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Memories of BELINDA SUE
Our beautiful, regal, timid angel of a girl. Belinda Sue we will never forget you and your trust you had for us even after your life had been so bad. Our Belinda Sue came to us via my world of rescue, we had 5 and had no intentions on having another for our own since all our babies were of some sort of special needs. Then came the call from my vet on December 21, 2009...Debbie we have this German Shepard that was a product of a puppy mill, she was in a court case where 75 dogs were caged in an old barn for breeding purposes only. She had been rescued by an older gentleman who visited her at the shelter while she was being "held there" for evidence in the case. Sadly, he had to go to a nursing home and had brought Belinda Sue into the vet's office for a nail trim and a bath. This poor gentleman thought since he had to take her to the shelter that if she looked really good she would be adopted. She was 9 to 10 years old...A German Shepard who was so scared of everything, who never walked on the grass until she was 5 years old who when she looked at you she hunkered down in fear..NOT A CHANCE....Then comes my girls at the vet's office. Debbie, was the beginning of the phone conversation. We have a special case here. We have been treating this girl, who had all kinds of issues, by the way and her new owner has to surrender her , she is a special case could you find her a home?..Of course , working in rescue I said I would come and take pictures and place her picture with my groups...then I hear from my niece that her daughter had just lost her German Shepard and was looking for another one, being family I convinced her that a senior GSD would be her ticket...I went to the office to take pictures of her , and there she was hunkered in the corner of the kennel. I could not even tell she was a big GSD, she was in such a tight ball. I took pictures and said I would bring her to my house for a few days until after Christmas and we could get her to my niece...She walked into my house, where she immediately hid in my pantry only to go out to relieve herself and to hunker down whenever you would talk to her or pet her...that night as I sat there crying at the knowing of what she had had to endure to become such a timid and fearful dog, John looked at me and said, "you know she isn't going anywhere no one else could understand her?"...I looked back at him and said, "I know." and that was that she walked in and never walked out until the day she left this world. It took a lot of love and a lot of patience and a lot of letting her know she was safe for her to trust us...she never learned to trust others but she did trust us and came I think and can only hope by her actions ...to enjoy the last three years of her life. She lived a good life , she even learned to run and play...she loved the snow and her brothers and sisters. She loved us sooo much and gave her trust to us...which meant more than words can say. The picture at her residency stone is a picture I took of her one day as she stood "guard" over an oak tree that the wind took she stood there as if to say, to us and the others ..."stay away, something has happened and this may hurt you". She loved us so...but we learned so much from her ...she has thus far besides Old Girl been our worst case of abuse, but even still she learned to love again...I am forever grateful for her and her time with us...We have since gotten a new addition to our family, her name is Bella....Bella Sue in honor of her sister Belinda. I will always remember the day that frightened dog walked into our lives and how she grew to trust and love again...She is forever part of our hearts.
As all the babies lay sleeping for their midday naps..I see Bella laying on your spot, asleep , with her tongue lulled out just like you used to do. I miss you sweet girl everyday.
Hello precious girl, we do miss you so. I saw a beautiful dog get it's second chance yesterday and I know that each of you were rejoicing at the bridge. I miss you Belinda, you were the first GSD I ever encountered and your sweet spirit is always within my heart. Be free now run and be happy always. I love you forever more
Mommy has left all your Valentine's goodies, I wish you a day filled with love . We miss you Belinda Sue
My beautiful girl, a snowstorm is on it's way here. I remember the last big storm when you would stand in the snow and it was up to your knees. What a good time you had that day playing outside, with daddy while he shoveled a path for you guys to run in. It is funny how now when I look back I never had a thought even though you were a senior that it would be your last big snow. We miss you Belinda Sue, always and forever.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, climb high to the tips of the rainbows to send your precious love to us.
Oh my precious girl tonight as I write to you I think of you and how you loved to eat. So gentle you were eating off my fingers like a little lady. I was so in love with you my precious. One day maybe God will send another pretty GSD my way until then I will try to help all I can to find their forever homes'
Sending you loves to heaven today my precious girl
Hello angel baby, mommy has left your St. Patty's Day things for your celebration in heaven. I hope you each have a grand ole' time on this day. We love you forever and always
Hello baby girl mommy had the pleasure last week of taking a husky/gsd mix puppy to a foster home. I thought of you and how you must have been as a baby.
