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Memories of Autumn

We met Autumn at the Orange County Shelter in Autumn of 1996 (Thus the name "Autumn"). He was the prettiest cat we had ever seen. He was Grey, White and Black. He had Big Ears and the bushiest tail (Everyone marveled at all that fur and his enormous tail!!!) Around his neck was a Big Pink Bow. We were led to believe he was a girl cat. We brought this cat home to our humble abode and have loved him ever since. We found out Autumn was in fact a "Boy Cat" when we took "Her" to be spayed and found out that "He" needed to be neutered instead (LOL). After that, we just decided not to change his name (he was already used to it *conversation piece*). Autumn had so much hair we never truly saw "it", but Autumn definitely had the feisty personality of a Boy!

Autumn was an indoor cat that was master of the house!! He had Mom and Dad (especially Dad!) wrapped around his furry paws. In his elder years, we began to let Autumn walk around out front for 10 -- 15 minutes (supervised by Daddy) to enjoy the fresh air and eat grass. He enjoyed these weekend outings. Every Saturday and Sunday, Autumn would wait by the front door for us to come home so he could go out doors. Daddy knew he had a job to do when we got home, and he was happy to oblige!!

He comforted us when we were sick, and made us smile if we were sad. Autumn pleased us all the way till the end of his days. We got daily kisses (by licks) and he purred for us unconditionally while he himself was not feeling well.

Autumn went to the "Rainbow Bridge" on Saturday, November 20, 2010 to be united with all the other friends that have gone before him. He has a new and perfect body, free from all worries and pain. He can now be calm with the understanding that he will never be in pain again. He will always have enough to eat, and always have a wonderful home. He can rejoice in his new life.

We loved our Baby with all the fiber of our being. We will truly miss our "Autumn".

Always and Forever !!!
Mama and Daddy


We unexpectedly said "So Long" to Our Fur Baby "Autumn" one year ago November 20, 2010. We shine a light nightly for our beloved baby as he journeys along the "Rainbow Bridge" of eternity.

"Autumn, know you are Forever Missed! And Dearly Loved!!"

Mama and Daddy

BTW - You have (Two) new Brothers "Spring & Summer"



Hi Baby!
Mama and Daddy miss you dearly. Thinking about you today as we do every day. You were our FIRST baby and will always hold that top spot in our hearts!!

Your brothers are settled in well. They have very different personalities. They are not as calm as you were with day to day noise. They are still a bit shy and nervous with sudden movements. After 3 years, I don't expect this to change anymore (LOL). Nonetheless, they are both very sweet and even tempered cats. They never got to meet you. But, they know you ruled the roost at one time.

Take care my LOVE. We will meet again!!! Enjoy the comforts of the "Rainbow"

Mama and Daddy


Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary we had to say farewell to Our Baby "Autumn".

Each day that passes you are dearly remembered and our LOVE for you is steadfast!!

Your Brothers "Summer & Spring" are doing well. Summer is my little Golden shadow and Spring is Daddy's little timid side kick!! Neither is as feisty as you were!! You are still the ALPHA CAT!! (Always will be).

We will light the candles on the alter in your honor tonight. Love and Kisses 💋😘❤️ Until we meet again!!

Always and Forever !!!
Mama and Daddy


Today marks the 9th year of our baby's cross over.
Always Loved and Forever missed 😘🐾🐈♥️ Until we meet again‼️

Always and Forever ♥️🐾🥰
Mama and Daddy

Today November 20, 2020 marks the 10 year anniversary that our precious Autumn passed over the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. He is always Loved, Dearly Missed, Never Ever Forgotten 🙏🏾♥️‼️ Until we meet again 😘😘♥️

Always and Forever ♥️ 🐾🙏🏾🥰
Mama & Daddy

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