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Memories of Barney Bush
This is a page, especially made for a very special dog. Barney belonged
to President George Walker Bush ,his wife Laura Bush and two daughters-
Barbara and Jenna Bush.President Bush was the 46th Governor of Texas from
1995 -2000 and he was the 43rd President of the United States of America
from 2001 to 2009. Barnard (Barney) was born in New Jersey September 30th
2000. His mother's name was Coors, a Scottish Terrier owned by former
E.P.A. Director Christine Todd Whitman. His Fathers
name was ~ Kelly of Champion Motherwell Stormwarning. This is the statement
that was released to facebook with an oil painting done by President Bush.
The painting is signed 43 ~ as the President was our 43 president.The painting
is on Barney's head stone of this page :
" Laura and I are sad to announce that our Scottish Terrier, Barney, has
passed away.The little fellow had been suffering from lymphoma and after
twelve and a half years of life, his body could not fight off the illness.
Barney and I enjoyed the outdoors.He loved to accompany me when I fished
for bass at the ranch. He was a fierce armadillo hunter. At Camp David,
his favorite activity was chasing golf balls on the chipping green. Barney
guarded the South Lawn entrance of the White House as if he were a Secret
Service agent. He wandered the halls of the West Wing looking for treats
from his many friends. He starred in Barney Cam and gave the American people
Christmas tours of the White House. Barney greeted Queens, Heads of State,
and Prime Ministers. He was always polite and never jumped in their laps.
Barney was by my side during our eight years in the White House. He never
discussed politics and was always a faithful friend.
Laura and I will miss our pal."

"Along with his statement, Mr. Bush today released a picture of an oil painting of
Barney that the former president painted himself. The painting is signed "43." Since
leaving the White House, Mr. Bush has kept a low profile and, New York Magazine reported
last year, has "taken up painting,making portraits of dogs and arid Texas landscapes."
~ CBS News

"Russian President Vladimir Putin who feels a world leader should own large robust
dogs, not smaller breeds such as the Scottish Terrier. At a later date, when Putin
introduced Bush to Koni, his black Labrador, Putin is reported to have remarked that
Koni is "bigger, tougher, stronger, faster, meaner, than Barney."

I never met Barney, but I did indeed enjoy looking at the many films he did while he was
in the White House. Most can still be seen on his Biography page.

My Miss Daisy ~
I can say~ those who may think of A Scottish Terrier as a quiet, weak, wimp of a
dog has NEVER known a Scottish Terrier. They are, indeed small, but are Brave,
Loyal and Fearless. I have never owned a more intelligent dog as my $ 5.00
mixed breed Scott. Her name is Miss Daisy. Her father was a AKC registered
Scottish Terrier, and her Mother was the girl next door, a mixed breed
Cocker Spaniel. Miss Daisy is larger then a purebred Scotty, but in her heart
she is a purebred Scotty.

When we learned of Barney, we began collecting his pictures and putting them in a
scrap book. One might say we were one of his biggest fans. We were sorry when he moved
back to Texas, as we knew we would not longer be able to keep up with his adventures.
I felt very sad to learn of his death. We must remember Barney may have been the First
Dog, but he was indeed a dog. He was famous and well traveled, but he was a dog. We
also know, no matter how famous one is, they can still afflicted by cancer. Barney
had a busy life, many friends and wonderful adventures. Sadly cancer found him. Barney
is just a dog, but the Bush family knew he was a very special dog and a
valued family member. Each dog is special in its own way.

Barney - this is a poem for you, and for those who do not understand why we love dogs.


From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a dog,"
or "that's a lot of money for just a dog."

They don't understand the distance traveled, the time spent,
or the costs involved for "just a dog."

Some of my proudest moments have come about with "just a dog."

Many hours have passed and my only company was "just a dog,"
but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by
"just a dog," and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch
of "just a dog" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you, too, think it's "just a dog," then you probably understand
phrases like "just a friend," "just a sunrise," or "just a promise."

"Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship,
trust, and pure unbridled joy.
"Just a dog" brings out the compassion and patience
that make me a better person.
Because of "just a dog" I will rise early, take long walks and look
longingly to the future.

So for me and folks like me, it's not "just a dog"
but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future,
the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

"Just a dog" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts
away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that its' not "just a dog"
but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
"just a man" or "just a woman."

So the next time you hear the phrase "just a dog," just smile,
because they "just don't understand."
~Unknown Author~

So Dear Barney, you are now at your forever home at Rainbow Bridge. You were met by
your feline Sister India. India was 18 years ago when she left in 2009.
Miss Beazley misses you very much. She arrived at the White House on January 6, 2005.
Please send your family word you arrived and will never forget them. They can see you
on a stary night if they look. Thank You for letting Miss Daisy be one of your biggest
fans. I also know you will, after a time, feel like arranging many programs and speeches.
Perhaps even a show or two. I am so sorry you left us so soon. We love you Barney. xoxoxoxo

PLEASE REMEMBER....Barney Bush is not my Dog. Sadly I was never able to meet him.
Barney belonged to President G.W. Bush and his wife Laura. But then again
Barney belonged to all of us, as after all, he was our FIRST DOG. The notes
you leave will go to me, and hopefully, one day be read by Barneys Family.

RIP BARNEY ~ LOVE, Gloria and my Miss Daisy.xoxoxox ~
You left your Foot Prints on our Hearts.
Barney Bush ~ The Best Little Dog in Texas.

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Picture Credits:
Headstone picture painted by George W. Bush and signed 43

1 Barney 5-10-2004 White House photo by Paul Morse.
2 Barney 8- 11-2004 First speech Image from The George W. Bush Presidential Library ?
3 Barney Feb 2005 Barney takes a snow break from frolicking in the Washington, DC ?
4 Barney 3- 5- 2005 Oval Office - lonesome White House. photo by Eric Draper
5 Barney 3-21-2006 White House by Photo by Shealah Craighead.
6 Barney 3- 21-2006 flowers the White House by Shealah Craighead
7 Barney Miss Beazley White House Christmas 2006 ?
8 Kitty,Miss Beazley,Barney 6-7-2007- Green Room - White House photo by Lynden Steele
9 The Family - borrowed fm GWB's facebook for Barney ~ a pix of a pix-Apparently they are cooking the family dinner tonight with Miss Beazley OWN cook book.
10 Barney an Miss Beazley Dec 2007 ?
11 Barney 3-24-2008 Rose Garden . White House photo by Shealah Craighead
12 India 2000-2009 ?
13 Barney 1-12,2012 Posted by MSK ?
14 Miss Daisy's Scrapbook 10-23-2006 ~ Taken by his Mum.

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