. Every day I am proud of you always and furever.

1/31/23: 👑🙌💝🥳🍰🎉🎈 Happy Barkday Tobias, Baby and Shelby may each of you receive all the love, kissies, huggies, belly scritchies and treatos your hearts desire. You are one year older and only wiser. Stronger than you were yesterday. Braver than you think you are. Keep being my amazing beautiful doggos. Rainbow bridge is where you will grow and continue on your journey. I am also wishing each of you; Tobias, Baby, Koby, Shelby and Abby a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year🧧🧨🥮🐉🔴. Wishing each of you good health and prosperity. I love each of you to the moon and back. Take care of each other as your strength and bond can never be broken when united. I am so proud of each of you. Tobias, I miss you dearly. Not even the amount of the time that has passed could lessen how much you make me feel. For that I will furever carry your name. Love you to the end of time. My amazing angel babies, I'm sending you and my love eternally.

1/1/23 🥂✨🥳🎉🧡 HAPPY NEW YEARS BABIES!!! A brand-new start of a new year. More growth, knowledge and tenacity to acquire your dreams, sustain your success and overcome any obstacles that you may find challenging. Every year, you only become better than you were last year. Changes are inevitable. However, your will and your heart is what you shall stay true to. Nobody can tell you otherwise. We are one, furever and not even the distance and time can fade our love and bond. May all your dreams and wishes come true my beautiful angel babies. I will always be there to guide you and protect you. I miss each of you so much. Tobias your love is forever imbedded in me. Teddy is your mini me. He shadows your pawsonality and sharp as a tac. I miss you dearly and I know you are watching over us. My love of my life.

12/25/22 🎄🌟❄️☃️🎅 Merry Woofmas beautiful babies! Another year has come and gone. It has been a true journey from last year and this year. My love only continues to prevail giving you strength, guidance and courage. Prosper and grow through your path in Rainbow Bridge. I am so proud of each of you. We will only do even bigger things in 2023 my amazing angels. Mommy has all the support and opportunities to make even bigger things happen. Enjoy the nom noms and take care of each other. Koby, thank you for visiting me. I know you are resilient and shining bright in Rainbow Bridge. I love you all to the moon and back. Tobias the love of my life. I will be seeing each of you.

11/24 - Happy Dogsgiving babies! Enjoy all the nom noms today. Let's celebrate this day with love, appreciation, happiness, and unity 🦃🥧🍁💛

11/13 Happy birthday my beautiful angel babies. It's mama's bday and I hope each of you enjoy all the bday treatos, love, hugs and kisses that your hearts desire. Koby I know you are here watching over us and in honor of you your listings have sold. I'm so proud of you. May the light of rainbow bridge grow brighter for you on your journey. Baby, Tobias, Koby, Shelby and Abby take care of each other, support and love always. Take care of Queeny, pawther's angel baby. We are pawfam. Tobias sweet handsome baby I miss you so much and I am always thinking of you. You are my world. I love each of you to the moon and back. May we celebrate today with love, grace, unity and health. Sending all my love always - dogmama xoxo

11/9/22 Gougou -Koby Ko 6:17pm 👑🐶🌿⚕️🏠🕊️🕯️🌈😇
May you find peace, love, happiness strength, courage and healing in your journey through Rainbow Bridge. We all miss you dearly. You are one of a kind and such a character. Enjoy all the doggo tv shows and Benji the movie. Adore the birds and animals in heaven. Rip up all the tennis balls that your heart desires. Swim and surf in the lakes of Rainbow Bridge. Headbutt those coyotes lol. Koby you will always be a champ and a fighter. May the angels protect you and guide you. I know the angelpawpawsquad will support you and love you furever. Just remember to come home when you want to visit you will always have a home here. I will always admire your tenacity. May you be pain free. May you spread your wings and excel on your path. Thank you for being an amazing doggo you will always be my beloved sweet gentleman. Love you to the moon and back til the end of time.

10/22/22 - my angel beautiful babies, I am so proud of each of you for being gallant and devoted to the pawpawsquad. We may never know what tomorrow brings. However, on your journey you shall seek truth and light. May the heavens of rainbow bridge and its angels guide you, protect you and heal you internally and physically. Tobias, the store has grown and in honor of you we have exchanged many smiles with dog mamas and dog daddys out there. I love you each always to the moon and back. I can't wait to see you again my angel babies especially you Tobias my heart and my joy. 💪💕🐾♾️

8/15/22 - I miss my sweet angels so much. Come home and visit when you can. Tobias my precious angel, I'm missing you and always remember that dream of me holding you in my arms. You are my world and I can't wait til I am with you again. Take care of each other. Have fun and be happy sweet babies. 🏠🐶🐶🐶🐶🚗❤️ home, love and protection.

