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Memories of bebe
Bebe was a tiny baby feral cat, about 3 weeks old when she came to me. She had an infected eye, and she hissed at everyone. But, within 4 days, she knew I was her new mommy! She was a very active aggresive little kitty, and she was a biter, but I knew her well, and when she got that mean look in her eye, I got out the feather wand to redirect her aggression. She only came to me, and she even let me hold her. Her favorite position was up on my shoulder. I even leash trained her! She would meow when she saw that leash, because she knew it meant she got to go outside. I work at home, so she would stay in my sewing room with me. Plenty of good hiding places for that bad little kitty.

Bebe was the alpha cat- I had 7 others at the time, and she was the smallest, but everyone else ran when they saw her coming! She ruled the house. Even her vet was nervous , when she had to deal with her! One time, Bebe got bitten by some animal, and it got infected. The vet had to give her stitches. Bebe kept pulling them out. No cone of shame, no bandage, NOTHING could keep her from pulling them out. So the vet boarded her for free for 3 weeks to keep watch over her every minute so she would heal. I visited her every day, and when she saw me, she would meow, and climb on my shoulder.

Bebes favorite things were chicken, and she loved to play 'string'. I would wave a long strip of fabric, and she would leap for it and chase it. My neighbors knew her well. She would hide in their bushes, but as soon as I called her, she would come.

When she was 12 she was diagnosed with cancer. She had 2 surgeries, and then we began chemo. Her vet told me that it wouldnt prolong her life, but would just make it better for her so she didnt suffer. Every 3 weeks I brought her for chemo. I spoiled her those last months. She got all good things like chicken and meat, and i gave her special attention. Even though I had time to prepare for her passing, it was, and is still difficult. Lap of Love came and helped her over the rainbow bridge. I have her urn in her favorite window, and I have a lock of fur, and a pawprint. I have recently gotten a tattoo of her. Its almost finished and looks exactly like her. I now have my little furbaby with me forever.

Its been 9 months now since my little bad girl is gone, and I still miss her like crazy! Every time I open the door, I expect to see her there. There is a cat door out to my back yard, and all my cats use it, but Bebe hated the other cats, so she always hung out in the front yard instead.

I have a little memorial in my bedroom with a framed photo of Bebe, and a shelf with her urn, fur clippings, and her pawprint. First thing I see when I wake up, and last thing I see when I go to sleep! That little bad girl has no idea how much impact she had on my life! It'll be a happy reunion when it's my time to cross that bridge

Well, today marks 1 year that my precious Bebe crossed the Rainbow bridge. I hope she is laying in the sun, and enjoying being a kitty angel. It seems like yesterday she was here with me. I'm still very sad, but it gets a little better each day. I see her portrait when I wake up, and it's the last thing I see before I go to sleep. When I dust her little memorial shelf, sometimes I open the little heart box that has her fur clippings, and I just touch them. She was the softest kitty ever!! I hope she knows how much we loved her, and still do!!!

so my Bebe has been living at the Rainbow bridge for 1 1/2 years, and it seems like yesterday she was with me. I see her everday, either as a tattoo on my leg, or as wallpaper on my Ipad! She lives forever in my heart, I miss her a lot, and will never forget that little bad girls

2 years! Seems like yesterday you were biting me!!! I miss you, but I know you're not in pain, and hoping you made lots of friends to bite at the rainbow bridge!! Maybe you see your cousin, Zachy!!! He's there too, the best doggie that ever was. Until I see you again. I hope you're waiting for me when my time comes.

My Bebe may be gone, but she's never forgotten. I still miss you terribly, and don't think that will ever change . You were a good bad cat! I'm glad to have been able to give you the best life a little bad kitty could have

I don't know, today is a sad day- been thinking about you a lot. Kitties have no idea how much we miss them when they're gone....
So today I'll be thinking of my little feral kitty on the anniversary of your passing. I see you everyday on my computer and the pictures. I'll be thinking of you too, as I feed a feral colony of poor little kitties, like you were, that have no one to love them and take care of them.. I'll see you over the rainbow bridge, and I hope you don't bite me!

So your sister Callie is there at the Rainbow Bridge! You better not be mean to her, you bad cat! I had a Petsie made of Callie and I'm going to get one made of you, too, so I can remember you every day...

Another year without my little bad girl. We have a new cat who was a feral, just like you! She wandered into our yard, a little dirty hungry kitten about 6 weeks old. She has a personality just like you! The only thing she doesn't do is BITE. You were a biter! But when I play with her, she's just like you, rough play! She looks nothing like you, but I always think of you when I play with her. Mommy still thinks of you every day, I hope I get to see you again!

Well, you must be playing with your 2 sisters, Domino and Coco. They're at the rainbow bridge now and I'm sure they must be wanting to hide from you because you hated them. But now maybe you'll be happy to see them!

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