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Baby you brought me love and joy for the past 19 years you also were my best friend. I don't know how I will go on without you. Please watch over me til we meet again. I love you more than life itself. Be happy and pain free I love you and miss you more than I can say. Send me a sign.
OCT 7, 2012
Dearest Baby it has been one day since you left me to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I know you were tired of all the needles and vet visits. I wish I could have kept you with me forever like I always promised you I would. My heart is broken I hate the quiet I keep looking for you to lie down next to me like you always did, I miss your warmth. You took care of me when I was sick for months at a time why couldn't I do the same for you. The sub-q did help for a while I don't know why all of a sudden it didn't work anymore. I hope you have met some new friends and are happy, but I'm so sad I think my heart is breaking it certainly feels like it. I kissed you all over and buried my face in your fur and still I couldn't bring you back. Please don't ever forget me my sweet Baby I love you so much please come to me in my dreams my precious boy. I would give anything to stroke you and give you kisses. Love and kisses, your mommy
Oct 8, 2012 Hello sweetheart another day has come and you are still not beside me. I miss you so very much its a little cold today and you would have been cuddled up in my lap keeping us both warm while sharing whatever I brought out to eat, I have no one to share with so sad. I hope you are warm and happy with all of your new friends I keep listening for your footsteps on the stairs and your awesome purrs, its too quiet my love please come to me in my dreams. I have been sleeping on the couch with your blanket it gives me comfort its so soft just like you. I won't keep you I know you want to run around with your new friends see you later, I love you, Mommy
Hi Darling boy, I lit a candle for u tonight and said a prayer. I'm so sorry u had to go I hope u are not scared without me. I would give anything to have you back this pain is unbearable I love u so much it is breaking my heart. I would love to just bury my face in your fur and tell u how much I love u I hope u come to me in my dreams. Sweet dreams my love, love always, Mommy
Oct 9, 2012 Hi sweet pea, I couldn't sleep last night kept hearing noises so I stayed downstairs on our couch with your blanket. I keep finding little pieces of your fur and it makes me both happy and sad because I just want to hug you and feel the real thing not little pieces but I'll take what I can get. It's only been 3 days and I don't know how I will make it without you, you were such a part of me for 19 years that is a long time. I know I am luckier than a lot of people and I thank God for every second I had with you my babydoll I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU please send me a sign anything. I can't make myself put anything away I look at your bowl and pans and it gives me comfort but I would rather have you my love. Sweet dreams send me a purr. Love you forever til eternity, Mommy
October 10, 2012 Hi Babydoll, This morning I came downstairs and looked for you how sad is that? Will this ever get easier? I cry all the time and wish I could hold you one more time and just smell your fur and nestle my face in it. I miss you so much my love I need to hold you this really sucks! Baby look for a wonderful kitty named Littleman he has been there for awhile and knows the ropes ask him to send a sign to Jack (his dad) he misses him so and never got a chance to say goodby, as least we got to say goodby and hug each other one last time. I love you and miss you so much it hurts kisses from my heart to you, Love Mommy
Hi sweet pea, I was driving the jeep and a monarch flew across my windshield I know that was u thank u for the sign it made me smile u have a butterfly mark right above your cute little kitty lips, so its only fitting u would send me a butterfly I love you and miss you like crazy, always Mommy
October 11, 2012 Hi Baby, hows my little boy? It's getting cold here we will get frost tonite I have to get the feral kitty's houses ready for winter. So now you know my secret all those times I told you I was feeding squirrels I was feeding Bernie and his friends, please don't b mad I don't want them to starve and they give me a reason to get up n the morning. God how I miss you, right now we would be taking a cat nap with a nice warm blanket or sharing some yummy thing for lunch, every time I have yogurt or icecream I can feel you here looking for your share-who am I kidding you would allow me to have a little if there was any left. How I miss all the fun we used to have. Are you happy sweetheart? No more pain and no more suffering no more crappy needles or sub-q just running around with all the other kitties and puppies and hopefully having lovely thoughts of us together please don't forget mommy that would break my heart. Dr. Wheat sent me a sympathy card made me cry again, can't help it I want you back in my arms I love you so much would give anything to have you back sweetie, I love you to the moon and back forever and ever, your heartbroken Mommy
