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Memories of Archie
When we went to choose a new family member, your dad knew which one would be ours from the second he set eyes on you. You were so small and needed love. When you finally learned how to play tug of war with Betty and Veronica, you made us smile because you were adjusting to your new life. I will remember how you would growl at shadows in the house. Such a sweet baby growl it was. We will always remember how you loved falling asleep on our chest. We made you feel safe and loved while you were sick and didn't know it. You and the girls are what we looked forward to waking up every morning with and coming home to from work.
I remember how you pranced when trying to run and how you discover sand was so much fun to play in like Betty and Veronica do. It would tire you out from all the digging you did, but your sand pile was no more than a handful's worth. I remember how you would put my finger or shirt in your mouth right before you fell asleep as a pacifier. You are such an adorable baby and we will visit you everyday until we meet again.
Love you baby Archie!
Daddy, Mommy, and Sebastian
3/31/14 - It's only been 30 hours since you passed away and I can honestly say today is not better than yesterday. The nights are the hardest. I spend most of my time in the garage because of how lonely the house feels without you. I hug myself all day and cry because I wish to hold you so badly. I live with a "what if I should have given him a couple more days to improve." That "what if" hurts me so much. I keep hoping this is a bad dream I will wake up from, but it isn't. I hope you are happy and not sad. Please send me a sign you are watching over us and you are happy. Goodnight little one and I love you, mommy.
4/1/14 - it's been 56 long hours since you left us. Still not any easier. We have entered the anger stage, but that doesn't bring you back. I see more happy times today like your tiny tail wagging like crazy when daddy came through the door. You loved him so much. You enjoyed hanging out with mommy, but got so happy to see daddy. I remember how excited you got when we had visitors. You were so friendly unlike your sisters who are afraid of the wind. I did dream of you again last night. I don't remember the dream, but I do know I was happy. I hope you are making friends and they are taking care of you, my sweet baby boy. Love you always and I will visit you again in the morning. Sweet dreams.
4/1/14 - It's been an eternity since I held you. I don't think this will ever change. I love you sweet boy, I miss you more and more every day. I hope you are meeting new friends. It's hard to imagine you not, I don't think you ever met a stranger. I made it through the day with you and I love you for it. May you sleep well tonight and please visit me in my dreams. I miss you baby boy.
4/2/14 - No longer counting hours, just days. It's now day three and the pain is still there, but daddy and I talked about some happy times with you today. It's a step forward, but you are still very much missed. The cards and emails are hard to read, but daddy is reading them to you everyday. I had another dream of you last night. I know you are taking care of me when I sleep, because my dreams are happy and peaceful with you in them. I just wished I could hold you again. When I wake from them, I always reach for your blanket to smell it. I hope your smell never fades. Lovce you and I am coming to say sweet dreams to you in a few minutes. Please visit me again in my dreams and I hope you can feel our love when you sleep.
4/3/14 - it's already been to long little son. I know you are happy and free of all problems, but I definitely wish you were to here to hold and love on. They say this grief will get easier,but I can't be to sure right now. Our evenings just aren't the same with out you bouncing the house to get a treat. I miss sleeping with you next to me. That is truly one of the harder things to do now. I hope you come see me in my dreams little baby. I love and miss you so much it hurts. I would give anything to have you back with us. I know mommy has had a hard time as well. I see the look in her face when she talks about the girls. They miss you too. Veronica has started to sleep by your blankey at night. She more than Betty seems to be very lonely now a days. This to will pass I hope, I think. The next time you get a break from playing can you let us know you are ok? It rained today and the only thing I could think "Was baby crying for us?" I hope not. I feel you should be having fun with all your new fur angels. Daddy, Mommy,and Sebastian love you and miss you. Good night for now my little son, I love you.
4/6/14 Good morning baby boy. Today is your day, your special day. Today is your 1 week free of pain day. We miss you dearly, and I hope you are playing with your new friends, and having a great time. It,s raining again, and I wonder if its from you to us. I stayed up late last night to remember our last night together. It helped a little, and sleeping with your blankey and toy probably didn't hurt. We are still looking for you in the shadows every time something moves I hold my breath and wish. I know you are happy where you are,but I could really use some of those kisses now. It feels like forever since you left. I now understand how you felt every time we went to work and you had to stay with the girls. It's funny I think Betty is trying to help by cuddeling with me where you used to sit. It just not the same without you. I love our little girls and I know they miss you too. We love you handsome and we want you to have a wonderful day.
Love Daddy, Mommy, and Sebastian.
4/6/14 hi Archie, it's mommy. It's been raining all day making this day really hard since you have been gone for a week now. I hope it's not because you're lonely. I miss you so much. I still can't believe you're gone and just when I think I'm all cried out, the tears just keep coming. This weekend was so hard, but I knew it would be. The weekends will never be the same again since you got sick on a Saturday and passed on the next day. I know I have to be strong and move past this, but I'm not ready. I hope you understand and I hope you know you're very loved and missed. Keep warm sweetheart. See you in the morning.

