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Memories of April
Oh my April my heart is shattered. My sweet baby. I am so lost without you- I can't wrap my head around you not being with me. You were my angel from God. You saved me-II can't look in the room where you laid and finally passed.
"You came into our life- a huge bundle of love
I knew at that moment- you were sent from above.
Your nubby wag and infectious grin
Built our spirits up when we wanted to give in.
A gentle soul for all to see-
Just giving love and company.
You left your heart for us to take
But little did we know ours would break
Your absence left a void no one can fill
I love you and miss you still.
You were my girl and will always be
So I hope you will wait at the bridge for me.

I can-t believe a week has gone by and I can't see that regal face or hear your funny growl. I miss you scratching at the door or howling for me to come down and sit with you. I just miss you. How will I ever live without your companionship? I will love you forever. You have left paw prints on my heart.


How is it that time goes by and yet my heart still searches for you everyday? My sweet girl how I love you and miss you. No one knows how my heart breaks everyday without you. Mommy is always here ❤️
Hi sweet April. I can't believe it's been a year and you haven't been in my life. I miss that big face of yours how you would growl and shake your head the way you talk to us and make O face. I miss you scratching at the door I miss everything about you I can't believe the years gone bye please say hello to Sophie hobo and even sweet Jenny

Two years since you left me with my big beautiful baby. I always feel so bad I know how much you were suffering I hope I didn't hold on to long to you. I just had so much trouble letting you go. You are my body my big sweet girl. Say hello to Sophie hobo and JenNy for me.

How is my April May June July you'll always be the apple of my eye. I miss you big sweet girl I miss him so much. Tried so hard to save you I'm sorry that your last day few days you're so horrible. I just couldn't let you go but in the end I had to make that decision. I cannot cannot stop thinking of you I will never forget you. Please I hope you're running with Sophie boy Hobo. I know you never met Lisa but I'm sure you two would've liked each other - please take care of my sweet Lisa she passed last December and your cousin Jen is with you and she loved laying with you so much I hope you all are just laying together happy. I love you all so much. I'm always thinking of you sweetie April. I love you forever and hopefully will see you again.

Oh my beautiful April I cannot believe it's four years since you left me. I feel so guilty you suffered so much sweet girl that last week. I just couldn't let you go I just waited for hoping you stayed on so briefly let me take you to the vet and the oncologist to see if they could save my big girl. Hey sweet girl I think about you. You're up there now with Sophie how about Lisa and your cousin JenNy. I will miss you forever I will never Forget you. April May June July you're always gonna be the apple of my eye. I love you mom

9-14-23 Big Apes how I miss you. 5 years it doesn't seem possible . I miss you everyday. Your goofy smile and how you would Rottie rumble and how you would steal all the stuffies and lay on top of them. I try not to to think about the last few weeks you were alive fighting to stay with us but so sick. I will always feel guilty about waiting but I couldn't let you go. I will never forget you April May June July you will always be the apple of my eye.

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