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Memories of Amos
It is 20 years -- November 25/2001 that you flew to the Rainbow Bridge, my little angel man. You are my guardian, my little gate keeper. I love you lil man, don't think for a single moment that I have forgotten you. I can still feel the curvature of your crippled spine, the bench of your legs. I feel you in my heart every single day. I know you were there to welcome Gertie home on April 13 2014 (two days before your birthday) You came and saw...and you knew that she had been with me. I'm sure you and Riley, and Gertie and Chelsea are up there having a grand time. I know you've been gone longer than you lived, but no day passes that I don't think of you, all of you. I remember your cute, wiley ways. God I loved you all so much! We had so much fun together, so many cuddles and snuggles and playing, and your speaking up for cookies. You're in my dreams and in my heart. Give my love to Riley, my little ryedog. Gertie and now Monty have come to join you. I know you met them at the Bridge, Amos. You are my little greeter. you're all waiting for me. I love you four so very much and I'll see you again some day and it will be Heaven! Love you my lil baba's!! xoxoxo My babies Amos and Riley you're in my dreams. You're happy, healthy, frolicking with me, given a Day Pass from Heaven, from God. Wonderful dreams they are, they make the day bright but bittersweet in their way. My boy Amos was a very special little dog. A Jack Russell Terrorist through and through. Despite his physical deformities, radial paralysis in his right front leg, benched left leg, curved spine, slipping kneecap in his rear right leg, he knew no bounds, was never hindered by the afflictions he was born with. He had an interesting skip, drag walk. He should have been culled at birth, but the breeder saw something special in him,let him live. Amos chose us on a chance visit to the breeders farm. I didn't have a choice, I simply could not leave without my lil man. He lived the high life for 10.5 wonderful years. Hogging the bed (for such a little dog, he could make himself surprisingly huge) he wangled Riley's (his sister) chewy flips, guarded the household, did everything with gusto. Amos figured if Mummy or Daddy let you into HIS house, then you were fair game to be loved. And if you were hesitant of his outlandish ways, then he'd just work his magic on you til you DID love him. No one ever left our home NOT loving our little "nutty buddy man" Amos. I miss you. It is with great sadness that we let our friends know that on Monday, January 14, 2002, Amos' big sister Riley joined him at the Rainbow Bridge. Now, the facts of life don't matter so much. We had our time, we three, our halcyon days. Amos has waited for you Riley, to bring you home. It was Heaven on Earth, the two of you at my side. How I've loved you both - Tempus fugit Until we meet again, loving you always, Riley & Amos, Your Mummy, Daddy, and ALL who loved you both. Now that Riley and Amos are sharing this space (we decided it was best to keep them together) I feel compelled to let you know their dates of birth...Amos,on the left, was born on April 15/1991 - left us to join God on November 25, 2001. Riley,on the right,was born on August 23, 1989, and joined her brother Amos and God on January 14, 2002. I miss them, every single day. Chelsea, my beloved girl, I miss your hornet ears, the way we used to cuddle together on the couch. Love you, baby girl... Auntie Heather xoxoxo Zeke my little polar cubby, I loved you so very much, you were Monty's best friend, my two old men. It was a joy to be your Auntie for 12.5 yrs xoxo I will see you again when God brings me home to you all! And now Monty and Gertie and all the babies are together again. I miss you all so much, not a day passes that I don't think of you.xx

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