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Memories of Baron
Hi, My name is Baron. I was born on a cattle farm, one of 12 puppies. My mom was a Bernese Mtn.
Dog from Austria; my dad a BMDfrom Detroit Mi. They herded the cattle in Ohio. I got the herding instinct, but all I had to herd were the cats!!!Boy are they stubborn. My human mom had always wanted a BMD, so I was very much loved. I came home, laid down at the bottom of the stairs (on the walk-out floor), crossed my legs and said "I'm home". My big sis, Marci was a white shepherd, she was the nervous race horse...I was the calm stable pony. We made a good pair. Marci was 3 years older than me. She died 1 year befor me, and I missed her terribly. I loved to ride in a car...directly behind the driver (almost invisible) and look out the window. When I could, I preferred the front passenger seat. I was a GREAT DOG, and once I learned things, I had them for life. I went to dog training (twice) and never understood the need to stand or to hold things in my mouth....but at home...if my booda bone was thown, I'd go get it and bring it back; I'd drop it: Marci would pick up the booda bone and turn it in for treats. We'd both get the treats...tag-team-bone-return!! Marci thought that one up!! Also when I was on my hassock/ottoman, Marci would go to the door and bark like there was someone at the door; I'd jump off--protection, that's my middle name--go to the glass sliding door, and Marci would run and take my laying place. She was so smart, but I got my own treats, too...my mom taught me to "catch" with popcorn. I learned to open my mouth and "catch"!!!That was a tasty trick!! My best command was "wait". Wait at the door before going out or in; wait for dinner to be placed for us both; wait for something good. I liked wait. As I got older, mom let me go to doggy-day-care to play and be sociable. It was lots of fun and I was so tired out when I got home, I'd fall asleep next to mom's rocking chair, even the cat couldn't wake me. Oh, I also knew how to "high paw" just like all the guys. And, I learned how to crawl by mom crawling backward in front of me, holding my paws. My bark was deep and if you thumped my chest it sounded like a hollow bass drum. I liked being thumped!!! Also, my mom's nephew, Joe, gave me "racing ears". He'd slick my ears back on my head, laugh, and "high-paw" me. Just a "guy" thing. One (of many) thing mom liked was to watch me move my ears...they looked like the RCA victrola Dog's ears...I tried so hard to listen and understand human speech. I'll write more later, but wanted you to meet me. Hi, I'm Baron, glad to meet you! How about a hug?
Baron always the herding dog...
Today I again meet Chevy, and play with her. It's OK Kimmi, Chevy's here.
01-22-2012 Molly, you're here!!! Indy & Tucker's here, too. They are just down the hill With Marci, Jake (Rosie), Chevy, & Tucker (Carmen), the pack's almost complete. Molly, let us show you around.
02-06-12 Nala arrived and met Chevy...she's going to have so many friends; luckily Kimmi & Chris saved Nala last year, & made her last months very happy.
11-17-2012 What a surprise!! Hi, Ki-Ki. Look, all the cats are here!!! Go on, explore...it's safe here. Hey, everyone...it's Ki-Ki.
02-12-2013 Dodger!!! Chevy's waiting to show you around. Mom sent you a bone!!!Look around..you have 2 eyes again. Welcome, friend.
06-28-16 Maisy!!! Jake, it's Maisy!!! Last time I met you, you were but a puppy. Welcome...oh, you're off with Jake...have fun, you can play again!!! Wecome.
01-03-17 Gracie!!! Kimi, Gracie's here...she's off playing with Chevy...what a wonderful sight...he'll show her around. Always the good companions.
5-10-2020 What a Surprise! Marilyn came by today! Some will travel with her. Some will wait for her return.
2021 Met a new kitty from Kimi today. Reminds me of Marilyn! Welcome, you have many kitties to play with.
2-11-22 Cooper's here!!! Chevy and Dodger are beside themselves...ready to play and tail wag! Cooper, you gave Kimi and her family stinky kisses and filled their hearts with joy and love. The kitties ran when they saw you coming to play. And all cared for you you with all their hearts. Such a Good dog...you persevered in great pain, and worked hard to stay, but it was your time to move on. Kimi misses you greatly. Give kisses and wags to Gracie and Dodger...and play with the kitties here!
06-2022 Summer is here ...and so is Boo!!! Hi, Boo, Molly's been waiting with doggie kisses for you. Turn around, there's Tucker ready to take you on a run...so much to see and places to play. You've been such a good Dog, now, have a sniff around with your friends. You are so welcome here.
10-23-22 Boo loked up, and there came Bree!!! Sniffing the fresh air, with clean, healthy lungs. A yip, and Molly, Boo and Bree scampered off to run and play. Welcome Bree. Everyone is happy to see you.

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