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Memories of Alvin & Tyra
Alvin was rescued from going to the pound as a kitten in 1985. He lived a wonderful 18 years. He was the runt of the litter, hiding at the bottom of a box with his brothers and sisters, wanting no part of anything. He grew up proud, loved to run, play "I see you", sit on the balcony or deck and get sun. He ended up running the household, as all proud cats do. Alvin was our best friend, we will miss him dearly. Tyra came into our lives right after Alvin in 2003. Tyra was a rescue from the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue; she was about 9 months old; she just passed away after 11 years.. My wife had been going to the Rescue's website to get me to move forward from Alvin. We started looking at the pictures together. I finally got the courage to go to a rescue event with my wife...what a day. We had an idea on the Shepherd we wanted to see and were overwhelmed by all the Shepherds. Curiously, my wife noticed the quiet one off to the side looking lost -- Melissa got down on the floor to be near this quiet one, and the two bonded right there. Tyra came into our family at that moment. Tyra had a great life, smart as hell, with eyes that communicated everything to you. She was well mannered, loved people, played hard. Her best times were when she was young and went to the dog park ... Her favorite dog park toy to tease the other dogs was a softball. She loved "ride in the car" and her favorite squeaky toys (out of the hundreds) were "Giraffy" and "Ellie." I'll miss this wonderful soul. 2003: Well, it's a little over a year now, my man...we hope you are having a great time at the bridge...we miss you dearly, but know you are in great hands. Don't be upset, but we rescued a new friend -- Tyra. She's a German Shepherd - stop laughing...a dog, we know! She has all of your characteristics, and knows we still think about you and still love you. We know you understand, as we suspect you were the angel that guided us to her...and she thanks you with all her heart. She needed us as we did her. Regardless, we still think about you every day, still tell all the Alvin stories, and feel your presence. You know we send you our prayers everyday. So you take care, while we visit the Rainbow Bridge all the time -- we will update you as often as possible. All our love... :-) Wow...another year...we miss you so much and will never forget you. Tyra is doing well, and has certainly been listening to you in her sleep -- you must be having a great laugh... Alvin, we think of you everyday, and pray for your spirit's well being. Stay close to us and enjoy everything the Bridge has to offer... All our love...Mom and Dad. Another year Alvin... we still miss you so much... and think of you every day... Tyra is doing well... and has taken some of your habits...go figure :-) Alvin, we hope you've made many friends at the Bridge, and are having lot's of treats and romps in the grass... God we miss you, but we know you are in good hands... All our love... Mom and Dad It's 2006 Alvin, and we still miss you very much. All is well here; yes, Tyra has become you, so we suspect you are close all the time. We hope you are having great fun at the Bridge and have made many, many, many new friends. We still miss you so very much, we are always thinking of you and all the crazy things you'd get yourself into. While we share all our love with Tyra, and believe you've somehow made a huge influence on her, we also know there will never be another true Alvin. Keep eating all those treats, and romp all you want... all our love, Mom and Dad. Hey there Alvin, it's 2007 and we still miss you very much, but, all is well. Tyra is still going strong -- as we said -- you are obviously influencing her everyday... we know you are close. We hope you've made many friends, hopefully a dog or two :-) and are getting all the treats you can eat. We still think of you everyday -- as you've had a great influence on our lives as well -- and we will never, ever forget you. You stay warm and fuzzy, and only get into the good trouble... All our love, Mom and Dad. Alvin, it's 2008 and time has flown by... we hope you are having great fun at the Bridge and making new friends every day. We still miss you very much and think about you all the time. Yes, Tyra is still going strong - I'm sure you laugh every time she tries to take advantage of us -- sound familiar?? We will always keep you in our prayers and know you are in good hands. Keep having fun and enjoy the warmth of each and every sun-drenched day at the Bridge... :-) Mom and Dad. Well Alvin, it's 2009, and we still miss you very much. But, we know you are in good hands and you have made many friends at the Bridge. Yup, Tyra is still going strong and I truly believe part of you has taken over her spirit... :O) Know that we think about you all the time and still laugh at the many episodes an antics you got yourself into. Also, know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers, and