October 12, 2012 My dearest Baby, I got your message early this morning thank you I finally have closure regarding (R) kinda sad but not worth my time and you showed me that. You really are my angel I always knew you were extra special. Debbie sent me a kitty angel with wings (looks just like you) and a prayer card with St. Francis it is beautiful just like you. I'm so tired I don't sleep well thinking this is all a bad dream and then I wake up and find out its real and my heart breaks all over again. I miss you so much my heart hurts. I always said you were my heart so does that mean now I don't have a heart? Is it gone? Do you have it? I love you so much I can hardly stand it, I need you to come back please my heart is broken and only you can mend it. Millions of kisses and hugs I love you, Mommy
Hello Sweetheart, One week ago today I was afraid to go to sleep because I just wanted to listen to you breathe, that way I knew you were ok just as long as I could hear your soft breath everything would be alright I still listen hoping and praying I can hear you just for a second. I laid awake for the longest time that night listening to the soft sound of you breathing in and out it was the most beautiful sound I ever heard, Goodnight my darling I love you , Mommy
Saturday October 13, 2012 My darling darling Baby, it has been one sad and lonely week since I last kissed you and told you how much I love you and to please stay with me, but you were so very tired and just couldn't stay with me even tho I know you wanted to, you needed to rest and go to a place to be whole and healthy again with no more pain and I had to let you go even tho it made my heart break. My heart is broken for I miss you so much it was just the two of us for 19 years and now it's just me. I'm so lonely for you the house is so empty it feels dead you brought life to this house and made life worth while you always made me laugh now the house is a sad little house. Baby I miss you and love you so much, love your heartbroken Mommy
Hi sweet Baby, Debbie sent a beautiful memorial bell with a kitty angel on it, I hung it outside the bedroom window so I can hear it when it rings. When I hear it ring I will know you are there saying hello to me and that you have gotten your wings. I love you so much my little man always in my heart, Mommy
Sunday October 14, 2012 Hi kissy face I still look for you and talk to you every day, I wish I could hold you and tell you how much I love you. I was talking to a friend today and she told me animals are closer to God than people because they are so pure and pure of thought and have pure souls, what a wise woman she is so I guess you are with God and I have a guardian angel looking over me. I hope you think of me, until we meet again I love you more than anything my precious little one, Mommy
Monday October 15, 2012 Hello Angel, tonite I will light a candle and think of all the furbabies who are keeping you company until we meet again. I miss your sweet meow and purrs and soft warm kitty kisses you are my heart and soul and I miss you so much my heart aches. Always your loving Mommy <3
Well another day without my best friend I miss having you here so very much. It's so lonely and quiet no one to cuddle and tell my problems to. The biggest problem is not having you my sweet Angel. Are you safe and happy? At least you are pain free but it still hurts so much missing you baby doll. I will go for a walk now and will remember all the wonderful days we had together. I keep finding your toys hidden all over the house, I leave them there just to keep you close. I love you with all my heart my Baby, Mommy
Goodnight my darling Baby I love you, Mommy
Hi Baby face It's me, just letting u know your little medal came today. It has your name birth year and your crossing over the rainbow bridge year. I will wear it always then I can touch it and hopefully smile with wonderful thoughts of my little angel. It's getting so cold out I would love to just hold you close to me and listen to you purr while you slept and kept me warm. I love you so very much my love and will always until we meet again, please don't ever forget me my love, your broken hearted Mommy
My darling Baby, I'm so sorry I could not visit you because there was trouble with your website but it is fixed now thank goodness! On Thursday I saw you twice when I was walking, first a painted lady butterfly flew right past me then a beautiful black and irridescent blue flew over my head I know that was you and it made me smile. Yesterday I finally was able to bring you home where you belong I picked up your ashes sweetheart along with a pawprint now I have to make a special place in the living room for you to watch over me. I will be on the lookout for a special urn it has to be just right. I love you so much and miss you like crazy, Mommy
Hi kissy face I love you it has been 15 sad and lonely days since I last held you and buried my face in your fur I miss your smell and your touch Mommy