I love you forever and ever
My Belinda Sue, your brother Scooby has come to join you . I will leave a candle so the light will be bright when he joins you at the bridge. I will soon write up a residency for him ...when my heart will allow. I love you precious one and I will always hold you close in my heart
My girl, I thought of you on both my last rescues. On Saturday I had the pleasure of giving a beautiful white GSD a ride to her new home. What a beauty she was so very sweet. Then on Monday I took a beautiful Great Dane who was so skinny and so timid just like you when you first ventured into our life. BUT she made it to her second chance as well. I can only pray that she is loved like you were here and still are. I have added Scooby now. He is with you and all the others. SHow him the way and keep him company til the day comes when we are all together again
It is a rainy morning here, we have lost another friend this week to a drowning. Once again it makes me realize how precious life is. I thank you and all you babies for also helping me realize how close to unconditional love I have come on this side. I love you my girl. I hope you know that we loved you greatly even though we were only blessed for three years with you+
Our love story was short on time but big on love, I miss you always my precious one. Everyday. I am working with ECHO transport group which only transports German Shepards what a joy it is to be in the company of these beautiful souls. Reminds me of you
My beautiful girl I got to pet a GSD yesterday that was going to her forever home. I felt like I was once again petting you. I miss you
Fall is coming my sweet girl, I remember your last winter in the snow playing and running. I miss you a lot, I wish you were here but I know when you were you were loved ....Rest in peace my beautiful Belinda Sue
My beautiful baby girl, I see you as a whole and healthy shepherd running through the beautiful meadows. Daddy and I were just talking about you today. I miss you so and I am forever thankful that God allowed me to have a little time with you. A time to heal you so you could know you were loved.
It is storming here my precious. I think of that day when you Maddie and Old Girl my three big girls ..hundled up on the couch shaking from the thunder. I sit here at the computer looking over to see your box, Maddie's and Old Girl's you are together again this time in a place where you never ever have to shake from the thunder. I love you forever and always
My beautiful girl, your heart was so trusting of us in the ending of your life. I often sit and think how mean and cruel the human race can be at times. I so wish man could have the hearts of our animals.
Hello beautiful girl,mommy is leaving you a picture of your cousin Maverick and his new little human brother Chase. A new grandson we have in our family. I know you would love him. Watch over us today from heaven it is snowy here. Love and kisses
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you my precious baby girl from the moon and back and over again
My beautiful girl. Every time I see a sheperd I think of you
My baby girl, I have a rescue/transport tomorrow, send your love and light to all the wonderful folks who are helping get this beautiful little one to her new foster home.
Hello precious. I think of you so often. I think of you as the most regal doggie we ever have had. Your stance even after all the horror you faced in your life. I am always so grateful that you learned to trust again. I miss you my girl, and I will forever be glad that you were a part of our lives.
I hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day in heaven.
Oh but what if?? What if the human race could have the hearts and love you did. Even after all that you endured, you learned to love again. I was lucky that you chose me.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you my precious
Mommy has left your Easter things. Love you always
Baby mommy is extremely happy today, brother has made his journey home from another tour
Oh sweet Belinda, I wish humans could have the love and devotion you beautiful babies have even being treated awful, somehow you managed to trust and love again. I am just so thankful once again that you chose us
Long may you have that perfect peace that you so deserved. I miss you my big old angel girl
You were always that one...the one that we just couldn't ever raise our tone or be mad at even when you lost your ability to walk up the back steps without "dropping one" we were just behind you with a towel waiting to catch ...You suffered horrors I honestly never want to know of...but I do know that your time spent here was a beautiful time...not only for you but for us as well. I love you my regal shepherd...I hope you are enjoying heaven.
My precious angel girl...your brother is leaving for the middle east for another assignment today. My heart is really heavy. I worry so much for his safety yet I am so very proud of him....Gather all the babies together and send him love and light from above.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Its almost Christmas my sweet girl , I still miss you lots. I have been so busy. I have left your candle for the service tonight think of mommy always because always she thinks of you.
I hope you know that you were a joy to us. I only wish you could have been with us your whole life.
You were a little slice of heaven on earth. Such a big girl but yet through all the awful stuff you remained a gentle soul. I love you Belinda and count myself blessed to have shared my life with you.
