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Memories of Banjo
Banjo, you are the sweetest dog in the world. You were always by our side and did everything with us. Your unconditional love was such a blessing. I miss holding you and having you lick my face. I wish you were here so I could give you the cookies that you loved so much! We loved to take you for a ride in the car and also watching you ride in the sidecar with Papa Dale. I miss the sound of you "singing" to me and barking to let us know when you wanted something. Banjo, your toys are all still in the living room. It is comforting to hold them. Nana Nita still has your house in her room. We all miss you dearly. Our homes are so empty without you. I know that you are in God's loving arms and we will once again see you someday. Banjo I hope you know how much we love you and miss you. You were such a precious gift to all of us.

7/17/09 Banjo....I just added the song "You Are My Sunshine" to your residency because you always used to "sing" to it. You are still my sunshine Banjo. I think about you each day and hope that you are playing and enjoying being healthy again. Daddy and I miss you so very much and keep thinking about all the beautiful memories you have given us.

8/14/09 Banjo....I think about you every single day and miss your kisses so very much. I believe you know how much we all miss you and are hurting without you. I also believe that you and God arranged it so we were given an opportunity to care for an aging Shih Tzu that needed a home. Daddy and I were asked to take in Jake five weeks to the day you went to heaven. He is not you, but caring for him reminds me of our times together. It does help to ease the pain a bit. I know you are in heaven and have everything you need. Thanks for giving us Jake to care for in your absence. We love and miss you Banjo!!

9/2/09 Banjo....missing you so much today. I wish you were here to give me kisses and sing. You were a one in a million doggie. Love you punkin!!

9/22/09 Banjo....it is 12 weeks today since God took you to heaven. We still miss you so much. I so wish you were here to hug and kiss. I found two Cheerios on the floor the last two days, and I'm sure you left them there. It's like when people find pennies from heaven. We know the Cheerios are a sign that you are being well cared for in the hands of God. Miss you so much. Love you forever!

10/3/09 Banjo....this week was especially difficult since it marked 3 months since you've been away from us. I miss you so much and want to hold you! I miss looking into your sweet eyes and knowing that you felt our love. Be happy Banjo until we see each other again! Love you forever! Mommy and Daddy

10/24/09 Banjo...missing you today and every day. I remember you rustling through the leaves in the fall. I miss you so much. Love you, Mommy

1/4/10 Banjo....Thanksgiving and Christmas brought back so many wonderful memories of our time together. You were greatly missed "asking" for turkey at the dinner table. You always loved to find your presents under the tree and open them. It was difficult to not have you here opening your presents on Christmas morning. We love and miss you so much. Your loving presence and faithfulness will forever be in our hearts. Love you forever!! Mommy and Daddy

1/10/10 Banjo.....Friday would have been your 14th birthday here with us. However, God wanted you to spend it in heaven. We thought about you all day and how we loved watching you eat your birthday ice cream, and how much fun you always had opening your presents! We miss you so much Banjo, even though we know you are in a better place. We love you so much and continue to miss you each and every day. Thank you for the joy you brought to us and for the wonderful memories we have of you. Love you forever!! Mommy and Daddy

1/31/10 Banjo.....Yesterday was seven months since you went to heaven. We all still miss you so very much! I wish you were here to sing "You Are My Sunshine" with me and give those wonderful sloppy kisses. You will forever be in all of our hearts. I know you are healthy and playing in heaven. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

2/7/10 Banjo.....Missing you so much today!! Please know how much we love you. Mommy and Daddy

3/3/10 Banjo.....Thinking about you today (as always) and missing your cute little face! I wish you were here with us so very much. It's so difficult to not be able to pick you up and hold you!! We love you so much!! Know you are always in our hearts! Love, Mommy and Daddy

4/1/10 My dear sweet Banjo....You are still so much on our minds and a part of our conversations. It's a beautiful spring day today and I miss watching you walk around the yard and smelling all of the newly bloomed flowers. You will always be on our minds and in our hearts. We dearly miss you Banjo. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

5/4/10 My precious precious Banjo....Missing you so much. You loved to sniff around the yard so much during this time of year. I can still see you walking around the yard every time I go outside. We love you so much. I told Nana today that I wish you were here to lick my face. You were such a sweetie pie. I will never ever forget you and our wonderful times together Banjo. I think of you each and every time I play with Jake. My heart aches when I think about you being gone, but I know that you are happy in heaven. I miss you terribly Banjo. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

6/29/10 My dear dear Banjo....it is five minutes until midnight. June 30th will be a year since you went to heaven. Somehow it isn't any easier to write to you tonight than it was to deal with your passing a year ago. I still miss you so very much Banjo. I miss my playful little boy who loved his cookies so much! I also miss having you sleep next to us in bed each night. I think about this day a year ago many times and the pain in your eyes. Even though I know you are no longer suffering, I want so badly to have you healthy and with us. Of course I know that can't happen, so I think of all of the great memories we have of you. Someday we will be together again Banjo. Until that day comes, I know that you are resting peacefully in the arms of the Lord. I miss you so much Banjo. Please know how much we will always love you. You are forever in our hearts. Love, Mommy and Daddy

9/6/10 My precious baby Banjo. Fall is almost upon us now. It seems impossible that this is our second fall without you to play with in the yard. I still miss you so much every single day. I wish you were here so you could also play with Jake. I think you would like him because he doesn't care much about eating, and he wouldn't steal your cookies!! I was looking at pictures of you the other day and could see the sickness in your eyes before you passed. I didn't see it at the time. Please forgive me if I let you suffer at any time. It is a comfort knowing now that you are healed and in the arms of the Lord. Thank you for being such a wonderful companion Banjo. You will be with us in our hearts forever. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy

