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Memories of Arva
You went from a wild woman Houdini to Momma's little girl to Daddy's shadow and most faithful mourner, never leaving his bedside until he left us. You seldom played with your frogs, but you kept them close at nap time, often snoozing with your chin or paw gently resting on a fuzzy green leg or yellow felt belly. You moved through the Puppy Park with quiet dignity, never stopping to see who was yapping or prancing or fooling around - you took care of your business and moved on without so much as a "Yip" for those others. You walked on every black tile that made up the entire perimeter of the Regency House lobby as though you would be struck by lightening should you venture onto the travertine floor - oh, what a chuckle the other residents used to get watching you follow your "granite path" around pillars and into doorways until you reached your beloved Social Room where you could plop down in front of the couch and watch TV like you used to do with your Daddy. Little by little your head would droop until finally your little black nose would touch the carpet and I could hear that little snore that said it was OK to turn off Paw Patrol and put on something a little more to my liking. And then it was time for nite-nite, one more visit to the Puppy Park and upstairs we would go, where you got to be a polite puppy and "knock" on the door, go in to get your harness off, your back scratched, your belly rubbed and you settled down on Daddy's pillow for the night.

And then the falling over with the little legs moving like you were still running. Just once. Then a few weeks later again, and then only days later again. We went to see our wonderful vet and she said that horrible word - seizures - but there was medicine! You could get better! I held you and cuddled you - you hated the medicine, but I made you take it because you HAD to get well for me. I didn't/wouldn't/couldn't lose you! I rewarded you by giving you a hard boiled egg. Then one day I had no hard boiled eggs, so I tried a scrambled one and you gobbled it down so fast and came over to me and whispered/whimpered that you wanted another. A new treat for my Arva!! You had more seizures and we gave you more medicine, and I kept on scrambling one egg after another, but the Neurologist said it was no use. In two months you were having 6-7 seizures a day, had no control over where you did your peepees and poopers, and the cause of such a rapid progression was a tumor that medicine and scrambled eggs just couldn't fix. You loved your scrambled eggs so much. But not as much as I loved you! So I let you go to the Rainbow Bridge where you could play without falling down, and someday I'll come and get you and Daddy and I will rub your belly again like we did when you were a baby.💖

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