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Memories of Baci
I didn't have you since birth. I rescued you at the age of 4 years old.. I was your 3rd home and your last. I often wondered how the humans before me did not care for you enough to take care of your health issues. You came to me with bad teeth and very underweight. It took a while but you gained 6 pounds. You were so beautiful and loving. You learned to trust me and we soon developed a very special bond. You did come with a lot of health issues such as food allergies .. and later pancreatitis and diabetes. I found a couple of amazing doctors and vet technicians that took care of you. You would go outside with me and play in the yard. You had lots of cat trees in the house and your little stuffed lamb that you loved to cuddle. You like popping catnip bubbles and bring me presents of lizards. You loved being brushed .. you were such a good girl.. never tore the furniture. At night you would lay on the towel and the foot of the bed and then lay on my chest and rub your face against my cheek. I only wish I did have you as a baby and maybe I could have prevented your health issues from becoming so chronic. They knew us very well at the Specialty Animal hospital. All the staff loved you but knew you could be a little challenging. You had a mind of your own. You would sulk when I got back from doing dog volunteer work. You could smell the dogs on my clothes and you would sit and turn your back to me. You always welcomed me at the garage door when I came home. When clients came over ...you always had to come into my workroom to say hello. I knew you weren't feeling good the last few days and it made me so sad because I knew your time was short with me. Even the best doctors couldn't keep the diabetes and pancreatitis in control. 4 of us made that heartbreaking decision. I will always be incredibly grateful that you came into my life. Hopefully you have met my other beloved fur babies Molecule and Kahlua. I miss you my sweet baby girl every day. Please don't forget me. Visit me sometime.... even in my dreams .. please send me a sign you are okay.
Love you Baci girl. XOXO Mom
8-1 2020. I look in the corner of my bedroom and living room.. your cat trees are gone. I donated them to a cat rescue organization. I miss you so much little girl. some days are so much more difficult without you. I miss you so much. XO.
2-1-2021 I"ll love you forever XOXO
3-23-21 It's been 1 year that you have been gone and I still miss you so very much. Your little box sits on top of my dresser along with Kahlua and Molecule. I miss you crawling onto my chest at night and rubbing your face against my cheek. XOXO
3-3-22 It's coming up on 3 years I had to say goodbye. You will always be in my heart sweet Baci. XOXO
3-20-23 you went over Rainbow 🌈 bridge 3 years ago ... feels like yesterday.. I miss you ❤️
3-23-23 I lost you 3 years ago .. I still miss your little face 💕
3-23-24. I still miss you.. love you 💕
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