7/6/22 🌿⚕️🏠🕊️🕯️🌈😇 - Dear furangel babies, happy belated 4th my star spangled pups. Hope you enjoy all the yummies. Mommy is sending you love, strength protection and shelter. I love you to the moon and back. Always and furever my sweet beloved beautiful angels.

6/25/22 - Dear Tobias this message is for you to let you know that mommy received feedback and we have 5 stars. I know you have been protecting us and guiding us through our journey here on earth. Phoebe is working hard promoting and sending orders 💁🏼‍♀️😻. I'm missing you sweet handsome angel. Baby, Shelby, Abby, each of you are a part of the brand and what we stand for. When we see how happy we can make other furbabies and their pawrents that's our happiness too. We know we doing something right here in this world. Contributing to help others. Luv each of you especially you Tobias. You are my world and you already know I would carry your name. Always and furever.🥇🐐👑🙌🏻🏠🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🏠❤️

5/30/22 - 🎉🍔🍖🥗🏘️🚗❤️ Happy Memorial Day babies. I am sending you lots of foods, love and healing. Make sure you eat and enjoy the sun. Exercise and remember to love yourself. My loves; so beautiful, resilient and brave. Let's pawty angels, hugs and kisses dogmama.

5/8/22 - 👑🏠🕊️🕯️🙏💝 Happy dog mama day beautiful angels. Enjoy your day with all the goodies. I adore each of you so much. I'm always thinking about each of you and I reminisce of moments that we shared together. Tobias, you already know that you are my shining star. You deserve so much more than what this life had to offer you. The moments leading up to RB I never could let go. All I can do is send my blessings and prayers to each of you. You are heaven's angels that will rise above throughout your journey. I am so proud of you especially you Tobias. To pawtec, attac, and love big .. mommy's angels.

5/4/22 - 🥳🎉💁🏼‍♀️🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🍰🎈 Happy Borkday to Phoebe, Koby and Ash. Enjoy all the goodies here in rainbow bridge my sweet beautiful angels. Love each of you to the moon and back. Tobias you are my sweet handsome gentleman. You hold a place dearest in my heart and soul. Phoebe is now 10 and going strong. I know you are watching over us. I am sending all of you gifts. May the sun from the heavens shine down upon you and warm your soul. May the angels bless you with your wings and protect you from any uncertainties. May the candlelight guide you through your journey and cast away darkness. All my love always and furever.

4/17/22 - 🐇🥚🐣🌸 Happy Easter hop stuffs! I hope each of you enjoy your Easter Sunday babies. Remember to take care of each other and to always watch out for each other. Eat, play and be happy my precious loves. Mommy will always be here. May the light guide you on your journey and the angels of heaven protect you from unwanted obstacles. I know you are all wise and I am so proud of each of you. Come visit when you can. Tobias you made my day, my love furever.

Happy St Puptrick's Day angel babies. Give me kisses, food and gold, I'M iRiSH! Love you all to the moon and back. Enjoy all the nom nom sweet babies.

3/12/22 - 💐👑🏠🕊️🕯️🙏🐶✨🥳🎉
Dear angel babies, Phoebe entered the largest pet contest. With over 21,000+ contestants Phoebe placed in the top 20 / 4th in Cali! Pawty time!!! Tobias, as I was scrolling through the winners of the pet competition I noticed in the cat division a cat named Toby got 1st and I smiled. I scrolled down to Nov-Dec of last year and noticed a dog named Tobias (Toby) placed 1st. Immediately, I was overwhemled. I have not come across another dog named Tobias (Toby) and those feelings deepened. I miss you soo much. Not a day goes by that I have not thought about your sweet angel face and pawsome presense. Thank you for being everything to me. I miss you beyond the galaxy and surpass the heavens in infinite time. You are my world and I adore you til the end of time. I will always miss you as you hold a place deep within my heart and soul. I know you are in rainbow bridge taking care of the angelpawpawsquad. I miss you all so much. My loves furever and always.

