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Memories of Bandit Bingham
When I first saw you I didn't think I wanted another being I could love and lose having lost mother, grandmother & house the year before. But you became a part of me- part of everything I am or ever wanted to be. In the ten years since you left there hasn't been a day I haven't thought of you and missed you. As Dami & Finnian joined us we became the family that I always wanted. You were such a travel kitty- going to my Dad's infirst Wappingers Falls then up to Oswego- most cats couldn't handle a 6 1/2 hour drive but you would just snore; I often wondered what the people in the next room we stayed in Vermont thought when I kept telling you to get out of the bath tub and stop playing with the electrical cords. People that hated cats loved you - my friend Sharon when she went to have tumors taken out of her head -one of the few things she took to the hospital was a picture of you. You were always there for me when I needed to cry and never minded getting your fur wet. And you were the only nonhuman ever nominated for office in the Gaspee Days Committee- for recording secretary against me your mom no less. You spread you love to others - your Auntie Jeanne & Auntie Heather and Nana Pat. There was the time you ate a ponytail palm just before I went to my sisters wedding and the time you ran up to the third floor in our appartment building to munch on our neighbor's mostly dead poinsetta plant- you were so proud of yourself. And Marisa- you have known her since you were a baby and she was five- now she has a baby of her own- one human and one feline. Then there was the time you climbed up the Christmas tree and I pulled you out at my eye level and had to take the tree down as I knew you would do it again. You were a bit fickle when it came to the ladies even thought you were fixed. First was Sheba, then April and then Amber who never let you forget her anger for allowing Dami to move in.

You were always so close to Finnian- from the moment he arrived you two were best buds; you loved Dami too but it wasn't the same. I just wish you had been here for my second Gaspee parade and for my becoming Gaspee President- I paid tribute to you and your love and dignity in both my installation speech and on the committee website.

You were such a water kitty- always had to play in the bathtub with an inch of water after I washed my hair. You would wash your paws in your water bowl- sometimes getting your paws wet then putting them in the litter box to create cement feet- just before my going to work. You would always wash litter out of your paws in your water bowl and that is how I know you haven't left me- I still find litter in the other cat's water bowl.

And you were a good coversationalist- people didn't believe me when I told them this but then they would see us in action; that and your favorite trick of opening the storage cabinet dorr- only when everyone was looking!

I know when the time comes for us to join you at the Rainbow Bridge you will come and get each one of us- Dami, Finnian & me as you already came to get Aunt Heather's Nooodle- we were there we could tell he saw you and then went with you.

I love you Bandit- always have and always will forever, forever, forever.

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