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Memories of Bailey
We first met Bailey when he was only days old, the first people to ever hold him..We got to bring him home on Dec.10th, the best Christmas gift ever! He brought so many special memories and so much happiness to our home during his 12 years,we loved him so much and he loved us back, he loved watching for his "big brother" to come over, he would set for hours just watching the clock or the back door on bowling nights when he knew for sure he would be stopping in.He loved his little basketball and owned several through the years..He was the smartest little guy and so easy to train in everything we attempted, he learned to ring a bell hanging on the back door when he had to go out..and after awhile he rang that bell when his food or water bowl was empty, after some time he learned in his own way to ring it differently to distinguish between going out or empty bowls..he was so funny and the most gentle dog i've ever known..Once i dropped my diamond ear ring on the floor and was looking all around for it when suddenly i noticed him watching me very close and i said "Bailey,do you have my ear ring" and after a little chase he gave up and rolled onto his side and i dug my diamond out of the back of his mouth,he never tried to bite me..Bailey was always there for us in our times of grief and loss, always there at the door waiting for us when we had spent long hours at the hospital, nursing home or the VA with family and always seemed to know how to cheer us up on those days..And when one of us was sick and laying on the couch he knew and laid on the floor right beside us till we were better..About 2 years ago he was diagnosed with Cushings and Thyroid disease, had 2 surgeries and we gave him his medicines and kept on loving him,he was part of our family and he got the best care, wouldn't have had it any other way..In late Sept. he started declining and on Friday Nov.3rd he really declined and we waited through the night to see if he bounced back any but he didn't and the next day we decided to have him put to sleep..With heavy hearts we were taking him to the veterinary and as we were waiting for traffic to clear so we could turn left to the veterinary office he died in my arms. How special that was i could never convey, I'll always believe he knew we struggled to have him put to sleep and spared us that at the very end..We all miss him so much,and i still look for him when i come in the back door, still hear his feet walking across the kitchen floor at times.Our home is different without him now,he has definitely left his paw prints forever in our hearts, he wasn't our whole life but he made our lives whole! Miss you Bailey Boy,so very much!

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