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Memories of Beatrix
Where do I begin, Bea started out so sick as a 8 week old puppy, then she got better and sprained her ankle chasing Squirrels, Then she tore one knee and six months later tore another, She never hindered always kept going!!! Then chasing another dog she gets a stick in her eye and after she is better encounters a skunk and gets sprayed in the mouth in the dead winter!!!
Reason I write this is that no matter ever happened to her she always wore a smile and did whatever she could to be near me!! I wish i could have 1/10th of the temperment and the love that she portraited to the world.
People used to tell me that they always felt better when near her.

On her last day all the girls Bea, Mary Lou, Penny and I went to the lake to go swimming. This was the one thing My Bea loved more then life. She was a swimming machine Saturday fetching the Kong many times. Amazing two hours later I had to put her down from her stomach flipping upside down.

I know soon when the pain and this lost and lonely feeling leaves i will acknowledge that this was the beast way for her to have gone!!

Bea, you will always have a giant portion of my heart, i will miss you and i know oneday we will be together again.
In the meantime please say hey to BWHO and I hope you guys will be fine till i get there someday way in the future!!!

I Love You Bea


My Derest Bea,
I really am having a tough time without you. We all are and your memory is with us.
We speak about you quite often and we took a walk and took your leash to symbolize you are with us the other day.
Tonight is a week you have been gone from us and we are doing the Candle lighting for you.
I hope you have Found Bea and your Distant Sister Mekko!
I know you don't like being alone and so I am hopeful they were there when you crossed over. You went so fast I figured they must have lead you to the other side of the bridge.

I did a show Saturday night and did a tribute to you. We did of course your favorite song to sing Hey Joe!!! I stared up at heaven and played such a long solo for your memory!!! Everyone applauded for it in your memory!!!

You left so fast, One minute swimming your heart out, then hiking and keeping up with everyone , then to the Vets.
It was so quick!! I feel like I had so much i wanted to say before you left but maybe this was best! This is just so long for now, I am sure we will be together again!

I am having trouble writing this so i will log back in tonight for the candle lighting for you!!!

I miss you so much Bea!!!



Dear my Bea,
Christmas is here and I miss you so much! I knew last year it was going to be our last but didn't believe it !
I wish you were here with us!
Did you down load yourself into Penny!
She is so different since you left us! She acts looks and reacts just like you! It is scary sometimes I think you are still here with us!
I hope you and Bea are having a nice Christmas! I really miss you and I owe you so much!
You have helped me so much over the past 12 years!
I love you Bea!!
Merry Christmas



Hi Bea
Wow do I miss you.
Funny though I really feel like you hve downloaded yourself into Penny.
I see you so much in her with Bwho.
Do you remember this Day 5 years ago. We got that phone call that BWHO was gone and all of a sudden Me and You and a Dog Named Bwho came on the stereo.
We danced till the song was over and then we cried in the kitchen as we felt her spirit pass away.
You took such good care of me after she passed. thank you for all of everything.
I wish you both were still here.
Hope you are okay there and BWHO and MEKKO are looking after you!

I love you Bea



My Sweet Bea,
A year you have been gone, I miss you dearly!
I am lost for words, I miss you so much but I am so sure somehow you downloaded yourself into Penny.
She is so much like you and so much like Bwho.
Tough mix sometimes.
Yesterday we visited our last day together at Lake Mohegan where you swan like a fish.
Penny who sometimes will sort of swim , actually looked just like you yesterday!
She swam nonstop in the lake. At one point i thought i was back in time.
Mary Lou and her are getting along well, I know it was tough on you when I brought her in to the house but she really is a great girl.
You did wonders training her.
Funny at the park people still talk about the smile and your dispositiion for such a large dog! Everyone misses you.
Thank you Bea, it was hard saying good bye but as i know now it was time. You needed to move on.
I love you Bea and will never forget you Bwho and Mekko
We think of you all daily.

Doug, Mary Lou and Penny


Hi Bea
Wanted to stop and say hello, I wrote to BWHO a few minutes a go.
You guys both left me within a fwew weeks apart.
Such a sad time for me.
I will write in a couple of weeks to you on the 13th.
I miss you BEA!!!!


My Darling Bea,
It has been two years.
My God, I still think of you daily and we still talk about you at the park a lot.
I wish you were still with me. I know it was time and you are in a better place and no pain and no hurt anymore.
Hard to let you go. Penny is doing well but so Defiant, A lot like BWHO was when young.
When she is acting normal she is a lot like you. Never will have the love you used to show, but doing well.
I thank you for telling her all before you passed that day.
Well I am engaged. I think you would like Nadine, Not a real animal person but she is learning.
We will bring her around.
Well I hope all is well where you are and you BWHO and MEKKO are playing well together.
I Will Always Have This Place In My Heart For You BEA!!!!!!


