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Memories of Ash
From the beginning you were such a chilled cat. From the shelter Shawn took you home to a house with many people and, more importantly, 3 other cats-Sadie, Jaboa, and Betty. You loved them and cuddled with them whenever you could. Shawn spoiled you, sitting beside you and petting you while you ate.
When Shawn went back to college, you came to live with me and my menagerie-dog, Taz, and cat-Tigger. We were soon joined by cats Sonni and Shaina. Tigger, at 16, left us shortly after and you were agin surrounded by girls. You and Shaina became inseparable and, grooming each other and always sleeping curled up together. Unfortunately, Shaina died way too young (6 years old) from a stomach tumor.
We both mourned her for a very long time and you began sleeping with me every night on my pillow. Your very loud but comforting purr lulled me to sleep at night. You liked to sit on my lap at the table and curled next to me on the sofa when I watched TV. You loved to go outside but I never worried because you would come when I called. You would look me straight in the eyes and "talk" to me, and the look in your face told me you had every confidence I understood exacty what you said. Finally I started answering you, in English of course, and I think we actually had a dialog going.
You were so smart, never scratching anything but your scratching pads and never peeing or pooping outside the litter box. You LOVED catnip and would roll in it and then look like you were high after. You loved a sunny spot for sleeping and you would "follow" the sunny spot around the room. Whenever I made chicken soup, you haunted the kitchen when it was done, knowing you would get some chicken. You always kept watch whenever you sensed tension between humans and/or animals, always ready to interfere if you thought someone would get hurt. You were and always will be part of my heart and soul and my only consolation is that I know you are happily curled up with your Shaina and that the other animals, Tigger, Taz, Sonni, Sigi and Kirby (maybe even Lightening, the snake) are also with you. And that Bubbie, PopPop and the other human members of our family are also with you. I love you little Ash, please visit me in my dreams and bring the rest of the menagerie with you.

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