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Dear Baby,
It's been six days since I woke up and found you had left us for a better place. The pain and hurt and tears have not gone away, though I now know I should have let go of you weeks ago and I am so sorry that I let you suffer so, because I could not bring myself to be aware of your pain. If you can ever forgive me remember I (and mommy) loved you so much!
You have entered a new residency, pain free and joyous! You can see again and walk like a pup, and I do hope they have your Snausages! Others have expressed to your mommy and me their heartfelt sympathy over our loss, and this helps us to know you will be well taken care of in our hearts.
We had you for 16 years and 1 month but it seems like the blinking of an eye. You were with us longer than we deserved, but not long enough as it turns out. We miss you so much.

November 8, 2005, you came back home to us via your ashes and the final paw print. You are missed every minute of every day and the sorrow has not diminished, and I'm sure even the squirrel that used to moon you in the window is sad today. We lost you two weeks ago, it does not seem possible! God speed, my best friend.

November 16 2005: Hi, Baby! It's snowing today, first time for the season. You never cared for snow very much, your paws always froze and we had to carry you around, so even if you were here with us, and you could see, you would ignore it. But it just reminds me that the first holiday after you left us is about to arrive and it will be difficult knowing you will not be sitting by the table waiting for your share of the turkey. I remember the time you tried to pull a frozen turkey out of the refrigerator and almost knocked yourself out! Don't know what it was with you and turkeys but you could smell one a mile away.
By now you probably have seen your friend DeeDee who left her companion on the 10th. I know you were not much for playing with other dogs but it's always nice to be around some one you know. Take care my friend, love, mommy and daddy.

November 21, 2005: I miss your physical being, but I also miss hearing you, from your low whining cry, to the impatient low growl to the "I want it now! bark! I miss the sound of your slurpping at the water bowl in the middle of the night which told me all was right with the world, the sound of you crunching your "Kibbles& Bits" or chewing on your peanut butter flavored "stick." I miss hearing you "shake yourself off" when you got up in the morning. I'm really going to miss it on Thanksgiving, but I will put some turkey aside for you! Dad.
November 23, 2005: I talked to Virjean today and told her that you have gone on to the Bridge. She misses you too, but knows that you are loved and will always be loved. You will be with us at the table tomorrow and forever.
December 6, 2005: Just thinking about you and Christmas today. You loved to open presents. Found a picture of you when you were very young. Forgot how handsome you were!

December 23, 2005: The 25th is Christmas and mommas birthday. She got your Christmas Card you sent from Rainbow's Bridge, and she really lost it for the first time. Momma holds everything inside. Last night, there were strange bumps in the night and when I got up in the morning, there were books on the floor and playing cards scattered all over the rug, with no explanation as to how that happened as I was the only one home.Was that you, Baby? Looking for your Christmas presents? It won't be the same this year, without you sleeping under the tree. We couldn't put one up this year knowing you wouldn't be there. It is still too painfull. Merry Christmas, Baby, to you and all your new friends!

December 30, 2005. Happy New (and pain free) Year, my friend!
God bless you for your love!

January 27, 2006: Three months ago today. Not possible! You are always in our hearts, but talking about you in the past tense is the most difficult of tasks. I had a peanut butter sandwich in your honor last night! Take care and Gold Bless, little guy.

March 26, 2006. Looks like spring will be here soon, little guy.
DeeDee's mom got a new furbaby named Deacon, 5 years old. Last spring you were starting to fade away and we knew 2005 would be your last. This spring is empty without you and always will be.
Take care always. Love form Mom and Dad.

April 23, 2006. Will be 6 months in a few days since you left for a better world. We think of you and miss you every day, Love, Mom and Dad.

June 8, 2006. On Saturday the 10th you will have celebrated your 17th Birthday. You have new friends now, so while we grieve for you still, at least we know you are no longer in pain. Happy Birthday, our sweet Baby.

September 15, 2006: How are you little guy? Almost 11 months have passed and not a day goes by we don't think of you. We adopted a rescue dog on July 27th, a long haired minature doxie named Diana. We tell her all about her "great grandpa" and she is so happy to be with a family. She is almost 4 years old.I really believe you led us to her.
God Bless You, Baby. Till we meet again.

October 17, 2006: It will be 1 year this week. Dad will be having surgery again, but you won't be here to comfort him. Miss you still and love you always. Mom & Dad

February 8, 2007: Happy Valentines, Baby! It sure is cold! Dad had heart sugery again in November. He misses you. Little Diana is doing her best to make us smile again. We think of you every day! Love, Mom & Dad.

May 10, 2007: Daddy and mommy say hello. Dad was in the hospital again. Little Diana has begun to imitate you. We tell her you're her grandpa. We love you, Baby.

Oct 28, 2007: Two years gone, forever loved. Mommy and Daddy

June 8, 2008: The 10th is your 19th Birthday. We miss you. Love, mommy and daddy.

October 27, 2010. Our thought and prayers are with you always. It seems like yesterday.
October 27, 2011. You are not forgotten, Baby. We will love you always. Mom & Dad
October 27, 2012. We still miss you, Baby. All our love, Mom, Dad and Diana.

Wow, October 27, 2015! I can't believe I missed the passed several years. But today is 10 years since you went to the Bridge. We will always love you, Baby. We will never forget you!

October 27, 2016. I love you Baby. Diana is now 14. Where is the time going? I still think of you every day. WE all miss you.

October 27, 2017: A friend of mine has two dogs at the Bridge, one a puppy mill pup that died undergoing surgery, not even 6 months old. Her name was Bella Mae. Please give her a paw hug. Love from Mom, Dad and Diana. We miss you still.

May 7,2020:Baby, you have always been on our minds, even though I have not posted for some time. We love you. I am sad to report that Diana passed on May 2, 2020. She was 17 years and 8 months old. This house is so empty now, I think about both of you often. Both mom and dad had surgeries the past year, and last year was all about taking care of Diana, who was blind, deaf and had dementia. I am going to set up a memorial soon for her as soon as I can, but it's been hard the past few days. I hope you have greeted her at the Bridge by now. All our love, Baby.

May 30, 2020: Almost a month now since Diana passed. I'm pretty sure she passed in the car while taking her to the emergency vet, or was very close to passing, unlike you my sweet one, who passed away on the bedroom floor in the middle of the night, quietly and hopefully, pain free. It's hard to believe that we had you for 16 plus years and Diana for 13 plus years, almost 30 years of having a doxie in the home. Kisses always, Baby.

June 10, 2020: Happy 31st Birthday, Baby. Please make sure Diana gets a big piece of your cake and please watch over her. She used to play a game with me, called "Go find daddy." She might be looking for me and she gets very nervous when she can't find me. Love you always.

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