2/22/22 - 🥂✨🎈🎉🥳
OMG babies!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!! Mommy got funded to start her businesses today. We will always be connected through our dreams, bond and our journey. You will always be a part of my successes. We can only achieve greatness. I have each of you especially you Tobias and pawther for this uphill battle, support and guidance. All of you have never let me fail. I have some amazing loves in my life. When you come across people that want to help and see you succeed they will do everything to see it through. Now it's my turn to prevail. Ooo babyyyyy, we gonna do it big. One of the businesses will have your name Toby. You already know 🥇🐐👑🙌🏻 my love my angel forever and always

2/20/22 💐👑🏠❤️💝💖💞💘
Baby, yesterday I had a dream of you. It was the first time I've seen you since your passing. You look so golden and in your prime. Beautiful and resilient. You were always quite the clever and sassy one yet more human-like than the rest. It was amazing seeing you again beautiful angel. Keep being your pawsome self and enjoy your journey through rainbow bridge with the angel paw paw squad. Happy belated pawlentines day to my sweetest most beautiful angels; Tobias, Baby, Shelby and Abby. May the angels of heaven give you your wings to protect you, guide you and heal you through your path in rainbow bridge. My love will always be here. You are always welcome home. Love you to the moon and back, always til the end of time.

2/8/22 💁🏼‍♀️🐶👑🌈💝
Tobias, you made the start of this year priceless. Seeing you again was the best feeling I have felt in a long time. You look resilient, handsome and adorable. No words can quite express your energy. You are a vibe. As you spun around on the couch had me filled with such tremendous amount of joy. My sweet baby angel. Healthy, happy, content and full of life. I have been waiting for you and you did not disappoint. My mind is at peace again. Thank you baby. I know you and I are connected in this lifetime. You are my heart and world. I will be seeing you again. Take care of the pawpawsquad. Love you always. I'm missing you so much. My world, my life. dogmama💋💋💋😘🤗 thanks for sending me to heaven baby 🌈🐶🕊️🕯️🙏

1/31/22 🥳🎉💁🏼‍♀️🐶🐶🐶🐶🍰🎈🔥❤🌈🙏🌎😇
HAPPY BARKDAY TOBIAS, BABY AND SHELBY!!! May your day be filled with all of your wishes and dreams that you desire. Love each other, embrace your journey in rainbow bridge, sniff and roll on the greenest grass, play til your hearts are content. Most of all mommy left a pull rope for all of you to keep our bond connected furever. Never let go as mommy has never swayed. My love only transcends more each and every time. Shine bright like the diamond that you each are. Unique and special. Abby, you are a part of the paw squad have some barkday cake and celebrate too. Tobias, I know you will come visit again when the time is right. Just know that no matter the distance, I will always be there waiting til the end of time for you. I miss you so much. All the time in this world could never fade the memories we have created and your presence once next to me. Your happiness means everything to me. Keep your wings strong, bold and beautiful my angels. Have an amazing barkday. Rainbow bridge let's celebrate the kiddos barkday pawty 🌈🎂🥩🎈🎁. - luv dogmama

1/14/22 🥂✨🥳🎉🧡💁🏼‍♀️🐶🐶🐶🐶👑
Happy New Year to my beautiful angels. I hope you all have an amazing prosperous year. May all your wishes come true angel paw paw squad. I hope that each of you continue on your journey as courageous as you have been the last year and the years before. Always keep the strength, love and purity in your hearts. Don't let any bad change you or how you may feel. When the darkness falls it will eventually get overshadowed by light. Your inner fortitude shall persevere. Never stop believing in yourself the way I believe in each of you. The love, resilience and purity will send you above and beyond. The sky is the limit. The heavens see angels in each of you. You are my world and my loves. Tobias, I been really struggling with the passing of time. Some say the longer the time the lesser the heartache. On the contrary, it just isn't true in this case. The longer the time the greater the heartache. I miss your presence, your adorableness, your dgaf tenacity dogittude. Thanks for being your wholesome self. Kiddos, you can only achieve what you desire when you never give up. Focus on your will-power, self-discipline, staying power. I'm sending all my love to each of you with all the huggies, treatos and kisses. You are always adored. My loves. I missing you all. -dogmama

