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Memories of Baxter
There are no words to describe the specialness of our Beannie!! He was the most handsome beagle anyone had ever seen and came through some challenges in his life like IVDD. He was our faithful companion to the end and is irreplaceable. His death is hard on all who met him in his life and they are grieving with us. Jerome and I live with God's promise that one day he will meet us at the bridge and bay for us and we will be a family again. Sleep on my beautiful boy!!! We will see you again in heaven.

On his way to Heaven

On August 3, 2019 at 3 am in the morning our beloved 14 year old beagle was struggling to breathe. Over the past few months he had not been eating well and we had him under doctor's care trying a variety of techniques. His mobility was becoming intermittent and he seemed to be having some gastrointestinal issues which resulted in constipation and pooping blood. After managing these symptoms with meds and love, we took no chances when his breathing increased dramatically and he began to gasp to get air. Also when I took him out right before we rushed him to emergency he began stumbling which was certainly not normal. I knew in my heart that this was the end but was still holding out for some good news.

When we arrived at Emergency Vet Services in Lisle, IL we were the only ones there. Dr. Goodnow took him in and took a variety of tests. I could tell when she came to speak to us that it was not good. She told us that he had a mass and that his spleen was affected with spots on his liver. Surgery was not an option (he had a heart murmur and would have been 15 on 8/31) and if nothing was done she said he could bleed out at any time. My husband and I prayed about it and decided that it was time for Baxter to go back to God who gave him to us at 9 weeks old. Dr. Goodnow had tears in her eyes along with us but said that we were making the right call for him. Baxter was our first dog and we do not have children so the minute she told us about euthanasia my heart began to burn. I thought for a moment I would pass out but my husband and I are wrapped in Christ's love and keeping Baxter around for our own selfishness would not have been best for either of us or for him. Watching and hoping that he would get better as fluid lined his abdomen and a hemorrhage was imminent was not the fate he deserved after being with us throughout our marriage and with me through breast cancer. So Dr. Goodnow helped us peacefully put him down. She explained what was happening and held our hands as we watched him look at us for the last time and I saw him take his last breath. I told him that I was sending him on an adventure and that where he was going there was no illness and he would be young again with all those dogs who were waiting at the door to meet him. I have been crying since then but my pain is also thanking God for every minute he gave to us. Baxter was a gift that was given to us and he will forever live in our hearts. A tough beagle who fought battles against IVDD, tearing both cruciates in his back legs and recovering without surgery, rehab and therapy.... he had faith that whatever happened to him would be taken care of by his loving parents and he was right. I even had custom leg braces made to help him recover from the cruciate tears and it worked!! He gave me the faith to fight through breast cancer. So through my tears I thank God for the privilege of being his Mom and allowing us to love him.

Now my Baxter Bean is in heaven and I know that God will keep a special eye on him until we see him again. I told him when we put him down to wait and watch for us because one day I as his Mom will come for him with his leash in my hand and I will hear that beautiful beagle bay!! And that my pet parents will be the signal that I have made it to heaven and am in the right place. Meanwhile through my tears there is lots of life to live because he is watching and waiting......aroooooo!!!

Blessings and Peace to you all and thank you for visiting Baxter's page.

Jerome and Sharon Peete
Baxter's eternal parents

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