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Memories of Bella-Rhi
Bell, where do we begin. You lived a lot in your very few 10 years and boy did you ever make a huge impression. You were a "monster" when we got you being that "terrible" puppy that got into everything. You had such an incredible spirit. Boy were you ever so smart too. You trained us we did not train you. We are so sad and lost without you. Please go to your big sister Rhiannon (Mamas) and play until we can get you at Rainbow Bridge. We have such wonderful and amazing memories of you. We could never forget you. I had to get you a page on here so that we could always come visit you and help us to cope with this huge loss. We love you always and forever. You had us wrapped around your little mitty and you will always be in our hearts. You will always be our baby, my honey lamb, and Daddy's Poo. Miss you so very much. Love Momma and Daddy

Another day without you and we still have such a huge hole in our hearts. We miss you and love you always sweet girl. This is so hard and all I want is to see and hold you again.

Every day is lonely and sad without you here with us. We miss you so much and we love you with all of our hearts. The memories of you are all still so fresh and I just want you to know you will be with us always. Know that you are loved and cherished for the sweet little girl that you were. We always think about the times when you were a puppy and how you got into everything and then became this beautiful, obedient, loving, caring, sweet girl that would do anything for us. You were our fighter and our Champion. Every night I think of what pie you are. You are always my honey pie, my sweetie pie, and my honey lamb. You will always be my buddy, my honey, my compari and my special girl. I still pray every night that God takes care of you and that you will be happy and healthy and get better every day. Now I ask that you feel my kisses and hugs and know I will be there one day to get you so we can be together forever. I will always love you.

Another day and all we can think is that we need to go pick you up from somewhere. This happened so quick and even though I know you were ready, we were not. You filled our days with so much love and excitement that now we are left with nothing. You are deeply loved and I can't wait to hold you again my sweet lovey girl.

The days are moving slowly and we miss you my love. It is so lonely and painful without you and we keep thinking about if we made the right decision for you. See we only wanted what was best for you always and seeing you hurting and not yourself broke our hearts so much we could not be selfish. We had to let go and set you free as the Angel you have always been. We love you, miss you, and we will do our best to see you again with your "big" sister, Rhiannon another special Angel. Feel my hugs and kisses every day. My sweet little girl. Love you always.

It has been a week and we are still lost and sad without you. You were our love and light. You made every day better and sweeter. I hope that you are running and playing with as many toys as possible and getting along with friends. We hope to see you soon so we can be together forever. Love you so much and I hope you can still feel our hugs and kisses.

Another day my love and we still miss you so much. We were remembering how we called you "monster" when you were a baby since you would chew on everything including the walls. Who knew that such a little devil would grow up to be such a loving, loyal, and sweet little princess. We love and miss you always.

10/15/15 We got your pretty little paw prints today and it really made me cry so much. You were always so touchy about your paws and that is why I told you they were "mitties" and not paws because they were the prettiest little tootsies ever. I miss you my love and I hope to see you soon. Love Momma.

10/30/15 Oh my love, we miss you so much. There was a big rain storm today and all we could think about was that there would have been no way you would want to go out in the rain and get your precious little mitties wet. I pray to God every day that you can feel my hugs, kisses, and love and that you are happy and enjoying your time at rainbow bridge until we come to get you. Give kisses to your big Sis and let her know we love and miss her too. Love you always my Bell.

11/8/15 We still miss you so much my love. I pray every day that you can feel our love, hugs and kisses. You were such a brave beautiful girl and we were so lucky to have had you in our lives. We got a wonderful nice blanket, throw with your sweet picture from your aunts and it captures your amazing spirit. We love you always. Momma and Daddy.

1/9/16 My beloved baby Bell. We miss you so much and it still hurts to be without you. I hope you will guide your new little sister BB (Beautiful Bell) to be as wonderful as you. She is very smart and looks like your big sister Rhiannon. She is playful like you though and smart like you. She loves playing with toys too just like you did. Sometimes she will do some of the things you did and it makes us smile. We will always love you and hope to be with you again. You are our special baby always. Love you and miss you so much. Mom and Dad.

10/4/16 Bell, it has been a year today and we still miss you and think of you every day. We send you love, hugs, and kisses every day and I hope that God delivers these to you and you know how much you will always mean to us. Until we get to see you at rainbow bridge. Love, Momma and Daddy.

10/4/19 Bell, we still miss you and love you dearly. You are always in our hearts and we talk about you and all the things you did all the time. We will be together one day. I know you hated this song when I would sing it to you but it just always makes me think of you and your reaction. I hope it is OK to keep it on here for you. I love you my beautiful girl!

9/8/20 Bell, your birthday is coming up and I just wanted you to know that I love you and miss you so much. Love Momma

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