Hi little man, just wanted you to know that I love you and miss you. If only I could have all of the hours and minutes that I had to leave you to go to work and have you here with me it would give us more days together and that would be awesome. I feel you here with me but I want to touch you and hold you. Love, Mommy
Sweetpea, I found your toy stuck to the velcro on my raincoat this morning! Thank you for the sign sweetie I love you!!! I gave you a jack o lantern in honor of our favorite holiday my love, Mommy
Hello my love, we are having a hurricane it's really windy and rainy, when you were a kitten you hated bad weather and would hide behind the washing machine remember? Well I guess you have seen your little brother "Boo" he is something runs up and down the stairs like his ass is on fire keeps me busy he is looking for you I think. He is looking at all of your sleeping places and mewing. Please keep watch over him and keep him safe. I'm trying to comb him good luck with that and trim his nails but his feet are so tiny. Saturday I went to see Dr. Wheat they had a Halloween party for the animals. I won the kitty basket (I know that was your doing) thank you sweetheart. I miss you so much we would be cuddled up for this storm not running around like a banshee. I love you so much and miss you angel, always Mommy
Well we made it thru the hurricane without any damage a couple of trees down but not near our house, thank you for looking after us and protecting us. Boo keeps looking for you in the corner and under the table, right where you used to play as a kitten. I feel your presence and it is so comforting. I love you forever I keep looking at your picture you are the most amazingly beautiful kitty. I miss you sweetheart, Mommy
My beautiful baby boy how I miss you, there will never be another kitty like you, I miss you so much and would love to hold you once more and bury my face in your beautiful fur. I found a baggie with your fur in it from when I would comb you and didn't have the heart to throw it away. I touch it and if I close my eyes I can make believe you are still here with me.Boo is getting into trouble climbing up my legs like I was his personal tree ouch! Well sweetheart I hope I dream about you tonight that would be so wonderful. I love you forever, please don't forget me. Love,Mommy
Goodmorning Sweetpea, Boo found the little plastic piece to my tool, I know you showed him where it was because you put it there, you still crack me up thank you!!!! I'm getting a lot of signals from up there such as check Marilyn"s cats (when I checked they had been alone for days) so thank you whoever sent the message!! I have to bake cookies this morning with Coreen so I will say solong for now I LOVE you angel kisses to you, Mommie
Happy Thanksgiving my love, I hope they serve turkey up in heaven and you are having a great time. I just gave Boo his first taste of turkey and he can't get enough (just like his big brother) I love you so much and miss you so much I can feel you a lot now. I keep finding your toys that I thought were gone, I know that you are leaving them around :-) Thank you my angel so long and keep sending me signs I hear you in my heart guiding me. I love you xoxoxoxo Mommie
My sweet angel Baby, I changed your gifts I hope you like them. I know its probably not cold in Heaven but I don't want you to be cold so I sent you a cozy bed that you can share with a friend. I have an angel in the garden under the big pine tree that Robbie planted so many years ago, its higher than the condo now and just beautiful. The angel is a persian with the most beautiful wings looks just like you. Robbie is in Heaven now also so the tree is so very important. I still miss you so, they say it gets easier but not yet I still cry for you, your little brother keeps me busy tho I guess thats why you sent him to me, he makes me laugh but I still have a pain in my heart for you my beautiful boy. I would love to hold you and put my face in your fur your beautiful fur. I love you forever my love, always your heart broken Mommie
Hello my darling Baby, have you met Roary yet? she was taken by hurricane Sandy she is beautiful and I know you two belong together. I think god sent you on before her so you could welcome her to Rainbow Bridge and she wouldn't be scared. Please be kind to her and show her around my love.When I heard she perished in the hurricane I knew you were her angel and would take care of her.I love you forever and feel you with me all the time. Your angel bell gives me joy whenever I hear it you were quite busy the other night I think back now and realize you were telling me about Roary enjoy your time with her til we meet again I love you with everything I have Sweetheart, Mommy
Well Baby it's another new year, I wish you were here with us I think you would love your new little brother Boo. He is a handful but he is starting to act a little more like you (more of a cuddle bug and not so wild) altho he climbed up my leg and bare back I don't have to tell you it hurt like hell, but he is getting better. I love that your bell rings at random times (makes me smile) thank you for the signs. I love you so so much but having a little monster mash to take care of makes it easier. Please watch over us and take good care of Roary I know you two make a beautiful couple. Til next time I love you with all of my heart sweet boy xoxoxo Mommy
