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Memories of Annie B
Annie "B" you were the bright light in my life! I remember one of our first outings was Sailing & you loved it! You let me dress you up in sweaters, jean jackets, & had your very own rain slicker and Club Med shirt. You loved riding in Mom's sport car with your visor and sunglasses, you were so cool! You loved to eat, anything! Especially BANANAS and French Fries! Thanksgiving was your favorite holiday you always slept right next to the oven waiting for the turkey to get done. I will never forget the Chocolate incident when you and Katie ate 2lbs of Belgium Chocolates Valentine's Day and lived thru it. You were always here to greet me when I came home from work or a long trip with love, kisses & your tail wagging with joy! When you were 4 I brought you home a puppy and we named her Katie "Did". You were so good with her and taught her everything about doggie life! You loved your weekly baths and loved going to see Auntie Jayne, your friend and groomer who was a big part of all our lives! Also you loved your Vets, and Friends, Rob and Evan who always took the best care of you and brought me comfort in knowing I was doing the right thing for you. You overcame many obstacles with your health, Your skin, ears, eyes, knee surgery & finally bladder Cancer which took you to heaven. A part of me will always be with you my sweet girl! Everyone loved you! Your Sister Katie will miss having you by her side. In your last year of life you spent a lot of time in my office under my computer as I worked. That spot by my feet will be very empty without you, but you will forever be with me in my heart. My heart is aching for you but I know you are at peace and in a better place. At the end when you left here on your journey to Rainbow Bridge, I was with you along with Auntie Jayne, Daddy and your friend and Vet, Rob. I saw the peace in your face when you slipped away with a look of no more pain and suffering. Someday we will meet again my love. I know you are watching over me. All My Love, All My Life..... It has been almost one week and I am really missing you today. Grandpa is in the hospital and his heart is breaking he misses you so! Please watch over him and help him to stay strong for me my sweet girl. I know you are happy now but Katie is missing you too! You are with us always! 12/3/00, I just returned from my trip to New York! I got very sick and I was really missing you, but I knew you were with me, you helped me to get well. You knew Katie was home waiting for her Mom. I bought Katie a new bed so she now is sitting in your spot under my computer. She is going to the vet. for a checkup in the morning and we will pick up your remains, so you will always be near us. I also got the last pictures of your bath, you were so happy and you let me know that it would be okay that you were ready to go on your journey. 12/16/00- It has been a little over a month since you left on your journey. Its almost Christmas and we miss you. You love to open presents and always having your holiday picture with Santa. I know you are enjoying all the other creatures at the bridge. My Love is with you sweetheart! XOXO 1/5/01- Christmas was not the same without you. We are so glad your not sick anymore though. On Jan.2 Max your cousin entered the bridge so we know that you are taking good care of him, showing him around. I spent the New Year in New England and I thought of you when I was holding puppies in the pet shop. They were happy thoughts of when you were young and healthy! Katie is adjusting to life without you. I never imagined my life without you, but you are in my heart! I miss touching you and kissing you. You are in my dreams! Love you, Mom 2/4/01 My sweet baby, we were talking about all the cute things that you did when you were with us! You were so happy on Sunday morning to smell the bacon. It is getting near Valentine's Day and this is my first without you. I miss you everyday and wish I could touch you. I have your Urn on my desk so you are with me all the time in spirit. Katie is lonely too! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't stop and think about you! There was only one Annie and you were a true gift. I just changed your flowers!I Love You! 3/13/01- Oh Annie we miss you so......it is sunny and you loved the Sun just like Me! You even sat on the porch the day before your journey. Katie is very lonely. It is almost spring and I think its time to get a puppy for Katie... Katie will teach her everything about doggie life like you did her. You will always be my #1 girl You were the Best! 4/12/01 It's almost Easter and it's the first one without you my love. I am really missing you right now. Katie is sad and lonely too! We were remembering the Easter when you were four and we gave you a leg of lamb bone. You chewed it for hours until you had a very upset tummy. But you would not give it up. The house is just not the same without having my two girls here. I know that this is a weekend to rejoice so I will in knowing that you are no longer suffering. Your in my heart always. I Love You! Mom 4/23/01- I am missing you terribly today and I am not sure why. I just returned from my trip to LA and its a beautiful sunny day. Rest peacefully my love.......MOM 5/8/01-My sweet girl, It is a Wonderful Sunny Day in California. I have been suffering with awful migraine headaches and I miss you comforting me thru those times. I can only imagine the pain that