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Memories of Aura
May 2010
For years I wished on the moon for you, my little kitten with bright green eyes; you were my dream come true. An unexpected gift given to me from some friends who realized just how special you are turned into a lifetime of our love and joy together. Every day you would greet me at the door and before supper you would tell me about your day. Then you ran your circuit around the house: litter, post, couch, and out the door and back all over again. My little meiu, when you were younger, during the times I studied at the table you came and sat right down in the middle of all my books to become the center of attention. I always tried to work around you, enjoying your company even when I was focused on my work. Some times when in serious concentration you would get all scratchy and bitey with me, and I would be reminded of the importance of play. Gladly I would pick up one of your many toys and we had the best time ever as you chased me and the toy around. When you were older and I was working at my desk you would jump up and sit off to the side purring away to let me know you were there, and wait for me to pet you and kiss your beautiful face. Then as night set in, unless it was a full moon, my kitty-pie, you would cozy up to me wherever I was, and sing your purring song. If it was a full moon, you called to go out until I let you, then I would go out with you and together we enjoyed the serenity of the beautiful night. You taught me the magic found in the beauty of nature. At bedtime I would rouse you just enough that you would let me pick you up and bring you to my bed where you would begin kneading your paws in the purple wool blanket my savta made me. It was then that you taught me that although I wanted to pet your beautiful fur as we were there purring away on the blanket, you needed some space to enjoy yourself, and so I learned to restrain myself from treating you as an object, realizing your individuality and need for self determination. So I curled up near you, careful to not bump you and I would fall asleep almost every night listening to your wonderfully rich song as you cozied up to me. In the morning when the first birds woke, you would be sitting there purring away again, batting your little paw at my face or scratching something to wake me up so we would have time together before I went off to work. In the warmer weather we spent time in the garden together soaking up the sun, and smelling the plants growing around us. I always wanted for you to have the freedom to come and go as you chose whenever possible, you are a free spirit and I was just honored to know you. I would let open the sliding door for you to run out and you would disappear under the fence, returning an hour or so later, bounding in full of joy and pizazz, and I would say, "Hi Baby, there you are!" Although there was many a time that you disappeared mysteriously for hours, to the point that I would be worried about you and calling your name over and over around the block, "Aura, Aura..." only to come back to the house and you would be sitting there in the garden all innocently sweet. Then I would ask you "where have you been?" and say, "I have been worried sick about you," and you would just purr away. Sometimes I would return home so tired and take a nap on the couch, and you always watched over me, often curling up next to me or at my head. I loved the feeling of your love and energy as you curled up to me, I loved how you so patiently waited for me to wake up. When I opened my eyes they would meet yours and find you beaming your sweet kitten love down on me. Each day was special and every day I held you tenderly, and kissed you telling you how much I love you, and feeling appreciation for the blessing that you are. I miss you dearly my sweet Aura kitten. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in this life, an answer to my prayers. Dear Aura, please know that you will always have a home with me, and forever be in the hearts of everyone who had a chance to know you. Thank you for sharing your time on Earth with us, and for blessing us with your presence. I am truely honored to have known you. I look forward to the day we meet again my kitty-pie. Aura, I love you forever and a day.

May 2012
My dear Auracita, I still miss you very much and wish that things could be different and that you were still with us here on Earth. By now you've probably met up with our former favorite neighbor Ellen, your good friend Sweetie's mom. She joined your side around this time last year. Ellen was very fond of you; I hope that you're taking good care of each other. Sweetie moved to another city so I see her once in a while. I heard that she's doing really well, making the most out of her new homestead and family. Don't worry if she ever needs anything I am here for her.
After your departure I started volunteering with VOKRA, a feline rescue group. Then I fostered a few of your feline brethren, one of whom we adopted at K's insistence. I have a feeling you probably already know about him and how he is really not a bit like you at all. You should know that Liney is a very decent sort yet you will always have your place with us; he can never replace you.
My dearest Mieu, every time I see the little birds outside I am reminded of your charisma, beauty, and grace. The sparkliness of your green eyes and the bounce in your step, the love in our embrace. And although I am still dealing with the pain of losing you as though it was yesterday that you left.... I am becoming more comforted by memories of our time together. Sometimes I even feel as though you are near me -maybe it's just being wishful yet I am almost certain that you have come to visit me a few times...Thank you.
My sweet Aura, as always, I will love you forever and a day.
I almost forgot to tell you another thank you because of you I have pictures of the patio planter from before the construction workers destroyed it so I can use them in court. Also, the rose bush that you loved so much with the mini roses from K did not survive the fence replacement last year. I imagine that it is lush and beautiful wherever you are just as the garden was while you were here with us. We were so blessed.