1/4/11 Banjo.....another Christmas has come and gone without you, but certainly not without thinking about you. We still so miss how much you loved finding your specially wrapped presents under the tree and opening them. Your precious face and personality were all your own. We miss you so much, but know you are happy where you are now. Please know that we wanted you to stay with us more than anything, but knew your little body was so very ill. When I look at pictures of you in those last weeks I can't believe I didn't see how much you were hurting. It was just so hard to say goodbye. I try to remember that it is really not goodbye, but I will see you sometime down the road. I love you Banjo. Rest comfortably and peacefully my sweet puppy. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy

6/30/11......Ahhhhh, my precious, precious Banjo! I can't believe that you left us two years ago today. The pain we felt that day is still so fresh in our minds. You gave us so much love and affection. I still miss your "kisses" and "singing" so much. You made each and every day so sweet. It helps to know that you are healed now and resting peacefully in God's loving arms. We will always love you Banjo. You are still with us each day in our wonderful memories. Rest comfortably and peacefully my sweet, sweet baby until we meet again. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy.

1/19/12....Banjo....I didn't forget your birthday on January 8th! You were on all of our minds and continue to be in our hearts each and every day. We still miss you so very much. I wish you were here to play with Jake. I know he would love you.....who wouldn't? I know you are playing and relaxing in heaven. Bless you my precious baby until we see each other again!! I love you!! Mommy (and Daddy too)

7/1/12....Banjo....I can't believe it's been three years since I held you and felt your sweet "kisses" on my face. I still miss you so very much and wish you were still here with us. When I look at your pictures that I took a few weeks before you went to heaven, I can't believe how very sick you looked. I didn't see it at the time probably because I didn't want to see it. Please forgive me if you suffered during your treatments. It was just so very difficult to let you go. We all love you so much and wanted to do everything we could to try to keep you with us. I now know, as hard as it is to admit, that we did the right thing in "letting you go". You are now restored to your healthy self and running and safe in God's loving arms. I still miss you each day and know that some day we will be together again. Rest my precious baby....you lived a wonderful life here with us and gave us all great joy. We will love you forever!! Mommy and Daddy

6/29/13.....My sweet, sweet Banjo.....in just a couple of hours it will be four years since you've been in heaven. I still can't type this without crying for you. I miss you so very much. I know that you are restored to health, and that makes me very happy. I just miss your sweet face and kisses so much. We still have Jake who reminds me so much of you. I think you would love to play with him. He is a very picky eater, so if you were here you could eat all of his leftovers which I know you would love. Rest peacefully my sweet baby until we meet again. We love you so much, Mommy and Daddy

6/24/14.....My dear, sweet Banjo.....I can't believe that it has been almost five years since you crossed the rainbow bridge. Somehow, it just doesn't get any easier not having you with us. Your pictures are still hanging all over our house and nana and papa's house that remind us of your precious face and sweet kisses each day. We now have two more doggies in the house named Bella and Bandit to keep Jake company. No matter how many doggies we have, it still does not take away the void left by our loss of you. I miss your face, kisses, and especially your "singing". I truly believe that you are comforted and cradled in God's loving arms and that your little body is restored to perfect health. I know we will be together again some day, Banjo. Until then, know that we love you and miss you so very much. Hugs, kisses, and love forever sweetie, Mommy and Daddy

6/30/15.....My sweet, sweet Banjo.....I just had a nice long cry thinking about how much I still miss you even after six years. You were and still are such a special part of our family. I was thinking about singing with you today. What a wonderful sound that was to hear. I know that you are where you need to be and you are truly healed, but I wish you were still here on Earth with us. Until we meet again my precious boy, I will keep you close in my heart and cherish the memories we had with you! Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

3/13/16.....My dear, sweet Banjo.....This is the first time I have written since we lost Jake on September 22nd. I sure hope that the two of you are together romping and playing. You look so much alike. It is so difficult with both of you gone. What sweet and wonderful members of our family you both were (and still are). Please know that we will meet again some day and I will kiss you both so much!!! Love you both forever, Mommy and Daddy

6/30/16.....Precious Banjo....It is hard to believe that you have been gone from us for 7 years. I still miss you so much each day. It is still hard for me to look at your picture and not cry. I hope that you are playing with Jake now. I know deep in my heart that your little bodies are restored and you are running with all of the other fur babies beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Reilley was our fur baby too, and I hope he romps and plays with you as well. I wish so badly that you could all be here with us. I would hug you and kiss you and never let you go. I would love to get that sweet kiss from you once again. Rest well my precious ones until we meet again. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

7/2/19......My sweet, sweet baby Banjo. It has been a while since I've written, but you are certainly never forgotten. I still keep your picture in the bedroom so I can see your sweet face each day. I am hoping that your grandpa has reunited with you by now. We will love you forever. Here is a big smooch!!! Mommy and Daddy

8/4/20.......My precious Banjo and my precious Jake. I miss you both so very much, and hope you are both playing with Papa Dale! You two always made him very happy. Your pictures are still in our bedroom so Mommy and a Daddy can see you every day. Until we meet again.....love you both bunches!!!

7/6/22.....Oh my sweet baby boy Banjo! I still think about you each and every day. I hope you are playing with Jake, and now our precious Bella too!! You all left such special memories here with us, and we will be reunited one day. Bandit is guarding us here in our new home. It was Nana and Papa's house, so you have all been here!! We love you all to the moon and back. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

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