My sweet Baby how I miss you so much, It's almost Valentines day and you are my Valentine, I feel your presence all the time, during the blizzard I heard your soothing bell all night long and I felt safe. I love it when I can hear your bell ringing. Thank you for the sign. I look at your picture all the time several times a day and it gives me peace my darling Baby, I love you forever, your Mommie
FRIDAY MAY 31, 2013
Happy Birthday my sweet angel, you are now resting in a beautiful urn that I designed, it is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you. I miss you so much, your easy relaxing ways, your soft fur and your sweet kitty lips :-) I hope you are having a great birthday in Heaven. Did you see Polo today? Give him a hug from Lisa, she misses him! Your brother is watching me type this, he is so cute but he seems to have a sock fetish really weird but cute.Boo says happy birthday to you he feels your presence as do I, I think that's what makes him so nuts lol. I love you my sweet boy watch over us til we meet again, kisses and hugs, love you, Mommie
Hi Sweetheart, I'm missing you a lot today, I had a dream about you last night they say it's not a dream its a visit, I only know when I wake up I miss you so much I have your urn in the bedroom where I can see it before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, so I feel extra close to you in the bedroom I still have a lump in my throat whenever I think of you & my heart still aches for you, I know you see me with J lo kitty I love to visit him I think somehow your spirit is inside him I feel such a bond with him. Your little brother will b one this Sunday and still brings socks, underwear and towels into bed at night (he is really weird) but I love him. Well my angel I am getting tired so I will say goodnight, sweet dreams baby boy I love you to the moon and back I close my eyes and kiss you and it almost feels real love u with all my heart, Mommy
Well sweetheart I wrote to you and everything vanished so I am pissed but I know you saw everything I wrote I love you so much and the anniversary of you crossing is coming up soon that will SUCK but I know you r watching over us I have proof today thank u for saving us my little man I will see you in my dreams my love, Mommie
Hi my beautiful angel, it's been one year since you crossed the rainbow bridge and I still miss you and LOVE you more than I can say. Please my love don't ever forget me and wait for me to join you when it is time. Right now your little brother Boo is keeping me on my toes but the love I have for you will never go away, I have been dreaming about you a lot lately and I know that it is you visiting me :-) rest easy and play hard with your friends til we meet again, you are my heart my love, Mommie
FRIDAY NOV 29, 2013
Hi sweetpea happy thanksgiving I wish you were here to enjoy some turkey. You have been sending me a lot of messages, your bell rings almost every nite and makes me smile. I still miss you so very much and would love to hold you in my arms and bury my face in your fur and give you kisses. Winter is on the way I am so glad I have you safe with me in your beautiful urn and not outside in the cold I always told you you would be with me forever and I will try to keep my promise. Well darling I have changed your scenery and I hope you like it. All my love now and forever I love and adore you, Mommy
Hi Baby, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your new friends. I missed you so much and was so sad and lonely for you. Boo senses your presence and sometimes just stares into space and I heard your memorial bell ringing like crazy, I love when you ring your bell brings a smile to my face everytime. Thank you for the signs my beautiful boy I love you with all of my heart and the ache is still there I miss you still so very much. Please keep me in your heart I love you and will love til the end of time. I love and adore you, Mommy xoxoxo
Hi my sweet Baby, Happy New Year, Please look for "Jesse" a tuxedo kitty that Alice and I found in the freezing cold. We bundled him up in a blanket and he walked right into the carrier (I think he knew we were trying to help him) we rushed him to the vet we were going to get him neutered and cleaned up and Alice was going to keep him. He was so nice purring all the way and "making bread" on the blanket. The vet had really bad news Jesse was feline hiv positive and had all ulcers on his tongue and in his mouth and he couldn't eat we had to send him to you for love and comfort please make him your buddy and show him around it is making me so sad that he didn't make it. I think somebody dumped him and that just isn't right, so love him and cuddle with him I don't think he had such a good life here but there with you and the other fur angels he will finally have comfort. I love you so much Baby please share with Jesse I love you to the moon and back again with all my love forever Mommie.