My beautiful girl, this morning I was blessed to help get a little 10 week old boxer mix from a high kill shelter situation to the beginning of her journey to her forever home. I think of her and how she got her second chance. I so wish you could have gotten your second chance sooner. But I still am forever blessed to have gotten to spend the time I did with you. Thank you for being a part of us. I love you always.
My beautiful girl I know soon you will see your sister Lucky. She is in her last stages of life. She is so proud,just like you were. She is the last one here to see you each who have come and gone on. She is almost 17, I think so often of what must be inside her mind. I wonder if she knows or if she ever wonders where you, and all the others have gone. I love her so much and letting go of her when the time arrives will be hard, as she is my last physical link to her sister Princess. She brought her here now she will soon be there. I pray each night that she goes on her own like she has lived her life. But I know that if she begins to suffer then I will help her as I did you and all the others. I love you Belinda Sue, watch over us and tell the others to be ready for her. I love you always and forever.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Hello baby today I celebrate my human mommy's 10th year in heaven. I wish you and her and all the babies a beautiful day in paradise. I have left your candle for the service tonight
Today is daddy's birthday, he is 64 today. I sure do wish you were here to enjoy the day with him. I love you always and forever my precious girl
Hello beautiful , watch over mommy and all the others as we send a beautiful little girl called, Kandi Kisses on her way to her second chance. I love you Belinda and I miss you.
Well my big beautiful angel, we have successfully found a rescue for a retriever mix that I am helping a lady with. So come Tuesday, one more will find it's second chance.
Hello beautiful girl...Summer has come and gone once again. We miss you lots. I am as always grateful for you. Your cousin Maverick has come to join you at the bridge,your human brother is very sad, that he had to say good bye to his buddy. Don't forget to meet him there and you and all the others show him all the beautiful sites of heaven. I have left your candle for the service tonight I will be thinking of you.
It is cold and snowy here today. I still remember like yesterday that year that you played and played in the deep snow. That was a grand time for my eyes to behold...You were being "just a puppy dog". No fear of anything or anyone, you had found home and love and peace in your life. I am so thankful I could be apart of that.
Happy New Year in heaven sweet Belinda Sue.
My sweet sweet Belinda Sue today one year ago we sent your sister Lucky to be with you. I hope you two are strolling on the beautiful streets up there and are talking of the life and the love you had down here. I love you my precious girl Always!!
Goo morning sweet girl the sun is shining here today and I am thinking of you ...it is hard to believe that you have been gone from us for 6 years already. I love you now as much as I did 6 years ago. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your world. You were a true sweet blessing in our lives.
Good morning sweet Girl, there was a huge snow here yesterday. I think of how we all used to venture out and play. How you loved it and would watch your daddy as he shoveled. Today Lord's willing I will venture out with the four we have left. I will be sure to see Bella and Jack still at play and enjoying the snow. But Buddy will be trying to just make it through the drifts he is getting feeble my girl and soon will be joining you and the others there. Turbo is having a hard time making those old legs move so he will be sure to just get a place and lay and watch us as we feed our birds and squirrels. I love you Belinda and I am thankful for the impact you had upon my life and most of all upon my heart.
Hello my beautiful sweet angel. Mommy has left you some white roses and a single candle gather at the gate your brother Bud-Jones Jarvis has joined you.
Mommy's heart is sad but as soon as I am able I will give him a beautiful tribute page with the rest of you. I love you my precious angel girl. Now gather at the gate with your flowers and candle so Bubby can find his way to you.
Well precious girl I hope you have been enjoying your Summer in heaven. I am planning on doing a page for your brother Bud (BJ) gosh we miss him a lot. We are a family of three furries now and they are all getting on in years. I thank you my precious Shepherd girl for the love and life you added to our home. We miss you always and forever. Love you Mommy and Daddy.
Good morning sweetness, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Gather all the others with your light and bring them to the tips of the rainbows so they can send light and love to all us humans below.
My special angel girl, I saw a big GSD down the road the other day and my mind went directly to you. I miss you. I often wonder how great your life could have been always if you had been lucky enough like Lucky Girl and Bella Sue to land here at the farm at a young age. BUT I guess God had a different plan and I thank him for the time He granted us to have you to love.
