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Memories of Annie
Annie loved her sisters, Hershey and Rosie. They were her special friends. Hershey came home first to be a sister, friend, and playmate. Rosie arrived 6 years later and learned most of Annie's ways. It was wonderful of Annie to teach Rosie how to be a big protector of the family.

Annie and Hershey played together in the big yard in Broken Arrow, OK, when they were young dogs. Oh, my, they were the good days when everyone was so young and healthy. When they were resting, they sat atop the little hill in the backyard. Annie had to be on the very top, since she was Hershey's big sister. They loved each other dearly and had to go everywhere together. Annie's passing has left Hershey very quiet and wondering where her Annie is.

Randy was one of Annie's first friends. He was a neighbor who liked to give Annie snacks over the backyard fence. Annie would run to greet Randy whenever he was in his yard. Other people who visited our home, such as Wesley and Donnie became Annie's great friends. Annie also loved Trudy, Clinton, Megan, Mitchell, and Morgan, her cousins.

But, Annie's best friend, besides her Mommy and Daddy was Grandma Houpt. They spent many days and evenings together in Grandma's room just relaxing. Sometimes, Grandma gave Annie animal crackers and wonderful backrubs. When the thunder rolled outside, and the fireworks made loud noises, Annie could be found in Grandma's room being protected.

Annie was found at the Tulsa Humane Society when she was just 7 weeks and 7lbs. Mommy went to find a "protector dog", and there was Annie, the last dog left in the cage from a large liter of 8. She was part Lab (the friendly, beautiful part), part Rottweiler (the chest and fierce part), and part Weimaraner (the ears and back legs part). This combination did not always make Annie the best athlete in the world, but the best companion and friend in the world. She came home and adapted to life inside the house quickly.

Annie was timid outside at first, and had to have Mommy or Daddy with her all of the time. After Hershey came to live with us, Annie became the "big dog" and wasn't afraid of very much.

Annie could talk - yes, for real. She said "hello" very clearly when we came home or walked into a room. She made other sounds to let us know what she was thinking. She was a very smart dog.

She and Hershey liked to have Daddy take them for "walks" to go peepee and poopoo, especially in the middle of the night. They sure knew how to "work" him. This was really time that Daddy loved, though. It was their special alone time. Daddy would give anything to be able to get up one more time in the middle of the night to "walk" Annie.

Annie and Hershey moved to Phoenix, AZ, when they were 3 years old and had Dr. Lisa as their vet doctor. She loved Annie, Hershey, and Rosie, who joined the family 3 years later, very much. Dr. Lisa was with Daddy and Annie when Annie went to Heaven to be with Jesus. Annie had already said her goodbyes to Mommy before Mommy left for a business trip to Oklahoma. Mommy also had the chance to speak with Annie over the phone at Dr. Lisa's office before she left us. Annie had been sick and couldn't be healed this time. Annie has promised to be at Rainbow Bridge when it is our turn to arrive in Heaven. Hershey and Rosie and Grandma, Daddy, and Mommy look forward to seeing and living with Annie forever.

Grandpa Houpt, Wesley, Donnie, Arvilla, and other friends greeted Annie in Heaven and are showing her around. God and Jesus have welcomed her and given her new bones to chew. Annie LOVED her bones.

We will speak of you and think of you everyday, Annie. Remember us and know that we will see you again. We will play and run and hug and laugh. You will always be our baby, our best girl, and our greatest friend. Until we see you again, have fun and know that we will always love you.

Mommy and Daddy

Hi Annie,

Yesterday, it was a month since you went over to Rainbow Bridge. All of us miss you so very much. Sometimes Daddy has tears in his eyes when we talk about you. Grandma talks about you often, and always calls Hershey "Annie". She misses you so much. We are glad that you are well and happy though. But, I miss you more than you can imagine.

