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Memories of Beans
I will never forget...

When we first met at the pet store and I visited you every day until the adoption was approved by the Humane Society.

How we used to hunt bugs together around the house and I would help you catch moths and flies that went too high.

The first time you curled up in my lap and went to sleep, and the first time you went to sleep in my arms at night.

The way you asserted your "alpha" status when you first met Indy, and the first time the two of you snuggled up together.

How you always demanded that I hurry up with the treats and told me I wasn't moving fast enough.

When you attacked our pant legs and chased us around the house.

The way you were so careful never to scratch or bite anyone.

How you would hug my arms with your paws whenever we spent time together.

When we "squished the purrs" out of you so loudly.

How the dog taught you to sit on command and give kisses (but in your own special way).

The way you would climb on my chest and headbutt me in the face when you wanted attention.

How you could never wait for me to get settled in bed and would climb over blankets and knees to cuddle on my pillow.

The way you used to creepily drag your stick toys across the floor in the middle of the night and shout "Hello! Hello!" from downstairs in the dark.

The first time I saw you running around on your hind legs carrying a mouse toy and throwing it around the living room.

How we spent all of our summers out on the porch together chasing bugs and cuddling in the sunshine.

The way you always tried to steal my dinner and fish oil pills whenever we ate dinner TV trays in the living room.

How we always had to warn our guests to hide their sneakers, and how "No Shoes!" became an admonishment for every non-approved item you tried to chew into bits.

The time that I had to repair your scratching post with new rope because you had finally succeeded in destroying it.

The way you would always cooperate when I clipped your claws and never put up much of a fuss.

How you would roll onto your back and ask for belly rubs, but we always knew it was a trap.

The way you would purr so hard when we gave you "Hold Yous" and crawl from one shoulder to the other.

How I taught Sandra that we have to "wind you up" before you will chase the mouse toys.

How much you loved the enormous catnip plant that we had on the porch all summer one year.

The way you would suddenly sprint across the house and all around for no good reason (at least not one that we could discern) and we would shout "Go Beans!!!"

How you always came thundering down the stairs to greet me when I came home from work.

The way you always used to wake me up about an hour before my alarm in the morning, just because you wanted to cuddle, and the way you would loudly rub against the bed post until I accommodated you.

How much you loved white laundry and loved to lay on it (but only the already folded pieces) while I was doing the laundry.

How we named your different states of being -- "toaster of cat", "dragster of cat", "rainbow of cat" and "puddle of cat"

How you always managed to distribute an entire cat's worth of fur around the house within a day of vacuuming.

The way that you would eat anything as long as it smelled like stinky fish.

How jealous you would always get of the phone and computer and would compete with them for attention.

Your love of flossing.

How we had to chase you out of the bathroom and closet with "The Marching Band"

How I let you drink from the bathtub once and then regretted that decision pretty much forever.

How your favorite string toy was a broken rubber nub on the end of a string and plastic stick that you would chase frantically around in circles. But you never had much interest in the ones that weren't broken.

How you would never eat chicken flavored anything, unless we were eating chicken, and then you wanted it.

How much you loved it when we would "facedive the cat" and would purr so hard.

When we insisted that we had diagnosed the dog with "Schmoofinsons'" and you with "Munchkinsons'" syndromes respectively

How I started calling you "Puppy Fish" and "Papa Baby" just because, and you didn't mind it at all.

The way you would always come when I called your name, even if I sometimes had to shriek it repeatedly at the top of my lungs.

How your favorite things were coffee, bleach, and dryer sheets, but we would only ever let you have the first one, despite your insistence otherwise.

How you always ignored your Christmas presents but loved the boxes and packing paper they came in.

The fact that you even let me nibble on your ears when I was holding you.

How much you loved the round red nest chair, and I could always count on finding you in or under it when you disappeared.

That you let me make you into the bed and would chase around after things under the sheets and covers, until you finally got tired poked your head out.

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