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Memories of Bailey "Mr.Bay"
It is with a heavy heart and tearful face that I write this letter to you. Saying goodbye to you
Bay,is so very hard, but it is my last gift to you,to let you go and give you your wings. You have been my angel and gentle soul mate since you came into my life. Your gentle, kind, calm, sweet manner has helped so many people. Just being in the same room with you, created a calm, sweet ora
that made everything seem safe. Hugging you, took away pain, tension, anxiety, and restlessness that sometime consumes us and made us feel better. Bay, you were not only a wonderful therapy dog,
but also a natural healer.

You have brought smiles,laughter,and joy to hospice patients, children and adults at libraries, elementary schools, high schools, and colleges; but most of all you have made my life richer. It
has been a privilege and pleasure to know you and take care of you. I am so grateful to have had you in my life. You have taught me kindness, patience, strength, gratefulness and acceptance. Going through cancer with you has been quite a journey. I feel honored that I was able to through this journey with you every step of the way. You have been so brave, stoic, and accepting.

I loved watching you run like the wind at the dog park and Eagle Greenbelt. Your ears would flip flop and your tail would wag. I loved watching you stop and smell the flowers and greens. You reminded me of the children's story, Ferdinand The Bull. I loved watching you wade and splash in the water.
You loved smelling and gently playing with the other dogs. You especially loved the females.
When we came to the park,Bosco and Cooper would bolt out of the car, but you would always wait patiently for me, so kind and thoughtful. On the way to the park, Bosco and Cooper would have their heads out the window,but you, being so mild mannered, would only have your cute little pink nose out of the window.

You loved going on outings in the car,you were always ready to go, such a good little traveler.
Watching you when you were sleeping was always a treat. You would run, bark, snore, wag your tail. I think you had some good dreams.

Eating was always a great love of yours. Favorite foods were: peanut butter, cottage cheese, salmon, sardines scrambled eggs, ice cream fruit.

You have been a wonderful brother to Bosco, Cooper and Peeka. Bosco and Cooper liked to snuggle with you on the same bed and Peeka liked to rub up against you. Cooper looked out for you and would let me know if you needed help.

All of you loved listening to music at bedtime; it would put you right to sleep.

I am thankful for all the paw prints on my floor;I am thankful for all your fur on my rugs and clothes; I am thankful for your drool and slobbery kisses. All of those things were part of you
and I loved every part of you and always will. luv, kisses,licks, and wags mommie

7-2-16 It is almost a year since you crossed the bridge my love. I miss you every day. When I wake in the morning, first thing I see is Your beautiful picture and I say "Good Morning my love" when I go to sleep at night I say "Good night my love"
When I go to Redwood Park, I talk to you because I feel like you are walking with Bosco, Cooper, Jessie, and me. When I walk along the river in Eagle, I think of you and feel you are walking with us. Your pictures are all over the house to remind me you are still with us in spirit. I carry you, my beloved, in my heart where ever I go.You will always be with me and a part of me. I have wonderful memories of you to fill my head and my heart. Silverstone Library has dedicated a book shelf to you, so that you are honored and remembered as an exceptional loving soul that keeps giving as the pages turn. I sometimes feel like you are my guardian angel who watches over me. Whenever I escape a close call, I feel your presence. I feel like you helped me through it all. There will never be another Mr. Bay. You are a one of a kind! love,kisses and licks, mommie

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