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Memories of Bailey
Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

Bailey was not a part of my family, he was my family. God gave him to me during a dark time in my life and Bailey brought light. Taking care of him is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Bailey loved "helping" me in the kitchen. He loved going for walks, especially on hiking trails. One of his most favorite things to do outside was roll!!! When he cuddled on the couch he had to be touching you, he would just curled up next to us. He was a smaller dog but boy did he know how to hog the bed. He would stretch and just push us out of the way. He also made the funniest noises in his sleep. Bailey always had to be in the same room as us too. We were never alone with Bailey.

There was nothing else in the world like coming home to Bailey. He would jump off the couch, run down the hall with his butt wiggling, his tail wagging and he would "squeak"!

Bailey didn't particularly like other dogs. He tolerated them just fine but I don't think he thought he was one. He was more of a people puppy. He would "cry" whenever he met someone and the tail went a mile a minute.

He hated taking a bath but loved feeling clean. We couldn't even say the word "bath" - he would hide under the bed for days if we did. After we finally tricked him into the tub, he would run around the house yelling at us. But then later, when the trauma had worn off, he would walk around very proud.

Bailey was very good with kids. He loved being around them. He was so gently with them and they loved walking him. He was the only dog they knew that wouldn't pull you. On the contrary, he spent so much time sniffing, we would have to pull him.

I miss him so much already. The house is so quiet with out him. He was a small dog with BIG personality. His presence is everywhere. The thing I miss the most is petting him. I would just walk by him and rub behind his ears or run my hand over his head and down his back - which would make his tail wiggle. I miss tripping over him in the kitchen, I miss cuddling with him on the couch. I am not sure how to fall asleep without him at the foot of the bed. I keep reaching out in the middle of the night looking for him.

I am grateful to God that he didn't suffer long. Bailey was a vibrant, happy and loving puppy. He got sick around Thanksgiving and passed after Christmas. But that last month was really the only time he was sick and the vet doesn't think he was ever in pain. I was so hard to watch him decline that last month - really that was the hardest part. My Dad told me Bailey would tell me when he was ready and he did. That last night, Bailey gave me the look. He looked at me and said "Please don't make me do this anymore". His passing was so peaceful and he was given a few easy breaths in the end. I am so blessed that I could be there with him that moment. But I don't want to remember him that way. In time, I know I will remember all the blessing without the pain.

Bailey, my Puppy, my Puppers, my Pupper Do..... May you rest in peace in the knowledge that you will live on in forever in our hearts.

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