Dr Lisa suggested we get a rescue dog to help us fill the void. So, we adopted Jenny about a week after you were gone. She is a 5 year old black lab that had been in an abusive home. She needs much love, and we are giving it to her. Rosie and Hershey like her, but they still look for you. The funny thing, Jenny immediately sat at the pool in your old spot. She looks a little like you, which helps. She is also a watchdog, like you.

You will always be our special baby. We love you.


Hi Annie,

Miss you sweetie. It is a little over 2 months since you were with us, and it seems like years. I can still smell your clean, soft, shiney coat. Jenny is doing real well, and she and Rosie hang out and play together. Hershey ignores both of them. Hershey was always your special friend, and she still looks for you. Guess she always will.

Please know that we love you and will take you with us to Penna. when we go in July. You will have a special place with us there.

Talk to you later.


Hi Baby,

Well, we moved to Penna August 7, 2007. Rosie rode with Daddy in the big Uhaul truck, and Hershey and Jenny rode with me in the SUV. We gave your beautiful Chevy van to the people who bought our house, and the Toyota went to Leslie. You rode in the SUV with us. And now you are on the hearth in the keeping room near the kitchen table.

You would love the new house in Harrisburg. It is very large, 6000 sq ft, and beautiful. There are deer and wild turkeys, and other animals. Hershey, Jenny, and Rosie are happy and healthy.

Daddy and I talk about you everyday and have your picture near our desks in the office. We miss you sweet baby, but, we know you are happy and healthy now. Take care and think of us, too.



Hi Baby,

Today it is a year since you went to Rainbow Bridge. We miss you as much and more than we did that day. Today is also Hershey's 12th birthday. She has slowed a lot, but, she still manages on her own, and loves her walks with Daddy. She still misses you. Take care my sweet Annie. I love you.


Hi Annie Baby,

Daddy, Grandma, and I are still living in Harrisburg, PA. Yes, it is much colder here in the winter. Today, 12/8/08, it is 22'. Wow! We have another dog. Raven. She is 2 and fiesty, and also a black lab. She could use some love and guidance from you, my sweetheart, but, she is learning. Her mommy and daddy were Aunt Natalie and Uncle Warren. When they died last April, she came to live with us. Unfortunately, Uncle Warren was troubled, and he shot and killed Aunt Natalie and then shot and killed himself. It was horrible, because Natalie was my sister, and Raven was there to experience it. It has been a tough year. Now we miss you and Natalie too. We are giving Raven a lot of love. She will be okay. Rosie likes to play with her. Jenny doesn't really care, and Hershey doesn't like her. Oh, my.

Toni and her family will be here for Christmas from Oklahoma. You are missed, my precious baby. You will always be my love.


November 2, 2009

Hi My Precious Baby Girl,

By now, you are playing with your sister Hershey. Yes, she went to Rainbows Bridge on October 14, 2009. She had become so frail, and walking was very difficult, as her back legs were stiff and sore. Daddy took her to Noah's Vet, and said his goodbyes. It was very hard to do, and we love her and miss her. But, we know she is with you again, running and playing and waiting for mom and dad to join you. We will see both of you again. I love you Baby.


February 13, 2011
Almost 4 years since you left us.

Hi My Precious Annie,

Even after 4 years, you are missed so much. I look longingly at your picture and wish I could pet you and talk to you again. Say hi to Hershey for me. We miss her too. I know you two are happy together. Take care of each other. Raven is ok now. She has adjusted real well to living with us. We will have her 3 years in April. So, Rosie, Jenny, and Raven are buds, and we love them.

Annie, we are still in Penna, but in a new town and a new house. We moved June 1, 2010 to Elverson, PA, a little Amish-Mennonite area in the Lancaster and Chester counties area. We wanted to leave Harrisburg - just too hectic. The new house has 4 acres enclosed just for the dogs to enjoy. It is beautiful, and you and Hershey would love it. We talk about you to them, so that they remember you.

Take care, my baby. You are so special, and I will always love you.

