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Memories of Basil
Basil was our fur baby, family companion, and noble steed. He followed us everywhere! We received Basil when he was 8 weeks old, and our daughters were 10, 7, and 4 years old. They were inseparable! I remember when my youngest daughter was holding Basil and loving on him, and then he hopped off the chair. Fear set in right away because Basil's leg was broken. We took him to the emergency pet hospital where he was admitted for surgery because amputation was not an option. One pin and two screws later, Basil's leg was repaired and he spent the next few months in a cast that had to be changed weekly. So, each week we took Basil to the pet hospital and he came home each time with a different color cast! It was cute to see our fur baby wobbling around with that cast on his right front leg, but it did not keep him from the girls!

Basil grew with our little family. He watched over the girls as they progressed through elementary, middle, and high school, and then eventually off to college. Basil was 13 years old when our third daughter went away to college. He was sad, but okay. Being with the empty-nesters wasn't too bad for the noble steed. It was Basil, Sweet Pea (our feathered baby), my husband, and I living a quiet life and enjoying the visits of our daughters. Basil lived his elder years enjoying the comfort of his bed and the love of his family.

16 years. Basil lived a long life loved by everyone he met. He was always there for birthdays, holidays, and even sad occasions. There is not a time that I can remember in 16 years that Basil wasn't there. Now we are slowly picking up the pieces. Our daughters are 26, 23, and 20 years old, and Basil's loss hurts them to the core. They know he is in a happier place restored to full health and youth, but they have a hole in their lives where Basil used to be. He won't be here to gently lift his head and give a wag of his tail when they visit. He won't be here to snuggle next to whichever daughter "wins out" and gets to have him in her bed for the night. Where Basil resides now is in our memories and in our hearts. He gave all that he had and we are blessed to have had him in our lives. Basil has gone on ahead, but we will see each other again.

Love and Peace

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