FRIDAY FEB 14,2014
Happy Valentines day Baby boy I love you and miss you so very much. I heard your bell ringing, I always love that I know you are saying hello. Did you meet up with Jesse and show him around? Poor guy had a very sad life so he needs a friend so much please take care of him so that he knows what love is. We had so much snow this year so I am kinda stuck in the house trying to groom your little brother Boo but he is not cooperating, and he bites so he has a few knots o well!! I love you sweetheart you are my heart <3 Mommie.
Dearest Baby, please look for and welcome Rocky, he was an awesome raccoon that stopped by for awhile to seek shelter from the cold, sadly somebody put out poison and he must have eaten it because he got weaker every day and he was suffering I think he found me for a reason or was sent to me, so sad but he is not hurting anymore. You must have a lot of friends now I hope you are happy and playing like a little kitten til we meet again watch over us and keep us safe. I love you to the moon and back, Love, Mommie
Hi sweet Baby, tomorrow I am going to see your newest baby brother, I have named him Jesse in honor of the tuxedo that came to you on Jan 9, 2014. He is so cute and looks a lot like you (did you send him to me?) he was born on St. Paddy's day seems like you were sending me a message. I hope he and Boo get along it will be good for Boo to have someone to play with. Your bell has been ringing a lot lately it is so comforting to me thank you for watching over us. I just still miss you so so much sometimes it hurts to think about it, please don't forget me I will never forget you til we meet again please come to me in dreams. Love you forever, Mommie XXXXXOOOOO
Happy Birthday in Heaven my darling Baby boy, you have the same birthday as my father life is so amazing sometimes, now I know why we had that special connection you both had the same spirit. I love you so much Baby, I guess you know we have a new addition "Jesse" he is a handful, eats all the food poor Boo does not know what to make of him they play but Boo is more of a couch potato. I'm hoping Jesse and Boo will become best friends. I still miss you so much I miss you cuddling with me and just everything about you I hope you are having fun with all of the other fur angels please don't forget me, til we meet again, you are my heart, Mommie XXOO
MONDAY OCT 6, 2014
Darling Baby it's been two years since you crossed over the rainbow bridge and left me heartbroken, it never gets easier sweetheart and I still miss you so so much. I guess by now you are playing and taking care of Socks the little tuxedo kitten that Stella and Liz found on their patio. Socks had a very short but purposeful life. He was sent to take care of Stella when Liz went to heaven I am sure that Liz is with all of you right now (she really loved all the animals) so my darling here it is fall again the leaves are starting to change and the nights are getting chilly and I am missing you so much sweetie, I would really love to hear your bell tonight and have a dream about you and feel your fur and kiss you I <3 you with all my heart, keep watching over us especially Bernie he's not looking so good lately and he won't let me near him to help. Love and kisses til we meet again Mommie
Hello my love, here it is December already I can't believe it's almost christmas. Boo and Jesse have no concept of naughty or nice but thats ok they help me not to miss you so much, also Gus my feral cat keeps me quite busy. The way he follows me where ever I go makes me think your spirit is somehow connected to his I think thats why he has a special spot in my heart I love him bought him a nice winter shelter with two inches of foam lining and its heated with an overhang over the door, now if I could just keep Scruffy out. I have 5 shelters stuffed with straw and all lined so I hope they are warm enough. I sent you a warm cat cozy for the winter you can invite all of your friends inside to keep each other warm. Please say some cat prayers for Bernie, he is not looking so good lately he really has had a rough life we try to help him but he is too wild, so a few prayers maybe would help. Well my darling I miss you so much and love you with all of my heart, be happy and free til we meet again, all my love to you, Mommie
Hi my darling Baby, I am so sorry it's been so long since I wrote you, no excuse, it still breaks my heart when I think that you r no longer with me. There r two more friends for u to hang out with: Benji and Donatella I miss u so much Baby time is not helping!! Please watch over us, I love and miss u still please come to me in a dream, Love always and forever Mommie
