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Memories of Ashley
02/12/01: It's been a little more than 2 months since you made your departure, but it feels like 2 years. The house is so quiet and still without you around; Daddy and I are still adjusting. I miss going for walks and cuddling on the couch, but I have peace knowing that you are no longer suffering. You fought such a good fight, all the way to the end. Words will never be enough to describe how proud I am of you for your courage and spirit. I vow to remember much of what you taught me as I make my own journey through life. I love you and miss you lots and lots! Can't wait for the day when we will be together again. Be sweet and take care until I visit again... 02/14/01: "Happy Valentine's Day", my sweet, baby girl! Ten years ago today, you came into my life wearing a beautiful, red bow around your neck. You were a surprise gift from your first daddy, Randall. Over the years, you proved to be the most wonderful Valentine's gift that I could have ever hoped to receive. Your playful nature and sweet demeanor will never be forgotten. Oh, how I miss you and long to hold you again. I know our day together will come, it's just a matter of time. Love you and miss you lots and lots! Be sweet! Love, Mommy... 07/13/01: It's been 7 months now since we had to let you go, but it feels like forever. I miss saying goodbye to you in the mornings as I head off to work; returning home in the evenings is even harder without you there to greet me. How I miss your little welcoming dance, the wag of your little, stubby tail and the scratching on the door as I hurriedly try to open it! Daddy Matt has talked about wanting another 'Ashley' dog sometime in the future. You should feel honored my little one, for you truly won his heart. Daddy and I know that we could never replace you, but we do hope to get another puppy one day. I hope that you are doing well and that you have made lots of new friends. We miss you and love you lots and lots! Until we meet again, be sweet and take care. Love, Mommy... 10/11/01: "Happy Birthday", my beautiful, baby girl! Hope you are doing well. I dreamed of you 2 nights ago - you were 3 or 4 years old and healthy and happy as ever! It seemed so very real...too bad I had to awaken. Daddy and I still have your Scooby-Doo placemat sitting by the back patio door. I thought about putting it away the other day, but Daddy Matt wouldn't let me! We love you and miss you more than words can say. Hope you have an enjoyable birthday! Be sweet! Love, Mommy... 12/07/01: Today marks the one year anniversary of your departure. Oh, how we miss you... but, I take comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering. No more medications, no more needles, no more hospital visits - how relieved you must be! I hope you are warm, comfortable and dry. Daddy and I reminisced the other day about how much you hated to go for walks when it was cold and rainy! Now, you don't have to! We love you and miss you lots and lots! I'll visit again soon. Take care! Love, Mommy... 04/05/02: Just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing. Hope you enjoy your Easter basket, as well as your new milk bone! Spring has now arrived, one of your favorite seasons. I'm sure you are delighted, for we remember how much you disliked wintertime! We think of you often and miss you even more. We're not quite ready for another puppy, but maybe in another year or so - we shall see...Hope you're well and having lots of fun. Take care and be sweet! Love you lots! Mommy... 07/02/02: Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you! Daddy and I finally bought our new house - we talk often about how you would've loved roaming around the backyard! Hope you're doing well - we miss you lots and lots! See you soon! Love, Mommy... 10/11/02: "Happy Birthday!" my sweet baby girl. Hope you are doing well. Thought of you today and how you would've turned 12! Daddy and I miss you lots and lots and still talk about you all the time! We remember how you used to love to run up and down the stairs at the apartment and how much you loved to go for walks. We laughed the other day when we thought about how fast you would eat your dinner and then stop and burp afterwards!!! Hope you like your birthday cake, as well as the pumpkin we left you. Miss you lots and love you even more. Take care and be sweet! Love, Mommy...12/07/02 It has been two years since you left us. We still talk about you and the "magic couch". All three of us loved to sleep together on it! Hope you are warm now that it's wintertime. Caitlin and Colleen still remember your love. We haven't yet gotten another puppy, but we still have our cocker spaniel calender hanging in the kitchen. Mommy wants a new one every year!! We miss your hugs and kisses, be sweet, poochita!! Love, Mommy and Daddy Matt... 02/12/03 Today marks the 2 year anniversary of your arrival at Rainbow's Bridge! Hope you have made lots of new friends and are having lots of fun! On the way to the doctor last Friday morning, Mommy and Daddy saw a man walking his puppy dog for the morning - and wouldn't you know, his puppy was a parti-colored cocker spaniel, tan and white, about 3 or 4 years old! Daddy and I couldn't help but stare, smile and wave back for the puppy looked just like you!!! It is moments such as this, that convince us that your spirit still dwells among us. Like Daddy said after we say the man and his puppy, 'It's the Spirit of Ashley'. We miss you, sweetie and look forward to the day when we will meet again. Take care and see you soon. Love you, Mommy... 10/11/03: "Happy 13th Birthday!" my sweet, baby girl. Hope you are comfortable and doing well. While reading the paper today, I saw a notice for a cocker spaniel that had been found wandering in the neighborhood. Couldn't help but think of you...am hoping that the lost puppy is soon reunited with its family. Unfortunately, over the summer, our close friends lost their beloved dog, Elwood. I like to think that he is there with you now in Dog Heaven. Please be sure to show him around and don't forget to share your toys! We miss you as always and look forward to the day when we will meet again. Be your usual sweet self and take care. Love you, Mommy... 12/07/03 It's been 3 years since you made your departure and we still miss you more than ever. Thought of you today while decorating the house for Christmas - we remembered how you would bump into everything and give it a smell or two before you went on your way. Daddy and I laughed at how we could always tell where you had been, due to the "doggy snot" that you would leave behind! Hope you are dry, warm and doing well. We love you, sweetie and look forward to the day when we will be reunited. Until then, take care. Lots of love and many kisses, Mommy... 12/07/09 It's been 9 years since your departure and we think of you often. I still get a new cocker spaniel calendar every year to hang in the kitchen. Sometimes they have a puppy picture that looks just like you! Hope you are happy and warm and have lots of friends! Miss you and love you lots!!! Mommy...

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