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Memories of Bandit
Bandit came into our lives as a puppy, we estimated around 6 months old My husband had seen this cute puppy in a corn field for 3 days in a row On the 4th day he didnt see him so he stopped his truck and whistled. The pup stuck his head from between the cornstalks and cocked his head as if to say "who, me?". He wouldnt come closer so my husband retrieved a honey bun from his truck that had been left over from work. The sweetest pup came running to get the honey bun. As he enjoyed his treat, my husband picked him up and set him in the truck. We had just begun rescuing dogs so my husband called me and said "guess what I have in my truck!" So began our lives with the sweetest, gentlest boy ever. Bandit was a terrier/lab mix and was happiest during meal times. Even between meals, he had his nose to the floor, hunting for a morsel of food. Bandit had a long strand of white hair on the back of his neck, much longer than the rest of his hair so we called him our little hippy flower child. Also because of his gentle, peaceful personality. During a training class several years later (and may I add, he was the shining star), he had his picture made in a Harley Davidson vest and bandanna. That was my boy!

In June of 2019, Bandit began acting sluggish, unlike himself. During a visit to his vet, and after a battery of tests, we learned he had liver cancer that had metastasized to his spleen. We thought we had more time with him but two weeks later, he stopped eating, then drinking. We were terrified we were losing our gentle boy. When his belly began swelling and we could tell he was in pain, we knew it was time to say goodbye. We asked his beloved vet to come out to Bandit's home to let help him cross over the Bridge in the comfort of his own home. With his beloved vet, favorite vet tech, his Aunt Breenie and his mommy by his side, through tears, we said our last goodbye. Our hearts are broken. Bandit will always be missed and NEVER forgotten! His passing has left a void in our home and hearts that can never be filled. Mommy loves you baby boy and I'll see you again!

6/18/19- Good morning baby boy. I hope you have a beautiful day at the meadow. I'm thinking of you as always. I closed Blue's crate this morning and started to cry. I always did that to keep you out of his nasty crate. I guess I dont have to do that any longer. You're in a better place but I miss you so badly. I cant say your name without crying. I know that's not what you want and I know the pain will ease some but losing you is so very fresh in my mind. Have a great day baby. Run free with no cancer slowing you down and never never forget mommy loves you!!!

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