Hi my love, please look for Smoky who left for Rainbow Bridge this morning, he is a beautiful kitty with blue eyes and a siamese coat he was really sick and I think he was missing Liz who I'm sure is there looking after all of her kitties. Well time is not making it any better, my heart still aches for you my Baby. Jesse and Boo keep me and my mind busy but I still think of you every day I <3 you so much sweetheart it's been almost three years and my heart still misses you so much. I love you, Mommy
Hello my angel, Bernie crossed the bridge this morning please look after him for me, he had such a rough life 15 years living as a feral missing ear so many scars but I loved him I held him while he crossed and told him I loved him and there would be no more pain then I kissed him and he was gone sorry Bernie this was one thing I couldn't fix for you, the vet said your injuries were too severe, you are free now run and play with Baby and the others. I'm sorry that you never had a home or toys or a scratching post or your own bed I tried to give you shelter and food and medical care when you needed it. I love you Bernie and I will miss you forever my heart is breaking sweetie I hope I dream about you tonight.. Goodnight my love sleep tight love, mommy
MON OCT 5, 2015
Hello my precious Baby tomorrow will be three years since you crossed over the rainbow bridge, it still breaks my heart to think about it, I still miss you so my love. A lot of my fur friends have come to join you it never gets easy, I hope all of you are happy, pain free and having fun. I sent a blanket for you all to cuddle on and a jack-o-lantern because it's my favorite holiday (Halloween) this is not good bye we always say see you later love, I love you so, so much darling miss kissing you sweetie til we meet again, Mommie
FRI DEC 25,2015
Hi Baby merry Christmas from Boo, Jesse and of course me, your mom I love and miss you so much that never changes I sent you some warm blankets just incase it gets cold and a single red rose for love you are my angel baby til we meet again I LOVE YOU, mommy
MON SEPT 12,2016 My Love, please forgive me for not writing you more often there is no excuse but I have your ashes in my bedroom and talk to you all the time, but you know that :-) I still love you so much and miss you with all of my heart which still hurts because you are gone. I Love and miss you, Mommy
WED OCT 5, 2016
Darling Baby tomorrow will be 4 years since you had to leave me, I still miss you so so much I still can't believe that you are gone, I sent you ice cream this time I remember how much you loved ice cream and yogurt it was never safe if you were around lol. I know a lot of friends have joined you in the last 4 years I hope you are taking care of Johns beloved Millie she had to leave him much too soon but I know she is safe with you. I have to go now and give Rocco his shot, always remember I love you to the moon and back and not having you here breaks my heart I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, til we meet again, Love Mommie
MON SEPT 11,2017
My love, I still have you in my heart and will love you for eternity please don't think I have forgotten about you-I know you had something to do with sending me Billy to love and care for, loving him makes me so happy so thank you-Boo is lying next to me right now, he must know I'm a little sad thinking about you, so my love play with the others oil we are together again I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Mommy
Monday Sept 9,2019
Sorry I haven't written in a while but I still have you with me ❤️ still with Billy he is a handful and I get depressed I don't know if Gus is with you when I was in the hospital he disappeared I think he was looking for me when I got home I searched and people were looking for him we had a special bond but I never found him 😢if he is with you send me a sign. I love you and miss you so much baby you are still my heart ❤️ love always mommy
My love you still are my heart, I love you so much and still think of you every day. I know you have a lot of fur friends in the last 8 years that have come to keep you company. Rest easy my love I will love you forever 💋💋💋mommy
Mon Sept 12,2022
My love You are still my heart I love you so much, if Gus is there please take care of him for me. He vanished when I was in the hospital, I searched all over and couldn't find him <3 I have you with me and that gives me comfort I love you, Mommy
October 6, 2022
Anniversary of your crossing rainbow bridge I still feel you everywhere. Lucy is there now, please take care of her she crossed on Monday poor baby was in pain but now I know she is free of pain. I will always love you Baby❤️💋❤️
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