My Darling Sweet Bea,
You have no idea how much I miss you.
3 years gone and we all talk about you and BWHO.
Well a lot has happened and forget about NADINE
What a terrible person and what she did to her dog was dreadful.
Penny and Mary Lou are doing well, We just had to do surgery on Mary Lou for those Cysts but all is well.
Please tell BWHO and MEKKO I miss them and we still talk about both of them.
I miss you Bea,


My Darling Bea,
Wow I just wrote to BWHO, today is the day we lost her and I wanted to say hello.
I miss you so much, thank you for helping me with Penny.
I cant believe how fast you went that day.
Mary lou, Penny and I are doing well and we do talk about you a lot.
Wish Penny would share a couch with me like you used to.
I love you Bea

My Sweet Loving Bea,
Words can't describe how much I miss you....
I wish I had the time back with you, Bwho and Mary lou...
I sometimes am lost without you.
Well in any event Penny is coming around, She has your inane hate fro squirrels,,,, She makes me laugh so much at times. I see you so much in her.
Thank you for raising her, She won't listen at times but I seem to remember you didn't either when young.
Life has changed and I have made mistakes and have also done well too.
I would loved to have shared it with you, BWHO and Mekko.
I miss you Bea, I love you and will never forget you.
Daily after 4 years I still think of you.

Hi Bea
I know I'm late to wish you a Happy Birthday?
I miss you so much. You were always my best friend. I am now with Shari and she is very nice but not into Big Dogs as much.
I wish you were here to have shown her how sweet you were.
Maybe you can reach her in her dreams
I love you Bea and hope all is well with you BHWO & Mekko
Mary Lou I am afraid is getting so much older and thinking by this time next year she will be there with you .
She is the last from us still here and it will be very strange when she crosses over to you .
I love you Bea and hope all is well


Hey My Best Friend BEA
I stopped to Wish BWHO a Happy Birthday ...
I miss you my dear friend. I know you tried with penny but she is way too Independent, She is more like Bwho everyday .
She does try to sit with me every once in a while but not like you !!!
I love you Bea and hope you are doing well!
I love you and I speak of you quite often!!

Well its been 7 years my Bea.
Things have been a little crazy and i was very worried about Mary lou.
Last night we had to put her down, i miss her so much!! Please you Mekko and Bwho take care of her.
She is such a trooper and Warrior.
The 3 UU's are now gone and I am here to continue new chapters.
I miss yo all so very much

Wow 8 Years now that you are gone and we still talk about you and Mekko, Bwho, and MaryLou'
When i wrote this last Mary lou was ailing and i was worried about her. As you know she passed a few weeks after my letter to you.
Carol is back in my life. i know out of all you liked her the best.
I miss you Bea and still miss laying on the couch with you.
Hope everyone is doing well and please let them all know i miss you all.

Hi Bea
I miss you
Thought I'd stop in and say hello
I hope you Bwho and Mary Lou are doing well

Wow I still remember this day,
You were so full of energy that morning to go swimming at the lake.
I am sure you knew this was it the way you were acting.
I miss you terribly. You were and will always have been my best friend.
We been through so many ailments together. You are I are both accident prone.
Hope you Bwho and Mary Lou are doing well. I hope you met Mekko there also.
Please tell her Hi. There wasn't this technology back when she passed. Tell her I am so sorry I wasn't there when they put her down. I didn't want her to go through pain and I was so far away.
Penny is doing well and we have a new Girl Savannah and we are doing well. She is so very sweet like you. Penny is a lot like Bwho and since you and Mary Lou been gone she is running the show.
I still remember so much of our time together.
Thank you for making my life wonderful while you were here.
See ya again sometime!
If I miss it next month Happy Birthday Bea

9 years now Bea
I read back here and the memories pour in.
We did so much together, you never left my side and always had that smile on your face.
Well Penny is doing well, I know you weren't happy at first when I got her but she turned into an amazing girl.
I wish you Bwho , Mary lou and Mekko could al come back and we can start all over again. You were the best part of my life. I still remember that bat face when I rocked you when so sick and the days we spent together with both knee surgeries. Life was so simple when you were around Bea. I miss you so much.
Please say hello to Mekko, Bwho, Mary Lou for me.
I think soon Penny will be joining you all. That will kill me when she goes. Savannah is doing well also. She is a lot like you were., Just so full of love.
I miss you Bea, My heart hurts thinking of your passing that day.
I hope you are okay now and not angry I had to put you down. You would not have healed from your stomach flipping .
I Love You Bea

Hello Bea
Wow I can't believe you are gone 10 years today.
Penny is doing so well still and taking good care of Savannah.
I miss our days together with you sharing the couch with me.
I hope you Mary Lou, Bwho and Mekko are doing well there and enjoying the beautiful place over the bridge.
Hopefully I will be writing to you next year telling you Penny is still well.
What a great girl she turned out to be.
I am so sorry we had to put you down but you would have had a miserable life healing and still would have crossed over. It hurt me so but it was your time and I will and was going to be okay here.
Please say hello to all for me and Penny and that we miss you all so very much.
I love you Bea and will never forget you !!

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