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Memories of Basil
Despite a hard and abusive start in life you pulled through. When you came to us at 18 months of age you were a wild animal, however, after much tender loving care and lots of hissing and scratches - I'll never forget the elbow length leather gauntlets that we wore - you gradually mellowed and turned into the funniest and most eccentric cat ever. Your love of chicken tikka from the local takeaway ( as a treat of course) was particularely amusing.
Another fond memory is when you were young charging across the garden, straight up a tree, turning around half way up the trunk, running straight back down again and doing the same on a tree opposite, all in one movement.
On another occasion when we were out you decided to explore the inside of the chimney. When we got home we thought another cat had moved in as you were a completely different colour. The vets had to give you a general anaesthetic in order to clean all the soot off you. It would probably have been safer to shampoo a lion otherwise.
Your mum and I loved you in equal measure, however, there always seemed to be a special bond between you and me and despite me having a particularely bad allergic reaction when you fussed me,it didn't matter. I would put up with it forever if it meant having you back.
As you got older the damage caused to your spine from the abuse inflicted in your early years started to cause problems as you started to become incontinent. This was manageable through medication and thank God for wooden floors as opposed to carpets.
The time came though, when your condition got worse. Your breathing became laboured and you had difficulty standing. The vet could do no more, we had to forget our own feelings and relieve you of your suffering. We are so sorry Beautiful Boy but you have gone to a better place where all your ailments will be cured and we WILL see you again one day.

We will NEVER EVER forget you.

Much Love,

Penny & Dave(AKA Mummy & Daddy)


Hi Beautiful Boy.

Its been 2 weeks and a day since you left us for the meadow by The Bridge. Hope you had a good and peaceful journey baby boy. No doubt you have lots of new friends including Arnie who made the journey 4 years ago. You must be enjoying your new found health and vigour.
The first week after you passed over we were inconsolable and I think Boris and Bonnie missed you too. After a week of tears the initial grief has subsided a bit and we know that in time grief turns to fond memories. We know that you would want us to get on with our lives.
Also Beautiful Boy, we have a new baby coming to live with us. Don't worry, he is not meant to be a replacement for you because that would be IMPOSSIBLE, however, even with your step brother and sister in the house a huge hole has appeared in our lives. Lennie is coming to live with us next weekend. He is an adorable 5 month old Seal Point Ragdoll (same as you)and will eventually grow up to be ALMOST as beautiful as you. I know that you will be pleased that we are giving another fellow feline a home and as you know, life for a cat is pretty damn good in this house. We will tell Lennie all about his wonderful uncle Basil and how you enriched our lives for years.
We will be in touch from time to time baby boy and don't forget to say hi to Arnie and all the other residents of the meadow.
Looking forward to seeing you again one beautiful day.

All our love,

Mummy & Daddy


Morning Basil.

Just a quick note to let you know that Lennie arrived yesterday and has settled in well. He is very chilled and is completely adorable. Bonnie and Boris aren't too sure but in time they will accept him.
Still miss you tremendously my baby but the most important thing is that you are happy and well. One day we will cross that bridge together and never be parted again.

Speak soon,

Mummy and Daddy xxxx


Hi my Darling Boy,

Sorry its been a while. Life has been quite busy for us as I'm sure it has been for you, running around playing with your new and long lost friends.
Christmas was good, although it wasn't the same without you and visiting family commented on your absense. You were loved by everyone who knew you. You were (and still are) a lot more than "just" the cat.
Lennie has settled in well and is quite a character. He and Bonnie are good friends and play a lot, causing all kinds of mayhem. Boris just looks on really and frowns at these cheeky youngsters.
Lennie has many of the characteristics that you had, which is not surprising, considering he is a Ragdoll too. He is very eccentric, has mad eyes at times and loves food. He is very loving and loves cuddles, but at the same time is very stubborn and strong willed. I see a lot of you in him which is comforting.
I'll sign off now Precious Boy. Take care and don't be sad. One day we will be re-united.


Daddy and Mummy


Hello Lovely Boy,

It's been a year since you left us and hardly a day goes by when we don't think of you. Today we are a bit tearful, however, they are partly tears of joy, knowing that you are having a good life and that all your ailments are cured.
Life here is good and Boris, Bonnie and Lennie are well. Lennie is 16 months now. He is huge and a real character. Him and Bonnie are very fond of each other, whereas Boris just does is own thing whilst enjoying his twilight years. He is fourteen now and is in good health.
There is not much more to say baby, except that your Mummy and Daddy love you as much as ever and we will all be together again one day. PERMANENNTLY.
Say hello to Arnie, Binky, Tibby and all the other beautiful residents of The Meadow.

Much Love Forever,

Mummy & Daddy xxxxxx


Hi Baz,

Its been a while since we last spoke. Life has been busy this end as I'm sure it has been for you in the meadow. We never forget you and think about you every day.
Boris has been a little unwell and he has developed some kidney problems, which is quite common for older cats. After all, he is 15 now. He is on some tablets which are very effective and he seems pretty well at the moment. Lennie and Bonnie are very naughty still and seem very fond of each other. We also have a stray, who we have named Tom, coming round a lot. He doesn't live in the house but he does eat here. He is a lovely cat and gets on with the others. You would approve (I think).
Your Mummy and I still miss you tremendously, however, knowing that you are happy and well is a great consolation.

We will let you go back to your friends now precious boy. Have fun.

Speak soon.


Daddy and Mummy. xxxxxxx


Hello Basil,

Its been a couple of years since we last wrote. Time flies. Can't believe that its 4 years since you went to a better place. We still think about you a lot and look forward to seeing you again one day.
The other cats are still with us, including Boris who is now 17. He has his kidney problems, however, at the moment the medicine is keeping it in check. Bonnie and Lennie are still a pair of monkeys, always getting into mischief. It keeps us entertained. We also have a bearded dragon called Mick now. He is quite a character. Not sure what you would have made of him.
Time to go now Beautiful Boy. Go and play with your friends in the meadow and say hello to Arnie, Binky and Tibby.

Speak soon,


Mummy and Daddy. xxxxxxx

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