Hello sweet girl, mommy has created a residency for your brother BJ. He came in April of 2018, but I had to take my time to heal before allowing him to be here. Thank you sweet girl for all the joy you brought to us for the time we were granted with you. I have a special favor to ask of you now my girl, a friend named Tia has started her journey to be with you and all the others, at the bridge. So gather Kaizer, Maddie, Buddy, Lucky Girl, Scooby, Old Girl, BJ and all the others to meet her and welcome her home.
Hello sweet girl, mommy has left your St. Patty's day things, I miss your sweet angel face and how your big old self would plop down on the right side of the couch. That was your place.

Love you always and forever
Sweet Belinda, yesterday as I was leaving the house I saw a big GSD that reminded me so much of you. You were such a gentle giant not a mean bone in your body. I do wish we had been blessed with more time with you, but I guess that wasn't in God's plan. But I am forever grateful to Him that He allowed us the time we did have. Your presence changed us, and for the better. We are down to three now, Captain Jack is having a hard time with his old legs, but he is still getting along. Every morning he takes his stroll around the fence line of the property to make sure all is well. I miss you Belinda and I thank you for being the puppy that brought another measure of goodness to our home.
The sun is shining here today and the snow is melting...if you were here you would be exploring the back yard. Miss you Angel pup!!
Hello sweet girl, it is warm and we have been outside today. There is only three now, Capt. Jack and Turbo are too old to go with daddy and I as we make our way into the woods for adventures. Today Bella went, she is your sister. Sadly, she never got to meet you but don't worry we tell her about all her sisters and brothers who have gone on before her. I hope you have a wonderful day in heaven my sweet sweet Belinda Sue.
Mommy has left your Easter things. Happy Spring baby in heaven it will be your 7th up there. Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful streams of clear cool water .
Sweet girl, gather the others tomorrow at 5:30 we are sending your brother Turbo to join you there. His legs have given out and he is no longer able to be mobile, be sure to show him the warm sunshine spot in the meadow, he loves to lay in the warm sun. Today we spent most of the day with him laying in the sun enjoying the warm breeze. We need your spirit now sweet girl to give us strength and courage to do the right thing.
Belinda Sue, mommy has left you a candle to shine your light big and bright your brother Turbo is home with you now.
I wish you a Holy and beautiful Good Friday in heaven sweet girl.
Hello sweet girl, our house is so very quiet this morning...we are a pack of two plus daddy and I, man oh man it has been almost 20 years since we have only had two. Jack is 13 now and cn't hear at all but thus far he is doing well. Loosing Turbo was very hard on me because he was still so full of life in his heart but his legs they just gave out on him. My heart has so many holes in it but it also has a whole of memories that each of you gave to me that will forever be there. Although it gets tougher each time I still can say with all truth .... every heart ache is worth the love we shared. I miss you Belinda Sue always and forever.
Mommy has left you the lead candle for the service tonight. Gather the others and meet at the end of the rainbow so you can send light and love to us humans down here. I love you always and always still my sweet girl.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Happy Memorial Day weekend in heaven sweet girl.
Good morning sweet girl, I have a special job for you today. Mommy is getting ready to depart on a rescue/transport of two pretty little special needs puppies. We are bringing them from NC to a very special rescue in Canada in the next two days. So I want you to gather the others and watch over every driver give them safety be their angels. I love you sweet girl. THIS I DO AND CONTINUE TO DO IN HONOR OF EACH OF YOU!
I cannot believe it has been 8 years my sweet girl, time passes so quickly anymore. I see that more and more each day. I miss your beautiful sweet face.
Missing you today.
Good morning baby the two that we have left are cra cra this AM LOL...Daddy took Bella on a Side By Side ride this morning she loves to go Belinda, I think of you and of most of our pack you were just so content being at home. I miss you and am reminded quiet often of the beauty of the GSD breed when I see a German Shepard. I miss you sweet girl even now.
Good morning sweet girl, we had an awful thunderstorm here this morning I think of you and Bud every time because I know how afraid you were of them.
Beautiful girl it is warm here today. You would have ventured out to see me as I was outside but would have ended up in the cool ac in the garage LOL. I miss you Belinda Sue and I am grateful for you.