May 2013
Bonjiourno mi Principessa! How I miss saying that upon my return home & hearing your sweet reply. Almost as though you understood what I was saying no matter what language I spoke..although I always had a feeling you preferred Spanish over anything. it has now been 3 years & I miss you as much as ever. By now you have probably encountered Ellen's cutie Booboo who went over in November of last year. He's really a sweetheart beyond his tough exterior, though I hear from Sweetie that he can be quite bossy. Then there's K's dad who unexpectedly went over in the spring of last year. You and him met a couple of times and he was always very tender with you.The little birds are back playing around the cherry tree branches you used to sit underneath. I can still remember you there just like it was yesterday with the soft pink blossoms framing your beautifully wild sweetness as you meditated. The fence is a bit different a lot higher on the back & lower to the ground so you would have to go over instead of under. Yes, I think about these things as though you were still here as you were before. I am so grateful for the time we had together & how well we loved each other for all those years. I can still picture you sitting on your scratch post, looking all stately. At night I sometimes feel as though you are still curled up on my shoulder purring away. Someone I met the other day who can read aura's (no pun intended) said she saw something on my shoulder & that eventually it would go away. If it is you then I'm sure I don't want it to go anywhere. Now I volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue and would you believe most of our patients are birds..just like the unfortunate ones you used to bring to me; maybe it's meant to be a karmic return? My dearest Aura, as always, I will love you forever and a day.

May 2014
My little mieu, I miss you so much.....almost as though it was yesterday that I last kissed your beautiful face and cuddled with you. I am still volunteering at the rescue, and every little bird I help care for reminds me of you and how adept you were at catch and release. Although I am looking forward to a change, I am preparing to move and leave the home that we called our own for so many years. In preparation last year I donated your cat tree to a disabled woman with two lovely furbabies of her own.. It was hard to part with it because it gave me the feeling that you were still here in physical form...now even with it gone I still feel that way sometimes when I think I feel you curled up with me at night. So much that we shared was so special to how much we loved one another, and now I realize how particular it was to the early years of my adult life. I hope one day to meet you again on the other side and tell you in person just how much you helped me get through those difficult years; if it wasn't for you, I'm not sure that I would've made it... so I guess I owe you. This last winter for the first time ever I put out bird seed for the chickadees and juncos to see what would happen, and would you believe that they feasted right outside the living room window on a table. They seemed quite content to gobble it down and throw it around, making a big mess. You would've gone nuts to get at them if you saw them! I know after I leave this place you will still be with me yet it is hard to do when I look around and see your favorite garden spot, your favorite book shelf ledge, and it seems you had a lot of favorite places here. I really hope that you are enjoying your time where you are and that it is treating you well. I am trying not to cry now because I know how much it bothered you when I did.... I love you forever and a day, my little Auracita te quiero mucho y siempre.

Almost May 2016
Auracita you have many times been in my thoughts as of late. ..Perhaps because there is a new tortiseshell cutie prowling the fence tops just as you once did and although she is a longhair, she reminds me of you. It seems summer has arrived early this year.. All the flowers have been in bloom for quite a while and it is getting into summer temperatures already.

May 1st 2019
Would it surprise you to know that I am still missing you even though 9 years have passed since we lost you? Life is very different now from when you blessed our lives. I live across town in a small 2nd floor apartment together with Kai....we lost Liney unexpectedly just weeks before moving in. It's a beautiful neighborhood with many song birds and humming birds frequenting the canopies. Some mornings we even awake to the sounds of eagles outside the window. Our neighbor has an Abyssinian named Miss Maple who reminds me lot of you.. gorgeous orange stripes and mischievous green eyes. You will always have a piece of my heart. My little mieu I love you forever and a day. XOX

April 6 2020
I just awoke from a dream of you when you were just a spry little kitten, so mischievous in your outdoor activities. Some part of me knows that wherever you are you are still having adventures. Yet the waking part of me has the reality of living in very much alone in a lane way surrounded by nature and forest, trying to self isolate as much as possible in this time of global pandemic. It feels like my life and plans are all on pause, waiting to see what will become of the world. Our time that we shared is like a touchstone of any possibility for love and goodness... a candle in the otherwise perpetual darkness of life. My auracita I will always love you, forever and a day. XOX

May 4th 2021
Hard to believe it's been 11 years now that you've been gone and yet I remember our shared time together as though it was just yesterday that we were both happy, healthy, and youthful. I have to say that this last decade has been some of the hardest years, and the last few months some of the most difficult days. At least I can take some comfort knowing that it will not be too much longer until we are reunited on rainbows bridge. All around me the Earth is shaking off the winter sleep, and the weather is becoming less variable yet my physical being feels though it's going into a deep freeze, trapping my mind that carries on with full awareness of my lessening vitality. It shouldn't be too much longer now my Auracita, cara mia; I look forward to our time together again. With much love...forever and a day XOX

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