we love you so very much... keep having fun, we'll be talkin' about ya ... :O) Mom & Dad. Hi Alvin, another year gone by -- it's 2010. Mom and I hope you are enjoying every aspect at the Bridge, and you are having fun with all your friends... We miss you still, so very much -- but our comfort is knowing you are safe and happy... Yea, Tyra is still with us, and behaving like you are with her too... Please know we are always thinking about you, you are always in our prayers... we keep you spirit close to our hearts telling Alvin stories to friends and family. We miss you, and want you to know we will always be thinking about you -- your spirit will be with us forever. Now get back to having fun... All our love, Mom and Dad. Hi Alvin, it's late 2011 already and we feel so bad for not writing you sooner -- we hope you are having so much fun and enjoying being with all your friends at the Bridge. We know you are always looking over us. Tyra says hi, and knows you play with her in spirit. We wanted you to know that your first mom Kelly passed away this year and hope you two find each other at the bridge -- take good care of her - we know she will take care of you... :O) And keep watching over Mom and me. We will always keep your memories with us, and we're comforted knowing you are safe, happy and close. Love Mom, Tyra and Dad. :O) Hi Alvin, Happy New Year... It's the last day of 2012... We hope you are doing well and having fun with your friends and family at the Bridge. We still keep you in our hearts; thinking about you all the time. We still remember all the antics you got yourself into, and the wonderful ways you captured our attention... Tyra is still with us; please continue to show your spirit through her and keep her strong. Alvin, we also need to share that your Mom and Dad are separating...we aren't angry with each other, just discovered our lives were going in separate ways...Tyra is with me, so your Mom is without her daily love and devotion...so please keep your Mom strong. Know that we both will always love you, nothing has changed there... We miss you, but know you are strong, and happy and have so many friends at the Bridge.... All our love -- Tyra, your Mom and Dad :-) Well Alvin, I wanted to let you know Tyra left for the Bridge last night, May 28, 2013. We miss her so much, I'm crying just like I did for you. Please keep an eye out for her and take good care of her. And Tyra, I feel so bad as to how you left our world. I saw you were in pain and frightened, I hope you saw me there all the way through. Go enjoy the Rainbow Bridge now, play with your friends and find that softball. I will always be thinking of you, hell, I'm crying like a baby now. Your Mom and I will never forget you, you were the best dog, the best German Shepherd ever...such a beautiful girl. Go have fun now, keep an eye out for me, and know we will always be here. Hi Alvin and Tyra, I know it's been a while. I'm sorry. It's 2017 now. I hope you guys are having fun and enjoying everyday at the Bridge. A lot has happened here, but I think you guys know as you continually look in on me. A lot of losses for me. I miss you guys so very much, and know I think of you both and pray to you every day. I think you know what's happened with Mom and me, but know we both still love you very much. Always will. Please keep an eye out for Grandma, Karen and Chris and make them happy. Also find a way to reach Grandpa here and let him know you can't wait to see him and take care of him when he's ready. God I miss you both, and I promise to reach out more often. Just keep having fun, take care of each other and stay close to all the family there. Hi Alvin and Tyra, My goodness, I feel so awful - it's 2019 and I haven't visited the Bridge for a while. But, please know I think about you guys everyday and keep you in my prayers always. I hope you are having fun at the Bridge and making new friends. Be as happy as you can be... :-) I just wanted to let you know, Grandpa slipped away just after I wrote the note above. He's with Grammy and Karen and Chris now - and you guys too. Keep an eye out for him and give him lot's of love. My life is changing a bit too. I'm getting married in just a bit, to a beautiful woman. And she has daughter. They brought a great little buddy named Louie into the family too -- a Dachshund. Yea, don't laugh, but he has all of you guys in his spirit. I guess what I'm trying to say is I know life does go on, but I do so miss what life brought to me so far. I think back to wonderful times and I wish I could bring it all back, but I know that's impossible. All I know is I still have memories and love from all of you -- and know I send all my love to you too. I will never let you guys (and Grammy, Grandpa, Karen and Chris too) out of my thoughts -- I love you all so very much, and miss your dearly. Keep me in your prayers too. Love you both... Dad Love you, Mom and Dad.

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