February 27, 2012
5 years to the day since we adopted Jenny

Annie, my love, tonight we lost Jenny. She died in her sleep. Jenny was very special, since she took your place at my side constantly. I am hurting right now & miss her very much. Play with Jenny and get to know her. Thanks.


July 16, 2012

Hi My Precious Baby,

I miss you still, so very much. And, I hardly know where to begin. About the time Jenny went to Rainbow Bridge, Grandma Houpt (great-grandmother as Mitchell and Morgan say) began a decline in health. She was in the hospital or here at home with Hospice care for 11 weeks, and went to Heaven Tuesday at 10:20am, May 15, 2012. She was ready, but she is greatly missed. By now, you are with her and everyone there is settled and happy. Daddy and I will see you again baby. Please take care of everyone, just they way you did in Oklahoma and Phoenix.

We have a new dog - Jersey. We got her just a few days after we buried Jenny. She is stil a pup, in many ways. She will be 2 Sept 2. Jersey is a black, German Short-haired Pointer, although, she was supposed to be a black lab puppy. But, when we saw her, we wanted her anyway. Rosie and Raven still wonder why a dog has that much energy, but, they love her.

Daddy and I love living in our Elverson house. We just wish you were here. Take care baby.



December 19. 2012

Annie my love, a little update. We do not have Jersey. The former owners missed her so much that they asked for her back. So, on Sept 23, Daddy's birthday, she left us. We are not going to add more pets. We are content with Rosie and Raven, but miss all of the other doggies, especially you. Have a very Merry Christmas and kiss Hershey and Jenny for us.


Hi Precious Annie Girl, Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. We still enjoy your sisters, Rosie and Raven, but, you are missed and so is Hershey and Jenny. We are well and still love Penna, even though we are having so much cold weather and snow. Since you liked snow, you would like this winter. Take care baby. We will see you again. Love, Mommy

November 10. 2014

Hi Baby Girls Annie and Hershey and Jenny, as you know, Raven has joined you at Rainbow Bridge. She left here Sunday morning, Nov 9, 2014. She was only 8 1/2, but she had fluid on her heart and severe heart problems. One day she was running and playing, and the next day, she could not walk or breathe very well. So, Daddy took her to a vet in Malvern. We buried her in the side yard near Jenny. But, I know both of them are with you and Hershey. Now, we have only Rosie. She is 12 and healthy, but, misses all of you. She has never been alone before. She looks for you. I love each one of you so much. Jesus is coming soon, so we will be together again.

Love Mommy - Daddy says love to you too.

January 1, 2016

Hi Annie, Hershey, Jenny, & Raven, and now Rosie. By now, you are playing with Rosie who joined you December 31, 2015 at 12:42am. She was cuddled in Daddy's arms when she took her last breath here and ran over to be with all of you. Rosie was barking at strangers shooting rifles in the back field one day while Daddy and I were at church. She barked so long she had a stoke and damaged her salivary glands. She never completely recovered, even though Daddy gave her good medicine. We loved her and loved her, and now, we hurt and miss her so very much. I know all of you are happy and are playing with Grandma, Grandpa, and Natalie - such fun it must be. We will join you one day, and spend Eternity together playing and running and loving you. God Bless you, my babies.

January 19, 2021

Hi to each one of our special babies - Annie, Hershey, Rosie, Jenny, and Raven - we miss you an love you very much. We are living in Rogers, Arkansas so that Daddy can get the healthcare he requires. We are both healthy, and like it here, but, we miss Paul & Anna and Elverson. Enjoy your life with Grandma and everyone until we arrive.

February 24, 2023

Girls, Daddy passed to Heaven on July 7, 2022 in the early morning. He had brain cancer. By now, I am sure you know all of this, because you met him at the Gates of Heaven and are enjoying his company everyday. I miss him so much that it hurts. I give my sorrow to God, and He sustains me and brings me joy. Please keep everyone together there in Heaven - grandma and grandpa, Natalie, and especially Daddy. I love each of you so much. I will stay in Arkansas until Jesus calls me Home to be with all of you.



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