12/26/21 🎄🎁🎅⛄❄️
Happy Pawlidays and Merry Woofmas to my sweet angels. May the season bring you many blessings, love, comfort, healing and strength. I am always here by your side and if you need me just come home babies. Take care of each other and enjoy all the treatos and presents. You deserve everything and much more. Tobias, I talk about you all the time and you are always in my heart. Our love and bond is one. I miss you so much Tobias. Never let go babies, you are my angels. Love you so much til the end of time. xoxo Dogmama<3

12/16/21 ☮️🌿❓🌸💗🐶🌈😇
Dear Abby,

Not a day goes by that I haven't thought about you. When I walk into the patio I am reminded of you. The day after your passing it rained. A rain storm came and it was as cold as it has ever been. I feel content with sending you to Rainbow Bridge. I had always tried to push for sooner. Your situation was complexed. Often times I ponder if you were so scared and lonely of being in so much pain. Not even the meds could balance out your illness. I am sorry for how much you had to endure. My prayers for you always. I wish nothing but happiness, peace, love and all the strength through your journey in Rainbow Bridge with the angelpawpawsquad. In life, sometimes, there are some that go through the greatest sacrifices. Your suffering did not go unnoticed. I've heard the angels on earth are the ones that suffer and hurt the most. You were one of them. Your story is one that I will always remember Abby and I am so proud of you for being so brave for your time here on earth. May the angels of heaven give you the life you truly deserve in Rainbow Bridge. May the light shine down on you, heal you and guide you. My love and support is always with you.

12/13/21 🐶🌈😇❤️🌸
We welcome Abby Ko to rainbow bridge heaven. Abby, you will have your eyesight, full of fur, walking pain free and happy. Take your wings now. Protect each other. Love each other. You will always be a member of the angelpawpawsquad. There is a pull rope for you. Don't ever let go. You are connected to all of us. Abby, you are very unique. Not all stories shine bright yet you persevered. Don't ever stop believing in yourself. I will always believe in you. Your courage and bravery throughout your battle with illness never seized to amaze me. Your pain was the hardest to endure yet you prevailed. My love and support for you is always here. You are so sweet and special. You deserve all the stars and all the wishes granted in this universe for your struggles. Take care my angel baby. You will always be an amazing doggo that I've had the privilege to meet. Seeing the world through your eyes only solidifies how much more you deserved in this lifetime. My love for all of you. Each of you have your own special personalities, resilience and beautiful hearts. I send my love, strength, prayers and guidance. May you all run happy in rainbow bridge. You are my loves in this lifetime. Tobias, I'm missing you so much. Love always and furever - dogmama

11/26 - Happy Thanksgiving to my babies. Hope you enjoyed the food and that you ate til your heart was content. You are my biggest blessings. I am so thankful for each of you especially you Tobias. You gave me life. You mean more to me than you could ever imagine. I was thinking about you a lot last night. You are my world and I will always cherish you til the end of time. Don't ever let go. We will make it. Through thick and thin. My angels shine bright and beautiful and healthy with love and purity. Love Dogmama.

🌿⚕️ May the light and warmth guide you Tobias, healing love and power. May each of you prosper in health, happiness and love 😇❤️

11/13 🎉🥳🍰🎈🙋🐶🐶🐶🌈🙏🌎😇🌸🎀💗
It's Dogmama's bday. Let's celebrate my sweet angels. There is food and cake. Enjoy the meadows and lake. Mommy is missing each of you dearly. Tobias I had a dream of you and I hope you are ok. You can always come home and know that I will protect you and take care of you always. Come home anytime babies. Home is always welcome to all of you. I'm sending all my love hugs kisses and plenty of treatos. I send my love blessings prayers and complete healing to each of you. May each of you live in rainbow bridge healthy happy peaceful and full of life and joy. The angels are there to protect you and guide you. You are my angels. Forever and always. Our bond is forever and our love is infinite. You are my heart. Tobias my pride and joy. Thank you babies for everything. I am so proud of each of you. Stay amazing, graceful and resilient. My love always, now and forever, until the end of time. Ily Tobias, Baby and Shelby xoxo.

10/30 - Happy Howloween babies. Make sure you get a lot of treatos no tricks from mama. Have fun, play and take care of each other for me. I'm missing all of you so much. Tobias 10/21 I had a dream you came to visit me. You were sitting there so adorable in your sweater right next to me. I woke up and teared so much. Always come to visit mommy. You are all welcome home anytime you want to visit. My sweet angels, you each have your wings and I know you are at peace. I love you to the end of time Tobias, Baby and Shelby.

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