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Memories of Babbi
Babbi was my first cat, and he was adopted when he was just 8 months old, and I was almost 12. Since then, hes had many names; Mars, when he was in a shelter, Mittens, when my mother changed his name upon adoption, and then Mittersill (after the ski run at Canon Mountain), which I put on all of his documents, as I hated the name Mittens. However, there was only one name in which I'd referred to him as since his adoption; Babbi.

He had the face of a Maine Coon, the eyes and coat of a Russian Blue, and the size and temperament of a British Shorthair. He was a very lazy boy, but he was also loving and accepting of pretty much anything and everything. He'd always hop up onto wherever I was sitting, on my lap, beside me, or wherever he was able to squeeze in, flash me with his signature side-eye, and lay with me for hours.

In January, Babbi had to be brought to the ICU, as doctors found out shortly after that he was suffering from sepsis due to an undiagnosed CKD (chronic kidney disease), and we could no longer afford his treatment after 3 days, and a grim prognosis from the professionals. Returning home to his younger brother, Juice, without Babbi was one of the most painful things I have ever had to go through, as Juice didn't to understand why Babbi was gone. It's hard not to feel guilty sometimes, even as the months pass. I wonder if there was something more I could've done for him, noticed the signs sooner, saved up money to continue the healthcare...

Babbi, I hope you are living blissfully, pain and worry-free across the Rainbow Bridge with the friends who have been sent to you by others to be your playmates. One day, we will send your little brother, too, once he reaches an old age, and you will be able to lick his head whenever he's too energetic, and needs to relax.

We are currently searching for our next cat, who will become Juice's younger sibling. We are so proud of everything you were able to show and teach him in the short time you two had together, and his experiences will make him the best big brother, just like you were an amazing big brother to him.

One day, as decades pass, and more of your siblings find you in their final resting place, Kane and I will cross over the Rainbow Bridge, too, hand in hand, to join you, and for you, Babbi, wrap you in blankets like we used to, and give you head kisses until you fall asleep.

Rest in peace, Babbi. We will never forget you, and never stop loving you.

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