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Memories of Bandit
When I received Bandit from a friend, he was a pudgy 8 week old who was the only survivor of the litter. He grew and quickly became a member of the family that everybody adored. After a couple of years, I got a companion for Bandit and he and Lexie became inseperable. They would play and run together always watching for each other. They moved with me many times and always adapted well to the new environment. He was adventuresome and there were a couple of times I thought I had lost him but always a Guardian Angel was watching over him and we were reunited. As he grew older, his eyesight started to get worse but it did not slow him down a bit.
When his legs started to give out, I knew his time was short but he always had a kiss for me right to the end. For nearly 18 years, Bandit was always by my side and comforted me during some tough times. Finally, I knew as much as I wanted him to be with me just a bit longer, it was time to let him go. The vet was so comforting and assured me Bandit would finally be able to rest in peace, free of the pain of old age.
Bandit will always hold a special place in my heart. He is watching over myself and all that he came in contact with over the years.
03/23/11 Bandit -- It is my first birthday since you have been gone and it has renewed the feelings of loss but I know you are watching over me. You are never far from my thoughts and know you are happy and free to play and run again!
5/25/11 Had to take Lexie to the vet today and got to thinking about you. We are coming up on a year since you went to the bridge but you still are in my heart!
7/3/11 It is coming up on 1 year since I had to let you go and I still think about you. I know you must be so happy and free of the pain of old age. While you are never to be replaced, Dirk has turned into a loving companion who reminds me so much of you. Lexie is doing well, taking her medication has made it so much easier for her to get around. I sometimes think when she is looking toward the sky and barking, she is talking with you!
12/19/11--The second Christmas without you in the house; Lexie is still doing well and keeping up with Dirk. I still, on occasion, will say your name when asked about my pets. I know you are happy and at peace with all your new friends. Merry Christmas my friend and companion.
7/29/12 -- 2 years have past but you still are in my thoughts; still occasionally saying your name instead of Dirk or Lexie; still look at your picture on my desk. You taught Lexie well, she has been great comfort as the past few months have been a struggle with some health issues. I know you are watching over us!
11/4/12 -- Another year has passed and we are all still together. Dirk and Lexie still play together and Lexie is doing very well for her 17th year! Everytime I look at your picture on my desk, I seem to recall another special moment. We are happy here in the desert and know you have kept watch on us.
2-6-13 -- Another year and we are all still together. Lexie is a bit more frail but still getting around pretty well and dirk has turned into the same type of lap pup you were Bandit! Were still in the desert but my job will probably take me on another adventure fairly soon. Your picture will always remain on my desk so you will always be with us!!
5-16-13 -- Here we are entering the summer once again. The beginning of summer is bringing a sad realization that Lexie may be about to join you as she is having severe problems getting around. While it will be a very sad day, I can't let her suffer in any way as she deserves to be free of the pain of old age. We will see what the vet has to say but I fear that not much more can be done. I know you will find her and once again you will have your companion of so many years with you again. I will then have both of you looking down on Dirk and I keeping our spirits high.
5-17-13 -- Lexie has joined you today, the time was now as she lost her ability to move about and no longer had the desire to eat or drink. Make sure to find her and you will have your companion of so many years by your side to run and play without the bounds of age.
11-19-13 -- Another holiday season is beginning and I am thinking of you and know you are still watching over me and Dirk. Dirk has a new companion, another rescue from the animal shelter. Her name is Jezzy. they get along so well and both love to get on my lap and cuddle and sleep just like you.
2-9-15 -- Too long since I have updated anything; To this day day, I still think about Bandit and his companion Lexie however I know they are both happy and free of the pain of their age. What special companions they both are even now that they are looking down watching over us
2-17-16 -- Another year, new part of the country but both Bandit and Lexie are here and watching over us! Dirk and Jezzy are best of friends just like Bandit and Lexie are to this day.
2-15-17 -- While I haven't been here for a long time, I still think about Bandit and Lexie nearly everyday. What great companions they were and still are as they watch over me, Dirk and Jezzy!
5-1-18 -- Bandit and Lexie still are in my mind nearly everyday. On this Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, both were the best companions anyone could have.
3-9-20 It has been a bit since visiting but have both Bandit and Lexie in my mind. On February 10, Dirk joined them crossing over the rainbow bridge after passing away with me by his side. I know all three are running and playing together
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