you indured with your illness. You were a true inspiration. I am leaving for Denver next Monday. Mother's Day is coming up and it is My first one without having you by my side. You are with me everyday at my desk when I wake up and turn on my computer your picture is the way I start my day and Always in my heart, you give me the strength to make it thru my day! You have a new friend Annabelle who needs you to show her around. She was very young when she left this earth to enter the bridge. I know that you will guide her along and help her family here to find peace in knowing that she is not alone. Think of me on Sunday my dear little one as I will of you! Love, Mom 6/6/01- My sweet little one, it is almost summer. I ran across some more pictures of you in those silly rainboots I made you wear when you were a pup. You looked darling. Katie had her tenth birthday, her first without you so she had to eat her whole steak. Daddy cooked her a Filet Mignon. She was always his favorite but you were mine. Doggie birthday's aren't the same without your pretty face. I miss you girl. You are always by my side and in my heart! Love You....Mom Katie too! 7/9/01 We were just talking about you and your blanket today. Katie has it now and she carries it to bed with her. It is now summer and Daddy and I have been cleaning out the basement. I found all your puppy toys, your rainboots and in my make-up basket in the closet all my lipsticks that you chewed on the cases. It was really hard for me to let them go but it was time. You are missed everyday my sweet little girl. I found all kinds of pictures of you, so I am putting a book together of you and Katie and our life's together. New carpet is next, you would have loved that. I miss basking in the sun with you. We miss you so..........XOXO Mom 9/6/01 Tomorrow would be your 15th birthday. Wow girl, I really miss you. I suppose you will be enjoying your special day with all your animal friend at rainbowbridge. I will be thinking about you and know that we love you. This is a sad day for us here on earth as doggie birthdays were always special. Katie Did will eat your steak for you in your honor. Happy Birthday Love! XO Mom 11/04/01 Oh Annie my sweet love its almost One year since you made your journey to the bridge. On Halloween Katie got groomed with her holiday bows, her first year without you. Another cocker that looked just like you came in as I was leaving wagging his tail. I leaned down to pet him and all I could see was you when you were young and healthy! I cried all the way home. I still miss you so much. You were my best friend and companion. You are in my heart and my thoughts. All My Love,XOXO Mom 11/13/01- Well, Annie Girl you were just arriving at the bridge last year at this time. I have been thinking of you all day! Grandma, my Mom well you know is in the hospital with kidney failure. I suspect that she will be joining you at the bridge in the near future. I am really scared Annie, but I know that you will take care of her so she is never alone. I miss you so very much my love. I relived last years events in my mind today. You had a beautiful departure with all the ones you loved with you. It was raining hard that day when we were taking you to Rob so we could all say good-bye. I remember Auntie Jayne's words, Annie "B" the Angels are crying for you! After our good-byes and kisses and me holding your now still body, we left and I felt numb all over. I walked outside and much to my surprise the Sun was out bright and a beautiful Rainbow appeared in the sky. It was a magical moment, I knew that you had arrived at Rainbowbridge and that you were safe in your new home. It was like closing one door and opening another. Peace...... be with you my sweet one you are gone form this earth but forever in my heart! Frolic among the trees and flowers until we meet again.......XO Mom 12/12/01-Annie Girl, Grandma is suffering and fighting to make it thru Christmas! We will all be together at our house and we will put your ornament on the tree. You were my Christmas gift with a big red bow just a mere pup. The best ever. You will be with us in spirit my love and always in our hearts! 7/16/02- Annie, it has taken me 6 months to add this to your page. Grandma joined you in heaven at the bridge on 1/16/02, after a heroic 4 year battle with leukemia and kidney failure. I know that she is at peace and that you are were there to welcome her with doggie kisses all over the face. Grandpa misses her so much as do I but know that she is no longer suffering. He is living with Mommy now so I can take care of him. He is taking good care of your Katie "Did" Give Grandma (My Mom) a big kiss for me! You are both always in my Heart and Dreams...................Love, Mom You would be 20 years old today! I still miss you.XO 11/14/07 We still miss you baby! 7 years.Your Katie "Did" joined you in Jan.she had such a good life and she missed you so Grandpa joined you and Grandma at the Bridge on Feb. 18th, I really miss him....I have been so sad. My big brother Doug also joined you on Setember 25th. You have many there with you little one. We got a new puppy and named her Elle "Woods"...she looks just like you when you were a pup.I will miss you forever..Mom 9/08 You are always with us in our hearts Elle will be 7 tomorrow and still always think she was a gift from heaven just like you! 11/2014 Love, Mom you would be 28 and you are always in our hearts!<3

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