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Memories of Autumn Serenade
My dear precious Autumn, people are asking about you. I guess because you were so very beautiful. I remember the last time you became ill. I took you to the vet that Friday. It was plain to see that you had some kind of upper respiratory infection. The vet took some blood. At least he said that he did. I did not see it because he took you in another part of his office to do it. He did not give you any kind of medicine at all. He said he wanted to wait until the results came back on Monday. I, like a fool, trusted him because he had come highly recommended. I should have gone to another vet. I brought you home to wait. That evening and Saturday you always wanted to be by my side. I should have been more watchful for you were trying to tell me something. I remember going to bed Saturday night and closing my bedroom door. If only I had left it open. The next morning, Sunday, when I opened it up, there you were. You had gone to Rainbows Bridge. You had died some time during the night and it looked like you were trying to get to me. You were right by the door. I was devastated! I was not there for you when you needed me the most. I called the vet on Monday to tell him you had died and he said he would call me when the results of the blood work came in. He never called. ( I now go to a different vet!)For weeks and months whenever I saw your picture or thought of you I became upset because I was not there when you needed me. Then one night, I was in the living room grading papers or watching TV and I heard some noise in my bedroom. I got up and went into the room only to discover that my answering machine greeting was on, the alarm to my clock radio was on, and the picture above the small bookcase was tilted to one side. Then as I looked up, I saw you lying on a large bouquet of autumn flowers on top of the tall bookcase. Your paws were crossed over each other and you were grining from ear to ear. You had played a trick on me! I looked away just for an instant and when I looked back at you, you were gone. But that was OK, because I at last knew that you were happy and were not mad at me for not being there when you needed me. I miss you, but I know you are better off. Some day I will be with you again. We will be able to lie in the grass in the warm sun together. I love you

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