Hello precious girl, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Follow the others to the tips of the stars so you can shine love and light down to us tonight. We love and miss you always sweet Belinda.
Summer is quickly coming to an end sweet girl, another year has passed now you have been gone from us 7 years. In the Bible the number 7 is a sign of completion. But my sweet girl our hearts will never be complete as we think of all of you we have loved and lost on this day.
Mommy has left your Fall things today, I miss you sweet girl. At the vet the other day I saw a puppy GSD, 'Oh my I thought of how you must have looked when you were a baby, I wish I could have had you your whole life" But God thought ...different. I love you Belinda Sue always and forever.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Happy Fall sweet girl, we miss you lots. I saw a German Shepherd at the vet this morning. I thought of you and how much I missed you.
Today is the first day of Winter, most people don't like Winter but I do. I think back on all you babies who loved the snow and how we would frolock in it. I am now down to two babies. Jack of course still loves the snow but I have to be careful not to let him stay out too long, his legs are getting feeble and the cold takes it's toll on him. Bella on the other hand is so funny Belinda, she takes a running fit around the house she goes 90 miles an hour then she runs back in the house. She never tarries long in the snow LOL. We miss you baby girl and I hope you have a beautiful Christmas in Heaven. Don't forget to find our friend Molly she came at the beginning of December. Show her all the beautiful snow covered trees and all the angels that are singing sweet songs to baby Jesus.
A New Year and a New Decade, some days the world seems to just spin on its axis and others it seems to just sit still. I miss you guys so much, I can close my eyes and just feel your silky fur. I wonder what our life would have been if I could have had you from the beginning? I guess we will never know but that is ok because God granted me the time I needed with you for your heart to heal. I love you sweet girl always and forever.
Happy Fall sweet Belinda. Life has been busy and man oh man we have lost our Jack so I have two to lay to rest here I am ready now but it is still hard. I miss you everyday and I will never forget your big long gate and your sweet gentle spirit.
Well my sweet girl mommy finally has completed your brothers Turbo and Jack's residency here. **SIGH** They are all here now and we are now a family of one furry. I hope you have shown Turbo and Jack all the beautiful sites there in Heaven. We love you and we miss you so much.
Mommy misses you and I love you so. Today it is cool and the house is so quiet. Bella Sue (your name sake) is sleeping the trees are all up and I get sad as I placed your photos on the tree because I know there will never be another one added. I love you forever and always sweet girl.
Hello sweet girl it is so chilly and snowy here today I think of you and how you would venture outside with daddy when he shoveled snow. My goodness I miss our big ole self. There are times I think I would love to have a Shepherd but I would always be afraid that not one could live up to the beautiful spirit you had. I miss you sweet girl.
Hello sweet girl today is snowy and it is so beautiful here I miss seeing you run out in the snow and come home with that white on your nose. You were a true joy in our life.
Good morning sweet girl. I saw a big old GSD running up our road the other day it reminded me so very much of you. I miss your sweet spirit. It snowed here and I always think of you and how you learned to play in the snow. I think back on those days and knowing that you learned even at an old age that it was perfectly ok and safe to be a pup made me so happy. I love you Belinda girl and I miss you forever and always.
Good morning sweet girl, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Lead the others to the bright and shining night star to send us light and love from above.
Hello sweet girl it is so cold today, I love winter it reminds me of you and how you ran out to follow your daddy that time we had the big snow how he shoveled and you followed. It was fun in those days. I remember when he made you guys a "race track" the snow was so deep but it ultimately became the outdoor pee pad LOL I miss having all you guys Bella is snoring on the couch beside me. The house has become quiet now that our pack is that of one. But I am forever grateful that I got to be your mom
Sweet girl we miss you today and always
Mommy has left your Valentine's Day things for your celebration in Heaven. Miss you
Happy Spring sweet girl I miss you lots!
Happy Fall sweet Belinda. Mommy is getting ready to get your ornaments out for your tree this year. I will only have one new ornament to add, it seems surreal that we only have one baby now. Miss you to the moon and back, always.
Happy New Year in Heaven sweet girl, coming on your 12 the year in Heaven and I still miss you lots.
Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven sweet girl! Mommy has your tree up and we are missing you today. Love you forever and always.
Happy Spring in Heaven sweet girl you are missed! We love you always and forever.

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