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Memories of Baby Girl
My sweet angel Baby Girl went in for scheduled surgery Tuesday morning, 11/27/2007, to remove an abdominal cyst. Her doctors were great at every step and no one was at fault. She had very advanced liver and pancreatic disease that the cyst prevented an ultrasound from revealing. She never woke up from the surgery and she was never in pain.

She was much loved by me and by my husband, although she preceded him by a year. She was one of a litter of six wild kittens that I fostered. In total, I fostered seven litters of wild kittens, some 40 in all, and she was the one that stuck with me - she picked me. And when I got married, she picked my husband. She was his heart kitty.

She was a piece of work in her 15 years on the planet and in our household. She was an extremely smart kitty - we always joked that all she was missing was opposable thumbs to become a master criminal. :) She talked - a LOT - and she managed to convey a great range of emotions and moods in the tone and inflection of her meows. She also listened intently when talked TO - she was trying so hard to understand what was being said.

She HATED (repeat HATED) blue painter's tape. God help my husband if he came home with it stuck to his shirt (he is a painter). She'd get up on his lap and work that tape and work it until she got it off and then she'd spit it disgustedly on the floor. My husband only recently made the mistake of sticking a piece to his nose when she was on his lap. He swerved backward just in time. :)

She was a lover and a loud, audible purr machine. You didn't even have to touch her to get her purrs rolling. You'd say "Baby Girl" and she'd turn her head, look you squarely in the eye, and then start to purr. She was the master of biscuit making, be that on a blanket, flesh, or air. She loved being up high and when able to do so, surveyed all she saw as though she was deeply connected to her lioness heritage.

She was many things too numerous to list here - most important, however, is that she was and is a member of our family and was deeply loved. Consequently she is also sorely missed, and I've cried a river as a result.

So this is my small tribute to her large life. Her absence leaves a hole, but the loving given and received was well worth the missing.

Baby Girl
ca. 1993 - Nov. 27, 2007 - now an Angel.

12/17/2007 - Well my sweet Baby, it's been three weeks since you left us for the Bridge. I think of you there often. I sleep with your picture every night, and you'll love this - when I hold the picture out to Grady, he rubs just the side of the frame that you're on (it's the one of you and him together). I dust and kiss your memorial every day. Bobby has put your catnip banana directly on top of it - I tried to move it off to the side with your catnip mouse, but he wants it on top close to you.

Grady misses you so much - he walks the house and yowls. We know he's looking for you. We think all the time about all the funny, smart things you did and how much joy you brought to our lives. I don't cry as much as I did when you first left us, but I still cry because you're gone. :( I just wanted you to know that.

March 27, 2008 - I can't quite believe it's been four months since you left us for the Bridge, Baby Girl! Even though you are physically gone from our lives, I am so glad that you sent your spirit to us when you helped me find Rufus and Feats. Both of them have so many characteristics that are just like yours. Feats is SO smart, and I know he gets the from you. Rufus has your beautiful habit of reaching out and touching our faces with a paw. I smile now instead of cry when I see one of them do something that so obviously comes from you.

Grady is tolerant of the kittens in the same way that he was tolerant of you. You guys were never grooming buddies but you loved each other and enriched each other's lives. I know that you watch over Grady and protect him in his senior years and I am SO grateful for that.

I miss you Baby Girl. I hope you're happy and healthy at the Bridge and that you feel me kiss your picture at night (Grady rubs it also!) and that you can hear my mind when you enter it (which is regularly). :-* Mom (and especially Bobby and even Grady)

November 27, 2008 - A whole year since we lost you, Baby Girl. It's unbelievable. I woke this morning and that was the first thing I thought of - that it was a sad anniversary.

I do believe you're happy where you are, though, and I believe that you are looking out over Grady. You know that - I talk to you about it and ask you to look out for him, to keep him happy and healthy for as long as God wills. And I am so grateful for the time you've given me with Grady. But nothing replaces you or fills your absence in our lives. There will always be a hole that is Baby Girl-sized. :) We wouldn't have it any other way, because only you were Baby Girl, and that was ALWAYS special and irreplaceable.

We miss and love you, Baby Girl.

November 27, 2010 - Wonderful thoughts of you abound especially today, Baby Girl. Anniversaries are hard - and I think of you and kiss your sweet picture every single day. But even though the 3 year anniversary is difficult, it's also been great to write about you and remember all the infinite things you did that made me smile and enriched my life. I'm so very grateful for you.


November 27, 2011. I can't really believe it's been four years since I last saw you, Baby Girl. I know that I miss you every single day and think of you always. I've always believed that the souls of those who have passed send some essence of themselves or a hint of memory to help the living who struggle with continual grief. I feel somehow that you've done that for us with Meatball - she is SO like you. Lovable on her own terms, totally fearless, and wicked intelligent. Those are all the traits you have, and Meatball came along less than a year after you left and I can't help but believe that you gifted us with a little piece of you to make us smile and remember. And we do - all the time.

I'm sorry for any and all mistakes I made with you. You and all of the others deserve my very best, and I try for that every day with your spirit, memory and guidance firmly planted underneath me. I love you Baby Girl - I miss you so much.


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