4/7/14 goodnight baby boy. daddy loves and misses you, and will never forget you. We had our second candle light tonight with you. I truly hope your there waiting for us. I hope you are having fun with the rest of the fur ange's. Before too long we will be together, but for now just know our love and joy are with you always. Please come see me tonight in my dreams I so miss you.
4/22/14 Hi Archie, it's mommy. I know I haven't written on here in two weeks, but I do go visit you everyday. I have been so sad lately and I think I need to go talk to someone about this. I cried the second I pulled up your page. I told daddy that lalely I can only remember what you looked like when you were sick not the times when you were healthy, which is why I am here now. I still mcannot bring myself to watch the videos of you because I am trying to move on. The problem is, I can't. We went and got another puppy and named him Stuart with the hopes of filling this void you left us with. It only made things worse. I can call him you by accident at least once a day. He's not you and doesn't come close to you, but I knew that going in. It's just not the same. I still love him and take caree of him, but I want you and only you. I miss you so much. I had a dream of you a couple of weeks ago of you and you were so happy. I cried the next morning because I knew that would be the last time I would see you in my dreams and I was right. I try to be strong for the others but when I'm alone I am so sad. Why did you have to leave? Why? Please come visit me in my dreams tonight. I love you.

05/05 Hello baby, I hope you are having fun and everything is good for you. Daddy misses you and I wish I could hold, hug, and love on you. I dream that some day you and I will be back together. All is good here, except missing you. Sebastian is looking forward to summer vacation, and staying home all day. He still misses you too. I know mommy does too when she looks at your resting spot every night. I thought about putting an igloo over it so you'll stay shaded while the tree grows over you. Silly huh? Oh we'll I can be that way sometimes. The nights are getting easier, but I still sometimes hope you will come see me. For now I just hope and pray you are having a good time with all of your fur friends. I LOVE and MISS you baby Archie..

3/31/15 - Hi Archie, yesterday was the one year anniversary of your passing. I didn't do anything different because I think of you every day. Still have many what if's and I know there isn't anything I can do now, but it still hurts. I find comfort in your brother just knowing a part of you is in him. He reminds me so much you. He has your personality and looks like you. At least we know what you would have looked like. No dog can replace you and cannot wait till we meet again. I hope you are well and happy where you are. Love you very much, mommy.

3/30/16 - Hi baby Archie. Today is the two year anniversary of your death and I am sitting here crying my eyes out. I didn't think it would be this hard, but I was wrong. We still miss you soooo much. Still wonder if we made the right decision and it still eats me up inside. I rememmber everything about you such as your tiny eyes and ears, how you sleept on you banket with your stuffed animal, and how you used my fingers as a pacifier. The strangest thing happened a couple of weeks ago...your brother Arrow used my fingers as a pacifier. I instantly thought of you and wondered if it was a sign. I love you so much! love, mommy

3/30/17 - Hi my sweet Archie. You've been gone for three years now and the pain is still there. I miss you so much and I think of you often. I still don't understand why you had to leave us because we loved you so much. I would do anything to go back into time and change everything. I know you were sick and happy we got to spend your short life with you and showed you love. Thank you for picking us. Love you always!

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